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Found 5 results

  1. iTunes Library Blues

    G'day Just wondering if anyone can suggest a fix to this problem below? Unfortunately my hard disk failed with my music on it….so I went to my backup (this was a few months older)…and so I'm missing probably about 100 songs. I restored this using time machine, to the same location on a new hard-disk (and named that disk the same), however, iTunes doesn't seem to recognise many song locations….many more that 100 songs that I know are missing. I've done many random checks to see if my backup did not back up file (i.e. the file really is missing) but the file exists in the file directory and it's just that the iTunes metadata doesn't seem to be linked to the file location. Without going through thousands of songs and relocating them, is there a shortcut or some form of task that I can get iTunes to perform to relink the files without losing all the meta data such as ratings etc? Thanks for help CA fans! Cheers Charles
  2. I'm sure this is probably discussed somewhere in here, but I had no luck finding it. My existing library is in an iTunes directory /Users/name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media. These are all ripped as AIFF as I use them to playback through my stereo using a mac mini as a server. I would like to be able to convert these to a "compressed" format, but in a different directory so I can put them on my iPad and iPod Touch without using so much memory. I'm not as concerned with my iPad as it is the 64G model, but then again, I don't know if there are any advantages to having the non-compressed AIFF files on it. I am using iTunes 11. Your methodology/recommendations/suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Itunes 11 Cannot Read Files

    Hello, I would like to know if I am the only one having issues accessing their music files since upgrading to ITunes 11. Prior to upgrading I had over 2.3TB’s of music and now it is showing that I have 1.98TB’s of music. I now get the dreaded ‘dead link’ warning, even though the files are still in the Itunes library and I have to point it to the file. This is extremely cumbersome because of the volume off affected files. I have all the files stored on a Synology 411+. I even tried starting a new library and adding the music files but some files are getting copied over and are not showing up in the library. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what is the fix? Is there one? I am unable to restore to a previous point because none of the files are store on my Mac Mini. Thanks, Jason
  4. Greetings all, I need some configuration feedback on my server setup to make sure that I'm getting the best sound; I also need feedback on some odd problems. Here is my current setup: I have a Mac running OSX 10.7 and the latest iTunes. I'm not running anything else; I'm not using any plugins I'm going from the Mac to my Anthem 50v Preamp via a Musical Fidelity V-Link USB to S/PDIF. I have CDs, High Res Apple Lossless and FLAC files on my server If I want to play FLAC files, I use VLC I have the MIDI setup for the Musical Fidelity set to 96k 2ch-24bit integer for output. My general questions are: Is there anything that I should be doing specifically to optimize my audio? What plugins or other software would one recommend to work with iTunes. I use the Apple Remote on iOS devices to manage the server library so I want something that is still compatible with the iOS remote control. Now, my odd problems have to do with FLAC files: If I use VLC files to play FLAC files, they don't sound as good as I think they should. Specifically, if I turn up the VLC volume slider past about 70%, the FLAC files clip and they sound horrible. Any thoughts on this? Is it just that the gain is too much? What is the best way to play FLAC files within iTunes. Some say Amarra and others PureVinyl. What are the pros and cons in my specific setup? I don't mind converting my FLAC files to Apple Lossless if that's the best course of action and I'm very tech savvy and happy to do that too. I appreciate any additional thoughts from the community to help me out here.
  5. Hi I have ripped all my CDs into Apple Lossless format and stored on a Synology DS409 NAS. I have updated all latest S/W on this NAS. This is connected to a Mac Mini (10.6.3) running latest itunes. The Mac is then plugged into my amp via a Benchmark DAC. So far so good. Most files play fine except there are always tracks within some album that itunes complains not finding the file. I deleted and re-loaded all the files into itunes. I have tried physically linking missing tracks to the itunes library but sometimes it losses the location info again. If I look into the file info, the non-playable tracks will always have this location file://localhost/volumes/music/itunes/...album and track name. While the error free racks will be music:itunes1/...album and track name. I connect the NAS using Connect Server at boot up and since itunes can find most tracks there is no reason to think it is the file or directory problem. What am I missing?