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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, im new to this thread, thinking of buying KEF X300A for my desktop setup as i saw lot of good reviews about its SQ, my doubt is, In most of the user reviews on Amazon.co.uk, amazon.com and amazon.de i see lot of users mentioning that the speaker is dead in 1.5 years to 2 years (in reviews posted from late 2016), can anybody help me on knowing its reliability ?
  2. I was a bit shocked when I heard that Arcam had been sold to Harman International. This led me to think about the days of my nascent interest in high fidelity. It also made me realise that none of the brands that I bought from, to build my first audio set-up, remain in their original form. I had a Cambridge Audio CD3 compact disc player, which was one of the best sounding players at that time (Cambridge Audio is now owned by Audio Partnership), the Audiolab 8000C/P pre-amplifer/power amplifier combination (Audiolab is now owned by IAG Group), driving the original Acoustic Energy AE1s (finally managed to buy itself out via MBO from the Formosa Prosonic Group). While I mention these names, many others have been acquired by conglomerates, and several have just closed down. At least the brands still exist for now... So what is happening here? Some people blame the advent of the mp3 generation, but I doubt this is so. For we lived through an age where much of music was on cassette tape, supported by the venerable Sony Walkman. In fact, some people credit the likes of the iPod for revitalising this area of the music playback market. Other people say that computer music is making computers more and more part of music playback, and fewer use compact disc players and such. I agree partially on this, but this would still provide business for manufacturers of digital audio converters, amplifiers and speakers, right? The fact that most of these manufacturers have based their business on stereo kit perhaps supports the next theory. Think about it, more people are into home cinema than stereos nowadays. As entertainment has become more interactive, more people are spending time with their home cinema, compared with their stereo. Also, with playback of movies available on phones and tablets, this segment is not without its challenges. The evolution of the market has also seen many audio magazines that focused solely on stereo replay, to devote more and more column inches on home cinema kit. The fact is, the consumption of entertainment has changed drastically since the 1980s. Back then, record players reigned supreme in stereo playback, and compact discs were at their infancy. Most people then would watch television that was strictly programmed (no such thing as on-demand TV, and satellite or cable was still a novelty), so the main choice for home-based entertainment that was not controlled by scheduling, was the stereo. Fast forward to year 2000, and we see home theatres start to take a foothold, as the likes of VHS gave way to laser discs and then, DVDs. Cable and satellite TV also became more common, opening up choice for entertainment at home. Now, the young generation are so used to the highly-stimulating entertainment options that hardly anyone ever sits down to just listen to the stereo. Even traditional television viewership is suffering (unless you have the latest Game of Thrones playing on your network). Most have gone towards on-demand entertainment, downloading movies and playing interactive games. Ask the young how they enjoy music, and most will tell you that they either listen to it while on the go through their portable music player, or by watching music videos. This choice of listening to music competes with so many other distractions nowadays. So, what is really happening is that the market is truly changing. Many of us may still prefer to read a physical book with its paper pages, and listen to the stereo, but we are the Neanderthals, I am afraid. Look at how comfortable the kids today are with reading electronic documents, and what they want in entertainment. No wonder so many of the great hifi companies of old have fallen on the wayside. Let's not even talk about the rise of manufacturers from the Far East who are taking the area by storm (they have far less legacy and move much more nimbly)...
  3. Hi Guys: I would like to know if someone are using a dedicated raspberry as nas in your hifi system. I heard so much people using raspberry as transporte.. so someone have the same idea as me? issac
  4. Dear all, I'm lurking around for quite some time and been trying to read tons of literature but I still find all of this quite confusing. Therefore, I became a member of this forum to ask for your help. The setup I was thinking of is as follows: In the living room I would like to install a HiFi stereo system. At the moment I really like the Cambridge Audio CX system (CXN and CXA80) to drive a set of Nubert speakers. Aural Aries sounds fine as well. In the dining room and in the kitchen, possibly also in the bathroom or on the terrace I'm looking for a multiform system. In the home office I use a Macbook Pro with JRiver Mediacenter 20. All my music (FLAC, ripped with dbPoweramp) is stored on a Synology NAS. What I don't understand: Is there a chance that I can combine all of this? Specifically: 1. Can I control all of this via one app? 2. Can all parts of the setup access the same data (do I have to copy the music data to different locations for HiFi and multiroom?). 3. How can I connect the hifi system (e.g. Cambridge CNX) with the multiroom system? 4. Would be hifi system and multi-room system be synchronous (living room and dining room are connected)? 5. Are the CXN or Aries capable of this setup? And what multi-room system would you prefer? (Blue sound? Heco?) 6. I like the JRiver software. So do I need an ID box or CAPS to run a JRiver server (since it doesn't run on the Synology NAS)? Sorry - a lot of questions but since I am willing to spend a couple of bucks I just would like to make it right and I'm afraid nearby there is no store that could answer all of this sufficiently Thank you very much in advance. Best, Martin
  5. Hello, I recently built my very first PC and would like to get into high end audio. It will be used 50/50 for gaming and music. I don't play FPS games and my favorite genre of music is (alternative) rock. I'm looking to buy bookshelf speakers, headphones, and a DAC. The $5,000 budget is highly flexible. The area where I use my PC is very open. I'm in the middle of the downstairs, leading to everywhere else in the house (stairs behind me, kitchen to my left, TV room to my right). I don't know the exact measurements but I can say the ceiling is about 8.5 feet high. I don't need the sound to travel throughout the house, as I'll be the only one listening to it and I'll be right in front of my computer. The speakers I'm interested in are the KEF LS 50 and B&W PM-1. The headphones I'm interested are the Sennheiser HD800 and Audeze LCD3. I have no idea which DAC to buy, I assume it will depend on the speakers/headphones I choose. In a few days I will be going to a local audio store and testing out my top choices, so your input is highly valued and appreciated. Thanks for your time and suggestions!
  6. Hi. I'm in the process of building a HTPC system based on the OrigenAE S21T chassis. The intention is to use it to: - play my ripped DVDs and Blu-rays - access and stream internet video & audio content - emulate games consoles - play my CD collection - replace my set-top box and use the PC as a PVR (DVB-S2 card) Clearly, the prime motivator for me starting this project is flexible and convenient family entertainment. However, as I consider the art of the possible I am wondering about channeling audio through my AV Receiver (Arcam AVR500) when I want to max out the viewing or listening experience. Up to now, if I've wanted to watch a film or listen to music I've done so using my Arcam BDP-300 and the 2-channel audio, in particular, is very good. Could anyone explain to me how I might want to go about hooking my HTPC up to the receiver to get sound quality somewhere near to what I'm used to? Am I right in thinking that because of my pre-existing kit I don't need to worry about DACs et.al. and instead focus on getting the audio stream to the receiver as cleanly as possible? Like many people, while I appreciate good sound, I am not an expert in the field. So any advice or references to useful information will be warmly received:) Regards, Dave