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Found 9 results

  1. I am trying to figure out if there is a term for the difference in audio quality between these two versions of the same song. The second version sounds significantly more rich and full, for lack of a more specific description, than the first version. I'd also like to know what is responsible for the difference. Is it something to do with particular frequencies being to high or low? Is it related to audio channels? Etc. I specifically need to know what the term is because there is another song that has the same "hollow" sort of sound to it that the 1st upload below has, which I'm trying to compensate for. If I know the term, I might be able to see if and/or how I can fix it. The two versions are listed below: 1st version/Low Quality 2nd vesion/High Quality Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. So honestly when it comes to hi-fi headphones I'm actually pretty inexperienced and don't really know what I'm doing, anyways I got a pair of HD650s for Christmas and have been using a little Fiio portable amp for them but I know it's not nearly good enough and want to upgrade for better sound quality. The only problem is I have no idea what to get. I know I don't want to spend over $500, but I don't know if I should get a tube amp and DAC, just a tube amp, or an amp/DAC combo thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Looking for help on a new purchase

    can anyone help me out and let me know if this HiFi System "Classic Pro" - 600W Amplifier, MP3 CD Player & Tower Speakers at the Best Price! is a good set up for a newbie on a tight budget (a very tight budget). Just looking to see if its a good starting point for an audio rookie like me
  4. Hello. Like many of you (perhaps) I am looking for a DAC. I'm quite interested in NOS DACS, but I'm not 100% sure this is the way to go. I am also looking to replace my Squeezebox with a better file player. 99% of my music collection is 16/44.1 RIPS of my 2000+ CDs. These live on a NAS. So I am primarily looking for something very musical and engaging to listen through. I have recently purchased a Eastern Electric minimax CD player and I am impressed by how much better this player sounds than my file player / DAC. My current system: Line Magnetic 518ia, Harbeth P3ESR, Eastern Electric minimax CD player, (will skip the analog front end), Squeezebox Touch with CIAudio power supply, and a CIAudio VDA2 DAC, (will skip all the cables)... So, I'm interested in hearing from people with a similar kind of set up that might have an opinion on a DAC / File player upgrade. DACs I am considering : Metrum Octave, Audio Note kits, Wavelength Brick v2 & v3, MHDT Havana, MHDT Stockholm, DB Audio Tranquility, Eastern Electric minimax & PLUS, Line Magnetic 502CA. File players I am considering : SOTM sms-100, Auraliti 90 or 100, the new Auralic aries. The last piece of this puzzle would be either USB player, SPDIF player or a USB player with an SPDIF convertor ahead of the DAC. I am very curious to hear any others who have discovered a great solution along these lines. As you can see my price point is sub-$2000 for the DAC and around $1000 for the player. I am not opposed to picking up DACS on the used market either. Thank you all in advance.
  5. I'm pretty new to this type of thing so am looking for a few different viewpoints to help me out. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser on-ear momentums, and may look to upgrade slightly in the future. I'm relatively happy with the sound given by my laptop and ipod but wouldn't mind improving the clarity and adding some punch to the bass if this is possible. Would prefer a portable DAC that I could use without my laptop as a power source. I Have had a look at a few FiiO products specifically the e17 but I'm interested in whatever you have to say. The price range I'm looking at is <£150, preferably around the £100 mark but lower is fine too. Thanks in advance James
  6. I'm new too this audiophile stuff , i recently bought audio technica ATH-M50X's Musical fidelity V90-HPA Audio engine D1 Belkin Gold series USB A too B I'm selling the D1 because i prefer the MF do USB leads really matter ? i bought a Belkin gold series, i refuse to spend £££ on a lead I've got the thing setup fine, iTunes is my music player (this is not a studio setup or anything i just listen to music whilst browsing eBay lol) i currently have the following enhancements on in speaker properties Virtual surround Bass Boost question about the bass boost i have it set at Freq 600 Hz Boost level 3dB What should i run the bass at whats the difference in Hz, i mean it sounds amazing as it is does anyone have any pointers on bass boost levels , should i run asio4all drivers or anything just general tips would be helpful
  7. Hey guys, So I've got a bunch of questions, all relating to one point, and that is to improve my audio experience. There will be a lot of cringe-worthy things, so beware! First up, I'll explain my current setup. I have the majority of my audio (games/movies/music) being directed out the back of my PC via a 3.5mm jack from the onboard motherboard. I also have some programs (Teamspeak/Ventrilo) directing their audio to the front 3.5mm audio jacks. The reason for this is so when I record my gameplay, I can record the gameplays audio and avoid the audio from other programs being recorded. Now, to hear both, I use a splitter/merger for the 3.5mm jacks to a female-female adaptor and then again to another splitter/merger to split the audio to my headphones and to my speakers. This can all be seen in its ugly glory right here. *ouch* So, right off the bat, you guys should know that this produces a lot of excess noise from sitting amongst the cables at the back of my PC and has reduced audio quality due to the amount of cabling. Now, I've been doing a little research as to how I can significantly improve this. What I'm looking at is getting a DAC with duel digital input with duel analogue output - this should (?) provide the exact same results while providing a far better experience. My motherboard is a Rampage III gene, which has two SPDIF outputs. So, with all that covered, question time! 1. Will a duel input/output DAC merge the audio or will it remain separate? 2. How common is SPDIF used in quality motherboards (such as when I upgrade, how hard will it be to find this kind of setup again on a motherboard, or would it be better to just get a soundcard?)? 3. Suggestions as to what a good DAC would be that has the duel input/output (~$200 would be of decent quality?) if it even exists?. 4. I've seen USB is also an option, but unless it's superior, I'd like to keep the USB slot usage to a minimum if possible. 5. Is there much variation between cable quality? Anywho, thanks for reading all this, hopefully you can help me with my quest! Capt. Mytre
  8. Hi, I need help deciding what speakers to buy for my pc. I game, listen to ALOT of music and watch movies occasionally. This is what i'm proposing so far, my budget is 700 but would prefer to keep it in the 500 range: Audioengine P4 Premium speaker set, along with a AudioSource AMP-100 Stereo Power Amplifier and Formula F-12 12" 475 Watt Front-firing Powered Subwoofer. Would that be a good system? Or should go for the audioengine a5+s and lose the amp? Thanks any advice is appreciated. P.S. I have a decent audio card as well.
  9. C.A.P.S. Help Badly Needed

    First post from a long time lurker, but I need help this time. I built a CAPS v3 Lagoon yesterday. The build went smoothly. Installed Win8 32 bit and drivers for MB (including audio) & USB, installed JRiver. Machine boots and performs everything I've asked of it with one exception. When I play a selection in JRiver, the software sees it and plays it to the zone I asked it to use (Player). But I'm getting no sound, which is the whole point of a Lagoon. I know CAPS can see the DAC (a Gungnir), and I'm certain the DAC knows about CAPS too, because it emits an audible click every time CAPS goes away, for a reboot as an example. I've played around with all of the settings in JRiver, but I think I'm wasting my time there. My old music server just played out of the box to the Gungnir when I selected Player, the CAPS simply won't. I was up all night with this issue, so I'm getting pretty frustrated and I really need some help. Thoughts? Thanks, Kirk