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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, this post may be a bit controversial but .. I am a user of Hiface Two for around 2 years. I was getting tired of this Windows 7 lately and I also happen to be SW developer, thus running Linux would fit me better. Here you go, I installed Ubuntu 15.10 on my laptop and to my great surprise I noticed the Hiface Two suddenly sounded terrible. I tried to fiddle with ALSA, etc but I just could not fix this. The sound was very harsh and space feel presented by Hiface on Windows was lost. Please note that I was using Hiface for 2 years and there was obviously a big difference. I was really disappointed but I really wanted to get rid of this Windows 7 in my home setup, so I was thinking .. OK, let me treat myself with Mac Mini. And to my great surprise, the same problem was present on Mac Mini (model from summer 2015). Guys, do you have experience with Hiface Two testing this on various platforms? I am not sure what is going on here because I also have HRT Headstreamer and this one also sounds worse on Linux. I know there is no driver needed for linux and USB audio is a standard and whatever but I seriously hear big difference and Windows 7 clearly sounds superior with Hiface and HRT also. Could you share your experience? Thanks, Peter
  2. Help!!! I would like to repurpose my old MacBook Pro (2006, Core Duo, 2GB RAM, OS X 10.6.8; this is maxed out, btw). I have concerns about the underpowered, shared USB 2.0 port. My USB powered external drive won't work on the shared (with iSight camera and more?) USB port, but is fine plugged into the other USB port. My plan is to buy an M2tech hiFace2 to send music to my non-USB DAC. I'm trying to be as cost-effecient as possible here. Could I use the underpowered, shared USB port with the hiFace2? Would that be a detriment to the sound, even with no other devices on the shared USB turned on (I'm guessing the answer is, "yes.")? The other possibility is to plug the hiFace2 into the "better" USB port and get a cheap powered USB hub for the hard drive or maybe a powered external drive enclosure. Again, I've got to wonder, am I going to kill the sound adding a powered USB hub or enclosure to the lesser of the two USB ports? My setup will look something like: FLAC/ALAC files -> Audirvana+ -> hiFace2(RCA) -> AVA Vision DAC