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Found 10 results

  1. I just ran this news through Google Translate and it does indeed say what I thought it says: the Qobuz hi-res streaming and download service is preparing to launch in the USA next year! https://www.rtbf.be/culture/pop-up/detail_qobuz-prepare-son-arrivee-aux-etats-unis?id=9772232 Many have signed up from outside the current service area via VPN (then streaming without VPN once set up), but this will make it official.
  2. Sublime Christmas Music

    My top 3 music for December 2017; Linn has a 3 for the price of 2 offer through out December :Linn Sound Liaison has released a magnificent follow up to the 1st Enghave Barok download, with a sublime recording of one of Bach very best cantatas the Bwv 39. Sound Liaison The download is on special offer for $/€ 10 this month. That is steal for that kind of recording quality.
  3. DSD Native 10% off on all downloads https://www.nativedsd.com Hd tracks 15% off on one download http://www.hdtracks.com/ Sound Liaison 50% off on 6 downloads https://www.soundliaison.com/
  4. Hey all,Glad to be done the MQA Core vs. Hi-Res blind test series and basically end off with a summary of sorts:Part I: ProcedurePart II: Core ResultsPart III: Subgroup AnalysisPart IV: Subjective ImpressionsMQA: "Final" Thoughts... On Politics and Paradigms.Many thanks to all the folks here who participated in the testing and submission of survey results! It has been fun "work" getting this together with your help and I think over the years we can recognize that the only way to change the nature of this "hobby" is to try it ourselves. Sometimes there is a need to create a narrative that can be coherent and based on scientific and engineering principles rather than claims and vague impressions of the industry that might or might not be on the same path as consumers. I know that these thoughts may be uncomfortable for some as it intrudes into the "politics" aspect of the hobby... But I trust that if we can be gracious, communicate what we're doing and be transparent in intents, the ensuing discussions, controversies, and debates lead us to progress as we all explore the concept of value together. Whether it's in the "formats" we might prefer or the gear we buy...Cheers!
  5. Like new DAC / Streamer. First owner from a pet and smoke free environment. Serious buyers only. Pickup welcome in Toronto. Shipping anywhere in North America for the asking price. Buyer pays paypal fees. The unit is in rare silver finish and comes with the MiND streaming board with the latest firmware updates. Please check out the link for more info. Many reviews are available online. Non serious and tire kickers will be politely ignored. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking. Original box, papers, remote. $3400 USD
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to drop by to let folks know that I'm running a blind test of MQA Core Decode vs. original hi-res... It's a way to compare what MQA decoding sounds like with your own DAC especially for those of you who don't have TIDAL and may be wondering about the difference between a stream that's MQA Core decoded compared to say a non-MQA 24/96 stream. After you listen, I would of course love to know your perception of differences. The tracks are randomized and "blinded". Tell me which you prefer and how much difference you perceive! Test instructions and files can be found here: INTERNET BLIND TEST: MQA Core Decoding vs. Standard Hi-Res Audio Thanks all, have fun... Arch
  7. Audirvana/MacMini setup

    I am having problems with hi-res files from 24-96 and above. but not DSD. Then it gets heavily distorted. My setup is as follows : MacMini late 2012,16 MB ram, connected to xCore USB Audio 2. Sound is excellent 44,1 - 24-88. I have tried all kind of adjustment also on the Mac which is now set to 2channel 24-bits 96,0 kHz. Regarding Audirvana all kind of settings have been tried Can anyone help to set it up right? Thanks in advance.
  8. I think these 2 magnificent sounding downloads will be hard to better as the year gets older, but lets see. Please post your suggetstions. Doug McLeod ''Exactly Like This ''Téléchargement de musique en haute qualité. Ecoute en streaming. Tony Overwater&Bert van den Brink; ''Impromptu''Sound Liaison Music Shop
  9. Hi-res Wav vs Flac vs CD vs Mp3 free comparison files Downloads: Link to Zip File ; Compare Formats
  10. What is your nomination for best hi-res audiophile recording or recordings of 2014? May I start out with suggesting the new group Batik;The Old Man and the Sea. This album is so beautiful written and played that I have played everyday for the past 2 weeks. And the sound stage is stunning, maybe the best engineered Sound Liaison album so far or at least as good as the Carmen Gomes albums or the Paul Berner album from the same label. It is available as flac and wav, flac being cheaper for some reason $15 vs $20. BATIK (WAV)