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Found 2 results

  1. Help :U

    Hi folks so this summer i am building my workstation for music production & maybe a bit basic video editing i am familiar with ableton & fl studio. In my gears i have a launchpad pro, old yamaha piano, 2i4 2nd gen audio interface & blue spark mic I occasionally play cs go or random games no hardcore gaming Musically speaking i'm not a Pro & have no gigs at the moment i'm on a intermediate level & working as an individual I am on a decent budget upto 1000 dollars prices vary a lot in my country So i am confused with plenty of research on specs & mixed up a lot of stuff & can't come to a decision So please help me out thanks in advance & correct me if i'm wrong What's the trick :- ( laptop vs pc) As i was a laptop user i really like the features of portability, accessibility, wifi, bluetooth & stuff and going back to desktop will kill my comfort zone but it doesn't matter i want the best i'm looking for future proof system for 5-6 years at least cuz back in time i was slammed by obsolete tech a lot . For a fact i know DAW's will have the same requirements over years & years it's not like gaming where you have to upgrade time to time so what i think that getting a decent or recommended purpose processor & investing less in it & more in ssd like 500 gb (230 $) & 16gb ram (147 $) will do the trick for me ?? or vice- versa Which makes me wanna go for a laptop i think laptop processor will serve it's purpose & ssd /ram will overcome in performance ?? but performance wise pc wins ?? i don't want to pay for something extra which i won't use or won't help so please help me out with this one Me vs Pc CPU - AMD or INTEL- K series/non K series, Overclocking , Hyperthreading (correct me if i'm wrong ) For ableton single core performance matters most & more cores don't matter so i think AMD is not effective & feasible ??? In intel quad or hyperthreading is what i can get (i5 and i7 6th or 7th generation) I don't get the deal with k and non k like is overclocking important as per my use which is primarily music production cuz honestly i don't know a thing about it & heard that it's good for boost like in gaming which is not my main concern so is it worth it ?? cuz it also adds extra cost for fan & z board & same for hyperthreading like does it help if i go in i7 series in AMD fx8350 200 dollar & ryzen 1700 385 dollar In my wishlist i have these processors with price in my region : I7 7700 - 340 dollar I5 7600 - 255 dollar I5 7400 - 194 dollar I5 7500 - 216 dollar I5 6600 - 255 dollar With addition of k few more bucks with few more on other parts for cpu & mob - My minimum budget - 310 $ My maximum budget - 460 $ For the hard disk - My query is can i install ableton in my ssd & windows in hdd will it work good or both os & ableton should be in ssd ??? For the OS - which will have less/no issues in ableton windows 10/pro, 8/8.1 ??? In the same budget i am going for monitor too That i think dell 221h is fine i am thinking of getting second one maybe used So is dual monitors are beneficial how ?
  2. I had to liquidate my audiophile 2-chnl gear ~20yrs ago. I'm starting from scratch now. Makes sense to use a computer (Mac, in my case) for ripping, downloading, storing, playback. I might start with desktop speakers and headphones in my office. Then set up a listening room later. Not sure of my budget yet. Seems like a good place to start is getting good lossless files onto my Mac. Then figure out how to connect it to whatever gear ( streamer, DAC, amp, headphones or speakers) presumably via either USB in my office, or WIFI to a listening room. Am I on the right track? if so, I could really use some pointers, links, to info about preparing my iMac which has an external HD as well as internal. I don't want to have to rip CDs more than once. where can I learn about a few scenarios: computer music library (iTunes-based, or other) ripping s/w to go from CD to the library , and downloading hires files to the library storing on internal, external, or NAS drive playback sw (iTunes, other) At this point i'd need a way to stream. this is where I'm unfamiliar with gear (music streamer, NAS, UPnP/DLNA ??) if you can point me to a thread, links etc, I would appreciated it, since I'm getting dazed & confused . Thanks!