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Found 4 results

  1. Selling one-owner MacBook Air 13" Mid-2013 computer. 1.3GHz I5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD. Asking price of $750USD includes shipping to US contiguous 48 states. I bought an Aries and use this only for audio, so actual wear & tear is light. Bought new from Apple in May 2014. Mavericks is installed on a 32GB SD card and all of "The Audio Optimization Guide for Apple OX - Mavericks" have been run - and yes, running from the SD card does sound better . There is a user named "Music" on the internal SSD with the same configuration. Audirvana+ 2.x, Ammara SQ, and Tidal are installed. I will include a 1TB WD USB drive and of course the SD card with the OS. Includes original box, power adaptor, packaging. Easy way to get into computer audio, please PM me with any questions or to purchase. Thanks, TP
  2. I recently moved and have my system cobbled together in my new house, which lacks the dedicated room my last place had. Here is what I have: In my office, I have a Mac Mini, dual core I7, 8gb ram, 256GB SSD connected via Ethernet to a Drobo 5N with about 1 gb of music on it. I also listen to a lot of internet radio streamed to iTunes. This computer is my main work unit so nothing is optimized for music. I do have A+ on it. The Mac Mini is connected via 1.5 meter generic USB to a Berkeley USB. The Berkeley USB is connected to an Alpha Dac series one by a 20’ Canare DA206 110ohm digital cable and that cable crosses a doorway on the way to the living room (not ideal in length or routing). The balanced outputs of the Alpha Dac are connected to a Meyer Sound CP-10 and in turn to a pair of Meyer Sound HD-2 monitors. The RCA outputs go to a JL112 sub. The system sounds pretty good but not as good as I would like. The room has tons of volume and isn’t treated in any way but the EQ has helped on that front. Here are the changes I am looking at: --Buying a new rack to organize everything and help with vibration control. --I have a BPT 3.5 Signature Plus that I want to add in to clean up the AC. --Buying a new server, I have spent hours and hours reading here on this one and can’t figure out if I should get a new mini, a 2009 mini, a macbook pro, a Zuma, SOtM sMS-1000, or other server. I’d love to avoid the cable to the office. I’m coming to the conclusion that the differences are really minor but my system is VERY resolving so I should hear more than most if there are differences. I don’t really want to buy more than one to try so I’ll have to go on options. I am not married to the Apple system or Itunes but I’m no computer IT guy either. I posted here as this is the toughest issue. --Should I access the music wirelessly? Lastly, FWIW, I listen to jazz, rock and a lot of very dynamic live recordings; this system is built around the latter. I’ve had better systems for solo vocalists or simple ensembles but nothing that handles a live Grateful Dead recording like this one. Any and all opinions and suggestions would be great.
  3. I am failing to set up a network between my macbook air and my OPPO 95. Can any one help?
  4. This is my first post here so please bear with me. I have just upgraded my rather elderly iMac G5 with a new MacBook Pro. While I am very computer literate and an audiophile, I have a frustrating problem with iTunes. I imported my iTunes library from a backup disc - the G5 had expired - and while all my iTunes purchased music was fine, all my imported CDs lost the track, album name, artist and cover art data. I had ripped the CDs as full WAV files for quality rather than compressing them. iTunes says I need to reimport the CDs as they weren't imported by iTunes. They were. Fortunately, I haven't really used iTunes much so there are only about a dozen CDs that I would have to reimport. But that's about to change as I plan to buy an asynchronous link for my DAC, rip all my CDs and use my new laptop as a music server to my main system. So I am rather hoping to avoid having this problem again in the future. Of course, it may be that Apple would rather I buy all my music from them to ensure future compatibility. I hope not. Any advice would be much appreciated.