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Found 1 result

  1. iDEFENDER3.0 The iDEFENDER3.0 solves the common ground loop/hum. It ‘breaks’ the ground loop but in a, proper and electrically safe way Just add iPOWER 5v to inject clean power at the source. Break ground loops the correct way. iDefender3.0 with IsoEarth® Use upstream at the audio source. Because USB is bi-directional. Latest USB3.0 standard. For optimum performance. Cut-off noisy power. Inject pure, clean iPOWER 5v. The iDefender3.0 protects against the common problems of ground loop noise and noisy USB power (if used with optional external iPower 5V). As USB is bi-directional, it is important to address noise issues upstream as well as downstream. Common USB noise problems addressed by the iDefender are: [*=center]Breaks noisy ground-loops. Significantly reduces system noise floor and makes for better dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution [*=center]Disconnects the USB Power from the PC and replaces it with a clean external power (optional iPower* 5V for ultra low noise) [*=center]USB3.0 port technology – most advanced and highest USB specification The iDefender, just like its iUSB power sibling, brings usb port noise at the computer from a typical 100uV down to 1uV. So a 100x reduction that is quieter than a 9v battery. Beneath the compact exterior, the iDefender is feature-rich, with the latest iFi technology. To be used directly at the Source such as the PC usb port, it breaks ground loops and cuts the noisy USB power line. From computer audiophiles, musicians, home studio artists to pro audio customers, it improves audio playback quality at home and on-the-go. *To obtain the best result, the optional iPower 5V is recommended. USB is bi-directional, pays to look upstream Unlike SPDIF which is directional, even as the USB logo itself illustrates, USB is bi-directional. Therefore, despite more efforts and benefits to looking downstream such as at the DAC end, we believe it is also beneficial to look upstream at the source. The iDefender3.0 solves one quite common issue found with either: 1. Multiple earths 2. No earth That is a ground loop which manifests itself as an audible ‘hum.’ The iDefender3.0 cuts the ground loop AND also offers the ability to inject a clean 5v power supply via the micro USB port at the side. For computer audio enthusiasts to professional recording studio engineers, the iDefender3.0 slves these two issues in one fell swoop. Break the noisy USB power, but in the correct way There are more than a few products that break the USB Power connection, but of the ones known to us, they do very little because the noisy ground connection remains. This is quite a major oversight in our opinion. For DAC's that do not use USB Power (except for handshake) the iDefender3.0 breaks the ground connection eliminating earth loops, while allowing normal handshake operation to continue. So in terms of cutting out the noise, it does it in the most comprehensive way possible while at the same time, in an electrically correct way. USB3.0 technology, at the cutting-edge It is now a hallmark of all the latest iFi signal and power products to be USB3.0 standard. First USB3.0 is backwards compatible with USB2.0. Second, in terms of the specifications, USB3.0 is superior to USB2.0 eg the wire gauge specification is more exhaustive and the connections are better. Need clean power? Inject iPower ‘quieter than battery’ technology As the iDefender3.0 breaks the noisy power supply, this is it for DACs with an internally-powered USB line. But for DAC's that use USB Power a separate power connection is provided to feed in a 5V DC Supply - this is needed to break the ground connection, as long as the DAC tries to draw USB power from the Source instead the ground cannot be isolated. With a noise floor that of 1uV, the iPower is a new-breed of near silent DC-power supply. Low power consumption and low-noise. With 12-Element Array on the output and 6-Element Array technology on the input, there is next to no noise supplied and ‘leaked’ back out to nearby devices. Specifications: Super-Speed USB3.0 (and USB2.0 backwards compatible) Connectors: USB3.0 gold-plated connectors Dimensions: 48 (l) x 18 (w) x 8 mm (h) Weight: 6.5g (0.23oz) Warranty period: 12 months The EU retail price: €49 incl VAT The US retail price: $45 ex-tax