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Found 9 results

  1. Andreas L

    Delete download

    How do I delete a download once it has been uploaded to the cloud (I use iTunes Match) in iTunes 12.7 on MacOS High Sierra? Just to be clear. I just acquired Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP and I only want it to be stored in iTunes Match and not on my Mac. There used to be a button called "Remove download", but it has disappeared. Thanks for your help
  2. hi Similar to something you recently commented on, I like using Apple Music but then buying the cd and ripping lossless onto my home server (I also have iTunes Match). Now the problem is that when I have added the music via Apple Music to iOS or iTunes AND then subsequently rip the CD lossless to my server I end up having problems. I rather do this as I don't wish to lose play count data. Usually what happens is the following: if in iTunes or iOS I have added the album to my library; I typically have downloaded the album to my iOS device but not downloaded the album in iTunes; in iTunes it naturally affiliates such tracks as being in the cloud and matches the tracks as Apple Music; If I then rip the cd (ensuring to match the track details identically) what then happens is that I have two identical items for each track in the album... one the Apple lossless rip and one Apple Music; I then ask iTunes to update the iCloud library; When this process finishes I usually have 1 item in the album per track but the problem is that when I look at the details of the track it shows it is apple lossless and shows the location of the file on my hard drive BUT still references the track as Apple Music. SO FRUSTRATING. Hoping you can help. MM
  3. Hi there! Very nice to find an an iTunes Pro forum here ;-) I'm an iTunes user right from the start with v. 1.0 and built a library consisting mainly of classical music. The other day, I figured that I wanted to give iTunes match another chance, faintly hoping for an improved treatment of individually curated tags. My tagging is quite individual (standard tags in iTunes are not quite created for classical music.) I use the album tag for works rather than for album titles, and make playlists from CDs that combine multiple works in the seldom cases in which I want to prevent the album order. Sadly, the tags are really a case of FUBR (see below). Part of my library is fine. Maybe even the major part. But still, many files are just a – total – mess. The option "Reset iCloud music library" in the account setting always results in "Can't reset iCloud Music Library. Resetting is temporarily unavailable. Try again." So my question would be (other then sharing this total pain): Do you think it makes any sense to give it another try? Refreshing the library does nothing. I could try to delete everything out of the library, cumbersome as this may turn out… Is there a point in calling Apple? Can they do a reset for me? Will they consider a refund? Or will it just be a waste of time because iTunes Match is almost EOLed anyways and I won't find competent support? Or should I just give up on iTunes match? Thanks! Bensch Original: The SAME playlist in iTunes Match. All tags are wrong; all files in the playlist are wrong. At least some Bach is still contained. ;-)
  4. As reported by several users on the Apple Discussions, iTunes Match isn't working in iTunes 12.5.3 (the current version) for both Windows and Mac. All tracks are being uploaded and none are being matched. Supposedly Apple is aware of the problem and working on a fix. In the meantime, the only solution is to revert to 12.5.2 or turn off iTunes Match. Here are the steps for MacOS (must be done from an admin account): If you have a recent Time Machine backup: Stop the iTunes Helper process using Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities). Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and enter the following command: sudo rm -r /Applications/iTunes.app Restore iTunes from a backup that was done before your machine updated (this particular iTunes update was released on 31st October) or if you don't have a Time Machine backup you can download iTunes 12.5.2 from Apple. Restore the following files from the Time Machine backup to your Home > Music > iTunes folder: iTunes Library.itl iTunes Library.xml Note: not all of these files may appear in your iTunes folder, if any are missing don't worry, the files you need to replace are the iTunes Library .xml and .itl files. If you don't have a Time Machine backup: Stop the iTunes Helper process using Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities). Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and enter the following command: sudo rm -r /Applications/iTunes.app Download iTunes 12.5.2 from Apple and re-install iTunes on your machine. Rebuild your iTunes Library (this step may not be necessary, especially if you don't have any Previous iTunes Libraries) References: https://discussions.apple.com/message/30891797#message30891797 https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7726141 https://discussions.apple.com/message/30943867#30943867
  5. Apologies if this topic already has a thread. I haven't purchase any music from the Apple store for some time now. I have always had my default settings in iTunes as not connected to the store, and have always ensured iTunes Match and other such equivalents are switched off. This evening I went online to the Apple store to purchase an album (that I could not find elsewhere). Before I knew it: it appears that Apple has started to read my library and replaced my versions (ie higher than 256kpbs, either burnt from compact disc or purchased from other sites) with its on 256kpbs versions. I had to force quite iTunes, go off-line, restart ITunes, and attempt to switch off all communication between my version of iTunes and Apple online, and then re-establish an internet connection. A few searches online reveals that not only have my tracks been replaced with Apple's own 256kpbs versions, but apparently are now all with added DRM! Still not entirely sure which tracks have been replaced and which haven't... Anyone else had this experience? And does anyone know exactly how to ensure this doesn't happen again!?
  6. Hi all, I'm having a very weird issue, which is quite small but pretty annoying. I added an MP3 yesterday to my library, which matched. I then removed the download to download the matched AAC version. However, instead of coming up with the iCloud download icon, a weird file was created, which appears to be an AAC file, but which does not delete, and doesn't play. This is the file tab on Get Info for it: I readded the original MP3, and it matched again, and this time I was able to download the Matched AAC file. However, this second file still remains. Even when I log out of my iCloud library account, it is still there, even though it is apparently located in iCloud. I can't find any trace of it in my iTunes Media folder. If I right click and press delete, nothing happens. Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to remove this file or somehow hide it from view? I talked to Apple Support, and they had no idea, saying the only option was to rebuild my library, which is obviously not ideal. (I am on Windows 10, by the way.) Thanks in advance
  7. Today, by chance I checked my Apple Music "Smart Playlist". This Smart Playlist contains all the "Apple Music" contained in my iTunes Library. I use it to help my ensure that "My Music" doesn't become "Apple's Music" based on my earlier nightmarish experiences with Apple Music. We'll today, low and behold two songs that belonged to an album I bought from Amazon are marked as "Apple Music". Argh! Not again! It appears the two songs were commandeered by Apple Music on December 11. That's the day after the latest iTunes update. Did the software bug get added back into iTunes? The Meta-data indicates the last play date for the songs were on 4/29/15. Though it's obvious that the album's meta data was last manipulated on December 11. Last time I had this issue it seemed to occur when I streamed the songs from another iOS device using an "Apple Music" curated playlist. I think that's pretty much what happened again. I've also noticed recently that some of my album art was changing, too. I know I had that switch off in my iTunes preferences on Mac, but it was turned back on? Maybe flipped back in the latest iTunes update? I have deleted the songs commandeered by Apple Music and restored them via Time Machine from December 1. OS X 10.11.3 Mac Book Pro Retina iTunes iTunes Match Apple Muse
  8. Hi All, I thought I was being clever recently, but I've hit bit of a snag. I've been borrowing audiobooks form the library and ripping them to iTunes, so that I can listen to them on my phone. In an effort to keep track of how much of each book I have listened to, I made a smart playlist of each book and added the parameter of zero plays. That way, each time my play count goes to 1, the track will disappear. This isn't perfect of course, because play counts take a day or two to sync with iTunes Match, but I figured it was a decent solution. My issue is that when I pull up the playlist on iOS, the tracks are out of order. On the desktop version of iTunes they appear in order as you would expect. Is there a setting that I'm missing to keep them in order on iOS? Thanks, Tony
  9. This is a weird one. I have 4 tracks from The Roots album Undun, that I have rated as 5 stars. I noticed that they were being skipped right over in a smart playlist that I have for all of my 5 star tracks, so I went onto my Mac to see if they showed any signs of an issue. (greyed out, etc.) Everything looks good. Here is what I see: - The entire album is all the same. - The tracks were matched to the cloud, so they are now all the same AAC files. - Those 4 tracks don't play on any device, whether I stream or download the files - They don't play whether selected in the playlist, or album/song view - If I do download the files and play them in a non-iTunes player, the tracks play fine My itunes is up to date and ios as well. Is my only recourse to download the files, remove the whole album from itunes Match, then rematch them and manually reset the playcounts?