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Found 5 results

  1. LampizatOr just posted pictures on Facebook ... Looks like a winner!
  2. Up for sale goes Lampizator Level7 (basicly a two chassis Big 7). This is a two box product, of generation 4th. It has both DSD and PCM engines. Currently wired for 230V, but can be redone to accept 115V. Since the DAC is located in Warsaw, Poland (Lampi's HQs are just 20 min drive away), I can bring it to Lampizator for upgrade prior shipping. One box is a DAC itself, whereas the other is a power supply for it. Two umbilical cords are provided, along with two rectifiers and Electro Harmonix 2A3 directly heated triodes. The DAC has Duelund capacitors based output stage. USB, SPDIF and AES/EBU digital inputs. The device is in very good shape, works like a charm. Small signs of usage are visible, yet no serious damage anywhere in sight. This deck is not equipped with volume control and is loaded with a pair of RCA line outs. It can work with a number of tubes, be it 45 type (101s, highly recommended) or 2A3 (300B and alike). As far as the sound goes, this Level7 is a beast. Upgrading to LampizatOr Golden Gate, so this one has to go. All enquires welcome and will be answered in full. NO TRADES. I listed it on Agon for 3500 EUR. I can offer it for 3000 EUR for CA forum mebers only, if paid by bank wire.
  3. My upgraded Lampizator Level 4 Generation 4 DAC is for sale for 1990 EUR (2290 EUR with extra tubes) including shipping to EU (not including PayPal fees or shipping outside EU). Original boxes and certificate of authenticity/guarantee are included. This is the standard 230V L4 G4 that I bought from Kemp Elektroniks (audio distributor from The Netherlands) on August 2014. They upgraded the unit with: - Allen Bradley resistors - Furutech gold plated IEC inlet. That unit had the standard S/PDIF (RCA) digital input and RCA analogue output. Then I sent it to Lampizator to install the following upgrades: - USB Input - DSD Engine - Convert it to fully balanced - 4 new Jupiter Copper Wax capacitors - 2 sets of XLR outputs (Very important for me to be able to connect the DAC to two different amplifiers not having to connect and disconnect cables). I cannot understand why this is not a standard feature in most DACs. - Replace RCA input connector with a 75 ohm BNC connector. The unit has 5 years transferable guarantee from August 2014. Still more than 2 years of official guarantee ahead. After the upgrades I tried different tubes that will I include in the package and sound much better than the default ones (Sovtec): - 2 pairs of Sylvania 6SN7W Short bottle. My favorite tube - Pair of Sylvania 6SN7W big bottle. My favorite too. - Pair of Ken-Rad 6SN7GT VT-231 . My second favorite. Bass to die for. Plastic holder in one tube is broken but it fits perfectly in the DAC and it does not affect the sound. - 2 pairs of 1578 Russian tubes. The best Russian 6SN7 tubes, comparable to the best. Very recommended by Lampizator. - Pair of Tungsol 6SN7WGT tubes. - Sylvania 5Y3WGT rectifier tube - Bendix 6106 rectifier tube (More than 400 EUR in nice tubes) As you can see in the web, this DAC would retail for about 4500 EUR not including the tubes. This is the DAC that made Lampizator famous. It is their best seller that you do not see usually for sale as people normally do not let them go. This Lampizator DAC sounds amazing and it has been very well built. Before doing the upgrade, Lukasz told me in an email: “... the DAC looks very clean and good. It was a specially well made demo unit for potential distributor. ….” Some reviews: ( many more here: REVIEWS ) LampizatOr Level 4 DAC Mono and Stereo High-End Audio Magazine: Lampizator level 4 DAC test review Pictures (click for higher resulution images): Cheers, Victor.
  4. For sale is my level 4 Lampizator Tube DAC. Reviewers have given Lampizator universally high accolades. It's a beast of a machine. This DAC includes the following upgrades: Jensen copper foil paper in oil Digital inputs: spdif, toslink and USB volume control Plus, analog inputs With the Lampizator, I have no need for another preamp. The Lampi preamp is amazing, world class. Also, if you still double dip into digital and analog like I do, the analog inputs allow you to connect your phono preamp right into the Lampi and the vinyl sounds amazing. I have not heard a better DAC. I am only selling it so I upgrade to another Lampizator DAC. The warranty is transferable and has almost four years left. Asking $3950. I will pay for shipping. We can do paypal gift so we can avoid the 3% fee.
  5. Hi, A bit about my system. 1. Laptop i3, with 8mb RAM running Windows 7, jRiver 19, jPlay 5.2, dbpoweramp and several other pieces of audio software. It resides in my listening room and is connected to my Windows 8.1 Server via CAT 7 Ethernet cable. 2. The Windows 8.1 Server with 8mb RAM and AMD 6 core has jplay installed and Stablebit Drivepool with a 9tb mirrored. I own a Lampizator L5 DAC with DSD and remote control it uses the Amareno USB driver. I also purchased the Lampizator USB Transport which is really a USB to SPDIF converter. Both pieces sound incredible. But I have some issues getting the two to work together. The Problem I'm using two USB cables from the laptop, one directly into the DAC for DSD playback (It will play PCM as well of course.) This works very well with jplay and jRiver. On the jPlay settings screen the DSD uses KS Amareno driver and works well. But for PCM I want to use my USB Transport. For this connection the other USB cable runs from the laptop into the USB Transport then out from it via SPDIF into the DAC. The USB Transport is quite special and provides sound very similar to the Lampizator Transport based on the Squeezebox Duet but with none of the headaches Squeezebox provides. It uses the exD USB drivers that Lukasz provided me. It played Redbook, 24/48, and up to 24/192. Everything was going pretty well and cooperating with each other. JRiver was configured with Jplay and jPlay was set to KS Amerano. Everything was working fine. Then my laptop's harddrive crashed and burned. So I brought my server PC into the listening room to use until the laptop could be repaired. After this playback has been at best erratic. I have the DSD working well with jplay as configured above. But with the same settings I used before with the USB Transport and exD drivers I can only get the USB Transport to play files from Redbook up to 24/96. Sometimes it will try to play the higher resolutions but then quits after about a second. Most of the time no sound at all. If anything I would gave guessed it would very easier for the server PC to playback music than the laptop as it is the more powerful the PC but the reverse is happening. The sound seems much better through the Windows 8 Server except playback has become erratic and problematic. I've tried to tell the whole story and hope you can help me solve the problems. If you have questions for me I will answer as best I can. Isn't it possible for jplay to work in conjunction with the the Amerano and exD drivers? Is there another driver I could use for both? This is driving me wild. Thanks in advance. I'm posting on jplay forum as well. Steven