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Found 3 results

  1. A Auralic Aries LE issue would like to know if I am alone to have it ... When I change or pause song Streaming Qobuz , My DAC is losing connection with streamer which is create an unlock in my DAC ( Marantz SA14 ) and activate amplifier switching relay ... i don't believe the the relays on Marantz PM 14 are designed to be open close continuously . i asked Auralic Xuanqian Wang who nicely replied to my question and It is not possible for software reason to like open an empty file with white noise while pausing or changing tracks in order to not lose connection with DAC. I will ask Marantz for the PM relays but it is quiet sad to realize that afterward ... my Chromecast even gapless was not triggered the amplifier relays when stoped . thanks for help.
  2. JRiver shows duplicate files, which come back when I delete them. Some guidance would be much appreciated. My setup: Synology NAS running Minim server. Controlled by Plugplayer. Rendered by Audio Research Reference DAC. I use Jriver to manage/sort/tag the music files (mostly WAV). In Jriver under filename I get: Volumes/Music/[Artist]/[Album]/[Trackname] But the same file also shows up as: http://[lan NAS address]:[port]/minimserver/*/Music/[Artist]/[Album]/[Trackname] This happens throughout the library. If I delete all http://etc files they automatically are recreated (not at once, but over time). Any ideas what may be causing this issue? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I have an issue with my media center, a Mac Mini used with my HiFi system. I'm using my Mac Mini, version 2010, the first aluminum, running on OS X 10.6 (aka Snow Leopard) to run XBMC, in its latest version, EDEN. Initially, as my preamplifier (Atoll PR300) doesn't have any digital input, i was sending first image & sound to my LCD (Loewe Individual 40 Selection DR +), using HDMI cable, and second sound to my preamplifier using the LCD RCA output. Pure happiness. A few months ago I acquired a DAC, the same brand (DAC200 Atoll). This DAC has the following connectors: - 3 optical digital inputs and three coaxial digital inputs independent. - 1 USB (Type B) - 1 RCA analog - 1 optical digital output and a coaxial digital output with reformatting data in both directions: Coaxial optics and coaxial optics. The idea is to take advantage of the digital to analog conversion DAC instead of the Mac mini, software against hardware, mainly using USB with a Wireworld Ultraviolet. Unfortunately for me I noticed some cracklings, initially on playback but since few days it's also on XBMC sounds. I've checked the XBMC settings, of course stereo is selected in the system settings, even on movies & TV shows settings and XBMC recognizes the USB driver Atoll as OS X does. I've tested two DAC, two brand new, I've tested in 10.6 and 10.7 with clean install, also with a clean install XBMC without any results. For several weeks I try my luck with the XBMC dev team, if this is a bug or an incorrect setting, it seems from these last that the level of OS X that it crashes. here is the actual situation on XBMC forum : http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=128181 The actual log shoes the following issue : 14:26:44 T:2965811200 ERROR: CCoreAudioRenderer::InitializePCM: The selected device (ATOLL USB Audio 2.0) does not have a speaker layout configured. Using the default layout. 14:26:44 T:2965811200 ERROR: CCoreAudioRenderer::InitializePCM: Please go to Applications -> Utilities -> Audio MIDI Setup, and select 'Configure Speakers...' I don't know what to change in the parameters : Hope someone can help me Thanks Nemrod