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Found 1 result

  1. Folks, I just had my nightmare come to life. My iTunes library location somehow was moved off my NAS to the usual local folder (likely a mounting issue,can happen) and somehow would not consolidate back to my NAS. I decided to re-import my entire collection from scratch (I have done the same before, without issues). So I deleted all music in my library (only in the library, not the files on my NAS), moved the music files to a differnet spot on my NAS and re-imported them (by dragging them to the auto import folder). This led to all files being in my library 4 times.. ??? I re-did the same (100%) for a second try and iTunes somehow deleted about 750 albums (it left about 450 intact) from my NAS. It somehow did not ask (when deleting music from the lib) if it should delete the files from disk as-well (which it normally always does..). I have no clue what happened, except that if this were human error from my side, my understanding is it should not have deleted a random 60% of my collection but the entirety of it... Any tips of what I'm missing here (or confirmation that iTunes does these sorts of things..) are welcome... In the meantime, I seriously need a beer since I just pi**ed aways a HUGE amount of time spent on libmanagement & tagging and some high-def music. I am SICK of this. I always knew RAID5 is not a backup.... and bought a 2nd empty NAS just prior to the Thai floods.... (and the global HD price hump that followed, which caused me to delay implementing it).. and was just about to implement the backup plan since prices were coming down again.. I guess the OS-X camp just lost a member. Windows7 & JRiver, here I come... H