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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, On the iCAN Pro dedicated Head-fi.org thread, some technical questions were asked. Lots of them in fact and that's something we couldn't ignore. No Sir! We've put a fair amount of time to give a properly technical and informative answers. We thought that these are worth sharing here as well. Therefore without further ado and to your pleasure, these are said questions, with links to our replies: 1.) I noticed your specs seem to reference "short duration" peak power rather than continuous power. What is the actual normal use power rating? For 200ohm headphones? Is it adapting (such as by impedance matching), based on the headphone connected? Our answer to Q1 is here. 2.) Many higher end headphone amps have a lower output impedance, often 3, or even less than 1. The IC pro has a much higher one. what is the reason/benefit of this design? As a result, should only headphones of a specific ohm rating be used? How about for optimal performance? Our answer to Q2 is here. 3.) The detailed specs do not discuss use of an output transformer. Is this a unique design? it would great to understand the innovation. Is it something similar to the Chord Mojo's gain stage (conceptually)? Our answer to Q3 is here and here. 4.) What is the impact of using a non balanced source? Do you still get the benefit of balanced output, or does half the circuit (including the corresponding power) go unused as is the case with some other amps? Currently, my favorite DAC is the Chord Mojo. Our answer to Q4 is here. 5.) Most other amps seem to require lots of power and use a giant desktop PC style power cord, perhaps to have a heavy enough gauge and shielding in order to avoid noise and interference. What is the technology that enables the pro to avoid these issues/requirements and use a small cord and wallwart (a great thing by the way)? Our answer to Q5 is here. 6.) I noticed you spec JFets rather than the more commonly used Mosfets. What is the difference? Our answer to Q6 is here. 7.) the description references that 3d sound and xbass are implemented in an analog manner. When these are switched off, are the related sections of the amp circuit physically bypassed, or is there some processing taking place all of the time? Our answer to Q7 is here. 8.) Do you have frequency response charts? The lower registers are very important to me and I am curious as to performance in that area. Our answer to Q8 is here. 9.) Your advertising materials highlight that ifi products leverage technology from the higher end AMR line of products. In the case of the ican pro amp, what are some of the technology that has trickled down? Our answer to Q9 is here. 10.) Many amplifiers, including headphone amps, are really heavy. Presumably because parts, like transformers and heat sinks, are necessary for great sound. However, technology (and corresponding miniaturization) marches on. What technologies are responsible for your ability to keep the size and weight so low? Our answer to Q10 is here. 11.) Do you consider the ifi ican pro to be in the same tier as the Audeze King? In other words, what segment of the personal audio market is the pro directed to? Performance is relative, and it would be interesting to understand against whom you benchmark. Our answer to Q11 is here. 12.) Were the published specs based on tube, tube plus, or solid state mode? Assuming only one of these, how do the specs change for the other modes? Our answer to Q11 is here. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And, of course, if you have ANY questions regarding our iCAN Pro, please don't hesitate and post them here!