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Found 1 result

  1. My CAPS V3

    Finally I have my first music server installed. I'm not a totally newbie on PC DIY, but it took considerably more effort than expected. The configuration is based on the 'Zuma' published, with some changes for my usage. Thanks Chris:) Basically it's setup to run JPlay, so I have * HD-PLEX H5.S case & 150W Pico PSU I prefer a fanless case which is smaller (just enough for ITX board) and a bit taller (does not need a riser card for expansion). However, the limitation on motherboard is huge, so I switched to this one which supports microATX board. * Intel i5 3470S CPU I bought a i5-2500T (45W) when I had just a rough plan. Unfortunately I finally decided to go to 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge combo. (I'll put this one for sale- -) JPlay recommends a quad-core CPU with hyper-threading turned off, so i5 seems the best candidate. I couldn't find a 'T' version, so I chose this guy: 65W TDP just as the i7 in Zuma. * Intel DQ77MK motherboard Due to heat pipes compatibility, only DH77EB & DQ77MK are usable from intel. I chose DQ77MK since 1) it has native PCI, which may be useful someday if I want to install my lynx card; 2) it supports remote management. I've been extremely happy with supermicro's IPMI feature. 3) it's green~ * Mushkin atlas 120G SSD I like the simplicity of mSATA (2 less cables). It's recommended in CAPS V3, and 120G is only $20 more than 60G. * 4G * 2 PC1600 8-8-8-24 G.Skill RAM I avoided the crucial ballist, and this ram has good reviews. * Wyred 4 Sound uLink USB-SPDIF My original goal is Bel Canto's uLink. When I was still wondering if it's too expensive, I came across this one with same name on A'gon. It's not bad~ * Cisco sg200-8 All my working pc, my NAS and this audio pc support link aggregation. I'm not sure if it's meaningful for audio pc, so I enabled lacp only for the previous two. Some pictures below. I haven't got a chance to compare its sound to before (Lynx card) yet. hope the case could be smaller, even if I have to move the brick out: Hate the 4pin cpu power connection. Maybe I should buy a long cable to avoid going across the board. The power cables are also too long. I disabled all usb ports except for the two usb 3.0 ones; disabled onboard audio, and all onboard devices not needed. Installing OS using TV is convenient; updating firmware is always the first thing for me~