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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! I am doing a project where I'm investigating Dynaudio and it's main competition. I am a complete newbie in this field and curious to know a few things: - which brands would you consider main competitors to Dynaudio? -Would also be great to know what sets these brands a part, what would be Dynaudios main strengths and weaknesses compared to it's main competitors? - is Dynaudio an innovative brand or are other brands using more innovative technologies? Which ones? All opinions highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi Everyone - I've been thinking about upgrading the loudspeakers in my home hifi. I've got Elac UF5's and they sound great, especially for the $1K price for the pair. But I can't help but wonder what SQ improvements might be available in the next step up in price range. If I consider an upgrade, what should be on my audition list for speaker pair < $5K? Current setup is Roon/Tidal -> microRendu -> Chord 2qute -> Arcam A29 -> Elac UF5s Room has decent acoustic treatments. Thanks for any advice!
  3. You're right - just kidding.. But thread title like this can be justified sooner than you think. After all Mr. Wilson usually leads the way.. New Wilson Audio flagship model - WAMM Master Chronosonic. The price.? Higher than this.? Hiiigher than thiiisss..?! $685,000/pair to be exact. I'm pretty sure next December the choice of $600k+ speakers will be much bigger than now. So I'll be back with the thread. I promise. http://www.stereophile.com/content/wilson-audios-ultimate-loudspeaker-wamm-master-chronosonic#pEq7ahI7v9cFPy17.97
  4. First of all the subject of this thread isn't my idea. I borrowed it from another forum But I love it! I'm a big fan of audio and maybe even bigger fan of speakers which IMO are the most important component of any audio system. I know this statement is debatable for some but for me speakers plus speakers-room interaction (room acoustics, matching speakers' bass performance with the room size etc) taken together are responsible in 85% for any audio system's sound. BTW I'm not an extremist here, a well known in my country ex-audio journalist and audio gear distributor claims for him it's 95%.. This absolutely doesn't mean that I don't care about DAC's, amp's, cables', power conditioner's etc. quality - I do 'cause obviously they all influence sound quality. Yet, for me these are loudspeakers which are the 'royal' component of any audio system! What are the best sounding speakers you've ever heard.? What sound qualities made you love them so much? What were the other components of the system? And least but not last what music was played by them? Let's have fun!
  5. Following up on if new information of Marantz SA-10 were released overnight, I found Steve Harris has profiled those unique speakers, excerpt : « Background and technical information What happens when the team that develops some of the world’s most successful loudspeakers, albeit for other companies, decides to make something for itself? For reasons that may be just ‘because we can’ or maybe ‘we need a better monitor to understand our electronics product development’ or maybe just “what happens if we bring all our skills together” the team decided to design and prototype a significant loudspeaker. It’s an internal research project, looking for real-world solutions that were affordable and repeatable. The team have worked for years on measurement and modelling of drive units to the point where they are convinced these are no longer the bottleneck in system design. The WM-3 with its large enclosure, was an ideal vehicle to model measure and prove out their theories of enclosure design. Years of empirical design combined with powerful computers and advanced modelling software has been combined with the experience to be able to model and predict cabinet design, this speeding the design process considerably The WM-3 is a large loudspeaker that can sound like a very large one but more importantly it can also sound like a small one. There is no identifiable cabinet thrum that drones and creates a pseudo low end when it should not be there. The WM-3 as it is known – as this is the third prototype (not that you would know it was a prototype from its fit and finish) – is the good looking sibling of the WM-2 that was experienced by Ken Ishiwata from Marantz who instantly decided that this was the loudspeaker to use for the Marantz demos at the Munich High End Show. So what makes the WM-3 special? Let’s start with the fact that with a sensitivity of 90.5dB /2.83V a minimum impedance of 4.8Ohm so a nominal system impedance of 6Ohm with a maximum phase shift of -300 +10. Its an easy load to drive. The bass driver is a special version of a 15in Beyma... » Link to read more