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Found 43 results

  1. okay I have had an annoying problem using A+ to control an mr. my office system has remote drive-i-mac-audirvana-eitr-modi. My main system has ethernet-microrendu-usb-Gumby, controlled by a+ on the iMac. basically, I have occasions with no sound in the main system even though the microrendu is selected in A+. I confirmed that my computer is seeing the microrendu and the microrendu is seeing the Gumby. After much frustration, I was able to fix things by physically removing the connection between the iMac and the eitr and restarting. For the moment everything is working and I am able to toggle between systems by changing the output selection in A+. But it feels like there is an intermittent compatibility issue between A+ and eitr, where A+ at times will try to send a signal to the eitr, even though I’ve chosen mr as output. any other explanations?
  2. I use my audio system mainly to listen to Tidal FLAC 1,441 kbps streams. My setup: A pair ofMartin Logan Aeon-i speakers, powered by a Krell KSA amplifier/Krell KSL-2 Preamp Combo. The Tidal stream from my router has a wired connection to a Sonore microRendu, which turn is connected to the USB input of a PS Audio NuWave DSD. The DSD is connected to the Krell preamp with a pair of balanced XLR cables. This system provides great undistorted audio with spacious staging of 2 channel classical music as it might sound in a Symphony Hall or Opera house with a seat in the center section. The reason for this post is to share the discovery that you do NOT need a PC with Logitech Media Server running or an account with Logitech’s Mysqueezebox. These items add unneccessary complexities to the task of streaming Tidal to your audio system. Instead simply install the LUMIN app on your iPad. It will serve as an elegant and intuitive “controller”, telling Tidal what albums/tracks you want to listen to. You can easily save your favorites in a playlist format. I hope this will help other audiophiles to enjoy their Tidal and microRendu Combo to the fullest👍 Claus
  3. I changed direction at the start of the year and have some great kit that's gathering dust and is in need of a loving home. Need to get rid of it to get some cash back and get my girlfriend off my back :-) I don't have boxes or original power supplies for any of these and as such they are heavily discounted to what I think are very reasonable rates for ease of sale. Shipping to UK or European countries included in the price. All in perfect condition other than the SU-1 which has minor signs of wear and tear from opening it up to do the kitsune modification Singxer SU-1 DDC. Modded with the Kitsune kit to bypass the original power supply and power it with a suitable 5v DC power supply such as LPS-1, iFi Ipower etc. £150 - SOLD Sonore MicroRendu - Upgraded to the 1.4 board by Martin Smith of Vortexbox UK. (the upgrade cost £250) £400 - SOLD Uptone Audio ISO Regen - £175 - SOLD Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI Cable (30cm) - £275 - SOLD QNAP HS-251+ 2 GB RAM 2 Bay , Silent NAS Enclosure (no SDD) - £150 (The QNAP is the only item above where I will provide the power supply) Photos to follow. Thanks for reading. Cheers, Alan
  4. Looking for some help. I am unable to play DSD files thru Foobar2000 with my current set up. If you use a microrendu feeding a 2Qute, can you post your settings? Also looking for links to good Foobar2000 resources.
  5. pedro77

    When is 2.6 coming?

    I was excited for 2.6 and I've been checking every other day for over 2 months since its announcement but it's seems like the update has gone off the boil. At first MQA decoding was coming, now probably not. Is there an ETA or rough timeframe for SonicOrbiter OS 2.6 release? Is there a definite answer on MQA decoding being included? Cheers Pete
  6. For Sale: Sonore MicroRendu (original 1.3 version), no updates (msrp $640). No power supply. Comes with the Cardas usb A to B adapter, made for Sonore by Cardas (msrp $75- straight version). Nice upgrade. Both are in mint condition, no issues. Comes with original packaging and documentation and the original footers (unused). $400. This price includes ground shipping to the lower 48 and fees. P.S. For those that might not know, MicroRendu version 1.3 is the current version. Version 1.4 is a limited time upgrade that requires your 1.3 to be mailed in to Sonore for the upgrade. Jesus indicated that the 1.4 upgrade will be discontinued shortly. So, when you buy a new MicroRendu from Sonore today, you get the 1.3, not a 1.4.
  7. Hello, I am selling a few items I no longer use. microRendu - A little over a year old. Perfect condition, running the latest OS (upgraded to 1.4) - with iFi Power (new unopened box) - $500 SonicTransporter i5 - Purchased with the above mR. Perfect condition, barely used. - $550 Intona USB Hi-Speed Isolator Industrial white - Like new. About a year old. - $199 All items include original boxes and shipping packaging. Shipping to USA/Canada Only. Buyer pays shipping and paypal fees. Items available for sale individually. Thanks for looking. Udi
  8. For sale is a bundle: MicroRendu 1.4 version with latest 2.5 OS. AND Sonore Signature Power Supply with Cardas DC3 cable and SR black fuse. (no AC power cord included). Excellent condition 9/10, no scratch, very much like new.
  9. Hi there A friend has a iFi nano iOne and is just about to bid for an original release uRendu on eBay. I read in a review that "The Nano iONE is powered by any USB phone charger-type wall wart and a USB cable. Neither come supplied in the box. " In the chain I envisage, the uRendu will connect to the music stream over ethernet, convert it into a low noise USB stream that then feeds the iFi. Question is, does the iFi get its power supply from the uRendu (which in turn will be powered by iFi's wall wart power supply). Does this work, or are the two devices incompatible for this reason? I tend to think they should be compatible because others on this forum seem to use iFi DACs together with uRendu. But I would appreciate confirmation before my chum takes the next step. Thanks Nikko
  10. Browniesbane

    Microrendu through airport express

    I’ve been searching this forum, but couldn’t find anything that answered all my questions. I use a iMac with a remote wireless hard drive to store music and an Apple time capsule router,, and would like to feed into a usb dac (bitfrostmb) for a remote headphone station. I’m looking to alternatives to an airport express to feed the dac because it only allows optical digital output ( other than analogue) and has the Apple airplay limits on hd. I understand that audirvana is now compatible with microrendu, but I don’t have direct internet access through an Ethernet. Would it be possible to use an airport express in client mode to convert the wireless signal to Ethernet and then feed the microrendu through the AE Ethernet output, all controlled by audirvana. If this works, would hd audio be downsampled to 16/44, when I am using audirvana and would I lose audirvanas sound enhancements?
  11. All, Welcome the to VR MINI general discussion thread! Last month we began shipping the VR MINI. Here is a link to the MINI page: Vinnie Rossi MINI PURE DC-4-EVR Power Supply http://www.vinnierossi.com/mini/ Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Vinnie
  12. SOLD Dear all, For sale, mRendu V 1.4 update 2.5 OS & Sbooster 5, 6 Volts Both units are in excellent condition, with original box and packaging. Now, also include the Uptone Audio USPCB 90 degree version and a Roon card for 2 months free access 700$ plus p&P Kind regards, Jorge p.s. I am currently living in Manhattan (NY)
  13. ***SOLD*** I'm selling my Sonore MicroRendu. It's the v1.3 hardware version, and version 2.5 OS upgrade. Now includes Uptone Audio USPCB 90 degree version. The unit is in excellent condition, with original box and packaging. No power supply is included, which is how I purchased it originally. Original retail price was $640 + $35 for the USPCB A>B Adapter, yours for only ***SOLD***. Free shipping within the continental U.S. Buyer pays Paypal fees.
  14. mint, w/ box, papers, connectors, and iFi power supply. $550 USD not including shipping and pay pal fees
  15. Selling my MicroRendu 1.4. Free shipping worldwide. iFi 9V 2A power as new in the box. PayPal preferred. §650 (Buyers cover PayPal fee).
  16. So, i have been running my audio system off of a 10 yer old PC running XP until now. The only things on this computer are JRiver and Chrome to run Tidal. I know it's a security risk, but since the only time I ever access the outside world is through the Tidal website, which is my home page, I figured the risk was minimal. Yesterday a notification came up saying that Chrome will no longer receive updates, nor will flash. I think my time with this cheap solution may have come to an end. We just recently bought a house, so I was not planning on spending money on audio upgrades for a while, but it seems as though it may be necessary. I've considered all of the available options and I've come up withe the least expensive, option that has the most long term upgrade potential. I currently have an iMac in another room that accesses the network by wifi only (the house is not wired for ethernet) that will be running Audirvana Plus 3.1, controlled by the iPhone app. I planned to purchase a refurbished MicroRendu and and iFi power supply that will plug into the router which is near the audio system. With this setup though, I have a few questions that I'm having a hard time finding the answer to. I'm sure the answers are there somewhere, but I just haven't found it. 1. Has anyone had any experience with the refurbished MicroRendus? Anything i should be concerned about? 2. Should I expect any problems with the server being on a wifi connected computer as opposed to via ethernet? I don't have a good alternative right now. 3. I understand that the Audirvana iPhone app can be set to wake the iMac, but what if the iMac is locked (as it usually is). Will that matter? If so, do I have to get up and unlock the computer every time i want to do anything? That would be a bit of a deal breaker. Thanks in advance for your help! Jason
  17. I am selling my microRendu 1.4 because I recently purchased an ultraRendu. This comes in the box an will be shipped via U.S.P.S Priority Mail to locations in the U.S. or via Japan Post Air Mail to locations outside the U.S. I am also selling an iFi iPower (9V) that can be used to power the microRendu. The iPower comes in the box and with all accessories. The price for both is $SOLD and includes shipping and PayPal fees. if you would like to purchase the iPower separately I will be $SOLD. Both items are in great condition as you can see from the pics below.
  18. Well I now have three microRendu's and this combined with an upcoming Stax purchase is causing me to need to let go of some gear. I am selling microRendu with the 2.5 software already loaded for SOLD shipped including PP fees. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please note that this does not have the v1.4 board
  19. Mint condition with original Sonore packaging: • Sonore microRendu • Sonicorbiter 2.5 upgrade • Hard USB adapter • Sonore Signature Series Power Supply • Optional Synergistic Black Fuses installed • Cardas DC cable 1M (recommended by Sonore) • Shipping to US included • PayPal included • Original $2630 • $1300 For sale by original owner. No power cord is included. You must use your own power cord.
  20. I have a first generation (v1.3) Sonore MicroRendu for sale. Works perfectly and includes the 2.5 OS Card which is not yet installed.Asking Price: 300 Euros plus shipping (from Germany)
  21. These are times full of choices I've got a microRendu with LPS-1 and I'm very happy with the upgrade in soundquality it gave me. Now there are several options to upgrade without spending too much money at once: 1) upgrade the microRendu to ultraRendu. 2) add the isoRegen and keep the microRendu 3) update the microRendu hardware to V1.4 (with better clock) Investment in the three option won't differ much. Because there is so much praise for the isoRegen I leaning to this option. However in that case I have to power isoRegen or microRendu with the iFi iPower. The update to V1.4 is not my favorite option because shipment costs to Europe. It's a bit early to ask about experiences with ultraRendu but it won't be long now. Any thoughts?
  22. Hello, can anyone help guiding the decision? I cannot afford both the microrendu and the USB isolator/regenerator. Which one should come first as an investment? Where would you put your money first to improve the quality of the audio system?
  23. MicroRendu, year old. Perfect condition. 2.5 OS, iFi 9v PSU, brand new Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cable, mesh stand. Selling because I pwurchased SOTM SMS 200 ultra. Great sounding device at an incredible bargain price coupled with tons of extras. $370. I'll pay for either shipping or PayPal.
  24. I am selling my Sonore microRendu with original packaging, hard USB adapter, and the SonicOrbiter version 2.5 SD card installed. The unit was purchased earlier this year from Sonore ($640 retail) and has been used just a few times. I decided to upgrade to the forthcoming ultraRendu which is the only reason why I'm selling. Asking $425 via PayPal with free shipping in the U.S. Thanks!
  25. Mytek just released a firmware update (2.34) for the Brooklyn enabling it to support USB HID volume control. Mytek's release notes: https://mytekdigital.com/download_library/firmware/BrooklynDAC_firmware_readme.txt Plugging my Brooklyn directly into my mac via USB worked just as expected: I could use the volume slider in the Roon software to adjust the Brooklyn's hardware volume settings. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get this to work through microRendu. I set the Volume Control setting in the microRendu > Settings > RoonReady > Volume Control to Hardware: But in Roon when I try change the volume, it says "Volume control is Fixed" And the Roon > Device Setup > External Volume Control drop down is disabled and fixed at None: Interestingly, after updating the Brooklyn's firmware to 2.34 the microRendu > Apps > DAC Diagnostics > "Set DAC to MAX volume" button works now (it didn't before). Has anyone been able to get their microRendu to work with the latest Brooklyn firmware, or another DAC supporting USB HID Volume control?