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Found 3 results

  1. iFi Audio iOne The one DAC to rule home audio The 'Hub' DAC at the Centre of Home Audio. Wireless. Wired. The nano iOne is the versatile, audio solution for the modern home - it allows the use of many different digital audio devices and input options in ONE complete unit. Via Bluetooth, S/PDIF or USB inputs, it upgrades the listening experience with smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, gaming consoles, media streamers and more. The nano iOne improves on the inbuilt digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) and delivers high-resolution, audiophile grade sound. With cutting-edge wireless connectivity, it allows high quality streaming across both Apple and Android, Mac and PC. [/TD] ]Features/Technologies Bluetooth, S/PDIF, USB input AAC codec allows native quality, direct Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from iTunes & Apple Music aptX codec allows CD quality Bluetooth wireless audio streaming from suitably equipped Android devices, PCs and Mac computers Galvanically-isolated S/PDIF output with dedicated re-clocker/line driver ANC® noise suppression system for the power supply (conveniently drawn from USB) GMT® Femto precision clock system Asyncronous USB audio system with Zero Jitter® Memory Buffer Zero Jitter® Memory Buffer technology for S/PDIF & Bluetooth Galvanically-isolated S/PDIF input with FET High Definition (FHD) circuitry Direct-Coupled analogue outputs via RCA The retail price of the nano iOne is US$199 (ex-tax) or Euro235/£199 (incl VAT).[/TD]
  2. The home I just moved into is already wired for stereo sound in 6 different rooms, and I have the corresponding speaker wire coming out to one centralized location (each of the 6 zones having separate stereo wire). I want to: 1) Locate the source of my music at that centralized location. 2) Control audio playback in the 6 zones via a mobile app. 3) Have independent playback in each zone, and play multiple zones at once (either same audio or different) 4) Do the above with the minimal amount of new equipment/cost Current Setup/Equipment: I currently have just a 2-channel hifi stereo setup for playing lossless music files, described below: External HDD hosting music files> Windows 7 PC running JRiver> MusicHall DAC> Rega Mira Amp> 2 Rega Speakers I use JRiver Media center as my front-end and would prefer to do all of the above in JRiver, but would be fine with using different software/app to control/host playback of the music to the 6 zones. Can anyone here provide me with some insight/suggestions? I have called a few home stereo consultants and retailers such as crutchfield/best buy but all they do is push the sonos stuff, which is really not a great fit for me. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. so getting to audition the emotiva a couple days ago with 24/96 samples really has me fired up and has renewed my passion for home audio. was about to pick one up on ebay the other day when the idea of using my Mackie 400F firewire recording interface popped in my head. sure enough, playing back these 24/96 samples was even more revealing that the emotiva. it also has s/pidf coax in that i'm running my escient into. so, i'm curious to know if anyone(recording engineer or hobbyist) has used a recording interface for this purpose(as a DAC)? i am on a very tight budget, but am looking to get the most out of what i currently have! macbook pro & escient fireball E2-300 > mackie onyx 400F > parasound halo A23 > mirage m-3si