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Found 2 results

  1. I have been streaming iPad Tidal > Wifi > Apple TV optical > DAC. Upgrading to having a Mac connected via USB to Wyred 4 Sound Remedy USB Reclocker > USB to DAC so i can not only stream in better quality but also create a music server. The sonic improvement has been eye opening. I am deciding between using a MAC Mini (2.5 Ghz and 8GB RAM) vs. the latest MacBook Air (1.6 GHZ and 8GB RAM. Pros and Cons from my perspective; its nice to have a new laptop for occasional use and if it gets removed from the server/streaming chain occasionally i can stream using the iPad to Apple TV as before.The Mac Mini has more horsespower a TB drive on board for ripping most of my CDs to and perhaps i would have more apps and processes always turned off on the Mac Mini so a "quieter" computer might sound a bit better. On the other hand as far as storage is concerned a 1TB external drive to augment the MacBook air is pretty darn cheap. Thoughts? Setting up the music server and using the iPad as a remote is also pretty new to me so any recommendations on Remote Control software would be appreciated. Just to get started experimenting using TeamViewer but will probably demo Audirvana for improving sound quality and using their Remote from the App Store.
  2. Hi Guys, although I’ve been into home audio for many years, I’m brand new to the computer aspect of it. I just bought a Peachtree Nova 125SE integrated amp and I have a few questions. I’ve ripped some of my CDs to my Macbook Air in lossless format and I’m playing them through the asynchronous USB input of the Peachtree, and have downloaded Amarra HiFi to my Mac. To me, this setup works great and my CDs have never sounded better. I’m now considering buying an 11” Macbook Air to act solely as a music server because my current Macbook Air doesn’t have enough free space to house all of my CDs. I’d be using this new computer on battery power when I’m listening to music. Would the amount of RAM critical to this setup? Another thing I’ve been wondering about is whether I should use the error correction feature in iTunes when I rip my remaining CDs to the computer. I know it takes longer to rip the music when the error correction is on, but if it improves the sound, it would be worth it to me. Thanks for any help guys can give me because this computer audio stuff has me baffled. Steve