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Found 2 results

  1. Not exactly sure how this flew under the radar; but I'm grabbing the ISO now, and looking forward to throwing it in VMware later tonight. Looks like the site went up a few weeks back, anyone else given this a go? Audiophile Linux Audiophile Linux is the operating system optimized for high quality digital audio reproduction. Created by audiophiles for the audiophiles, AP-Linux is easily installed, user friendly, and absolutely free. Install it like any other GNU/Linux distribution and enjoy the music playback with latencies under 10ms. Audiophile Linux comes with everything you need for playing your audio and video files. Audiophile Linux features: System and memory optimized for audio perfection Custom Real-Time kernel version 2.6.10 Lightweight window manager Pre installed audio and video programs Lightweight OS, free of unnecessary daemons and services Standard Linux distributions are designed for running servers or desktop usage. AP-Linux distribution is designed for high quality audio only. The unnecessary services and daemons, included in standard Linux distributions, have been removed and their negative influence on audio playback made impossible. Printing and some other network services running in background of the standard Linux distributions, use the CPU and memory and are completely useless for audio reproduction. AP-Linux distribution includes the lightweight XFCE desktop environment and highly configurable and low resource demanding X11 window manager called Fluxbox. XFCE is easier to use, but the Fluxbox is faster, lighter and less demanding. I use Fluxbox window manager for more than seven years and can highly recommend it.
  2. Dear member of computer-audiophile, For years I've been using Windows 7, JRiver Media Center and ASIO to play audio using an external USB sound-card (HiFace Evo) and external DAC (Theta Digital DS Pro Generation V). I've decided to start using Linux Mint due to its speed, safety and reliability. Now I would like to setup my Linux PC as an audiophile music server which doesn't resample or mess up the digital sound-stream in any way. I've performed some extensive searching on the internet but there is no clear answer, especially not for someone new to Linux. Therefore I started this topic! How to configure Linux Mint for audiophile playback? Conditions: Sample-rates are limited by 48 kHz / 16 bits (due to my DAC). Audio files with samplerates smaller or equal to 48 kHz should keep their original sampling frequency, audio files with higher sampling frequencies and/or resolution (i.e. 88.2, 96, 192 kHz, etc or 20, 24 bits) should be downsampled to 48 kHz / 16 bits.) MPD (Music Player Daemon) is used in order to be able to remotely control the music player from my listening position using a tablet of smartphone. A fresh installation of Linux Mint 13 Maya is used. Volume control should be disabled, leave this to the (pre-)amplifier. The drivers of my external USB sound-card (HiFace Evo) are available. Who is able to explain step-by-step, in understandable language, how to setup a high-end playback system using Linux? Does someone have experience with this? Which audio-layer (ALSA, Jack, PulseAudio) should (not) be used and how to configure this? It should be possible and it shouldn't be too complex. Hopefully there are some Linux using audiophiles as well who can help me with this problem. When I succeed in obtaining a reliable and high-end music server/player using Linux, I will summarize this topic and provide a clear and step-by-step guide on this forum! Thanks in advance! Best regards, Maarten