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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Appreciate anyones help on this? I am a bit frustrated at this point. I have a pair of Aerial 10T v2 speakers and am now on my 4th tweeter. I am the second owner and have had these for well over 5 years. They arrived with one dead tweeter - replaced within days. Then recently- I had an issue where a connection was dislodged which caused spurious noise/transients - that damaged both tweeters. Since then, all precautions have been taken and no such incidents of overloading / transients have occurred. However, the left channel tweeter just quit working. My questions are: 1) how is this happening? 2) could it be something wrong with the crossovers inside the speakers? 3) could there be something wrong with my amps? 4) how can I prevent this? These are 86db sensitivity speakers, which dip into 3ohm range. The amps are McCormack DNA 1 DLX Monoblocks run off a 20amp dedicated circuit. As mono-blocks, these would put out 380watts per amp at 8ohms. I am guessing these put out at least 450 watts into 4 ohms and close to 600 watts into 3 ohms? I could not find any measurements for the monoblocks but found stereo measurements from stereophile 1995 DNA DLX Stereo measurements: "With clipping defined as 1% THD, the DNA-1 comfortably exceeded its specifications, putting out 178W into 8 ohms (22.5dBW), 315W into 4 ohms (22dBW), and 530W into 2 ohms (21.2dBW). These figures are with both channels driven at 1kHz—except the 2 ohm measurement, which was made with one channel driven so as not to blow the 8A rail fuse. The THD percentage vs output power plots are shown in fig.2. The amplifier's clipping behavior is unusual in that it soft-clips before the distortion shoots up. The sharp "knee" in the distortion traces typical of solid-state amplifiers is absent. Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/mccormack-power-drive-dna-1-power-amplifier-1995-measurements#CpAcWcHMfZA0TZE4.99" "...FFT on the Deluxe's output when it reproduced a combination of 19kHz+20kHz at 150W into 4 ohms (fig.4). The intermodulation components at 1kHz, 2kHz, 18kHz, and 21kHz are moderately high in level, although the rest of the spectrum is fairly clean." Read more at McCormack Power Drive DNA-1 power amplifier 1995 Measurements | Stereophile.com