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Found 6 results

  1. Excellent news! Genelec just announced the start of the GLM 2.0 Trade-in Program starting June 30th 2015 and continuing till end of 2015. You get to trade in your old hardware for new at very reasonable price. Mac OSX version of the new GLM 2.0 software is released as well. Announcement and discussions at the Genelec Community Forum: Genelec GLM 2.0 Trade-in Program Announcement: GLM 2.0 Trade-in Program by Ilkka Rissanen on 29 Jun 2015, 15:29 Since the launch of GLM 2.0 in autumn 2014 (Q4), many of our enthusiastic users have been waiting for the Mac OS X version of the product. A while ago we had a very fruitful on-line beta campaign during which we received invaluable feedback from the testers on the robustness and user-friendliness of the software. We are now very delighted to inform you that we are expanding the GLM 2.0 User Kit compatibility to Mac environments in the coming days. The official launch will take place in the Genelec web site and our social media on the 30th of June 2015. The GLM 2.0 software provides the following improvements: • Simple, intuitive, feature-rich monitor system configuration and calibration user interface. • Group Definitions now include Input type – either analogue or digital. • Separate Group calibration files • Excellent in-room calibration results • Wired and wireless volume control options • Real-time SPL display BACKWARD-FORWARD COMPATIBILITY AND PURCHASE OPTIONS In concert with the GLM 2.0 release Genelec is offering a unique GLM 2.0 Trade-in Program for those customers who are currently running earlier GLM 1.0 to 1.5 software versions. These users are invited to return their complete GLM 1.0 to 1.5 User Kit, consisting of the Network Interface Device (types 8200-416 and 8200-416B) and measurement microphone (type 8200A) to their local authorized Genelec distributor. In exchange, they can purchase a completely new GLM 2.0 User Kit at a very reasonable discounted price. Also, please note that we are working hard to finalize the support for the GLM.SE software (both Mac and PC) which will be added to GLM 2.0 during Q3 2015. This means that all current GLM.SE User Kit owners can then also take part in the Trade-in Program detailed below. 1. For current GLM 2.0 User Kit owners • The Mac OS X and PC Windows compatible versions of the software can be downloaded from the Genelec web site without further requirements. 2. Purchase of complete GLM 2.0 User Kit • Order Code: 8300-601 • Recommended Retail Price: 400 €/unit excl. VAT 3. GLM 2.0 User Kit – “Trade-in #1” • Order Code: 8300-602 • Recommended Retail Price: 170 €/unit excl. VAT • For all the current GLM 1.x User Kit owners who have made their purchase before 31st of May 2014 4. GLM 2.0 User Kit – “Trade-in #2” • Order Code: 8300-603 • Recommended Retail Price: 70 €/unit excl. VAT • For all the current GLM 1.x User Kit owners, who have made their purchase after the 31st of May 2014 REQUIREMENTS FOR TRADE-IN PRICING • The duration of the GLM Trade-in program will be 6 months, starting from 30th of June 2015 and ending on the 31st of December 2015. • Each kit returned to distributor shall include the complete GLM 1.0 to 1.5 User Kit, consisting of the Network Interface Device (types 8200-416 and 8200-416B) and measurement microphone (type 8200A). • Original purchase date of the GLM 1.0 to 1.5 User Kit needs to be authenticated by appropriate documentation (receipt, invoice etc.) AVAILABILITY All different options of GLM 2.0 User Kits and software downloads are available immediately after the launch date, and can be ordered from your local distributor with the above mentioned order codes. Where to Buy | Genelec.com GENELEC Ilkka Rissanen R&D Engineer, Acoustics
  2. Looking for practical experience with computer based Auro and/ or Dolby Atmos surround (more than 7.1 channels). Currently running AES3 into Genelec SAM based 5.1 surround system, see specs below. Looking for the most reasonably priced and easily operated solution while maintaining sound quality. NOT interested in disk spinners and hardware based surround processors unless absolutely necessary. I do like Thunderbolt for the speed and flexibility Questions / Considerations a) AES3 output options - another AFI-1, Lynx AES16 Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis or? Aware of the usual pro sound cards from Apogee, Lynx, DAD, Metric Halo etc. 12 channel minimum b) How do I get the Mac to address more than 7.1 channels. c) Sound files - What software will play more than 7.1 channels. d) Video files - What software will play more than 7.1 channels with the movie. e) Sound files - What software will extract more than 7.1 channels from a Bluray pure audio? f) Video files - What software will extract more than 7.1 channels with the movie from a Bluray? g) Dolby Atmos - Any software players that can decode this? Current system: 3 x 8260a fronts 2 x 8350a rear 1 x 7271 Sub 1 x Weiss AFI-1 8-channel firewire to AES3 Software players stereo: iTunes with PureMusic Software players stereo: Decibel, Audirvana Software players video: VLC + Macgo Blu-ray player Extraction software: MKV & DVD-AE Extraction Hardware: OWC external Bluray drive Music sources: 2L, Aix MacBook Pro -> Thunderbolt -> Promise Pegasus2 12TB -> Thunderbolt -> Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock -> Firewire -> Weiss AFI-1 -> 3 x AES3 single wire Thanks in advance for any and all hints and ideas.
  3. I can't believe the amount of pages on this site on the Auralic Aries and its software and continual updates. I do like to read about computer audio, but this seems insurmountable. My questions are basic: Will I be able to play all audio from my laptop wirelessly through this streamer? That is, can I play system sounds, J.River Media Center, internet videos and iTunes without audio lagging behind video? Will it be as simple as now when a USB connection lets my Benchmark DAC1 PRE play anything without any fuzz? Will I need major changes and/or additional investments to make the Auralic Aries work? The details of my system: I have a Windows 7 laptop connected to a Benchmark DAC1 PRE via USB. The reason I intend to change this reliable and simple setup is that I plan to go digital all the way to my loudspeakers. Soon, my new Genelec 8351A digital studio monitors will arrive. They accept analogue input, but analogue signals are converted to digital inside the speaker in order to make use of digital filtering and an elaborate digital room correction system. It seems “anti-audiophile” to let my signal be converted back and forth two times between analogue and digital. Genelec 8351As only accept digital input in the form of AES/EBU, which my Benchmark DAC can’t provide. (I don’t play esoteric hi-def files, I do like to have a volume control outside my PC so as not to accidentally blast my system – and ear drums – if there is a computer mishap. I’d love to get rid of that USB connection and go wireless, I don’t have an iPad, and my phone is Android.) Auralic Aries seems to be the way to go in my situation. But am I missing something in the 100s of pages on this product? Thank you, in advance
  4. New GLM 1.50 for OSX and Windows GLM is finally optimised for Maverick and should have better stability. Rather looks like it self, has a few improvements and is still dependent on XQuartz on OSX :-/ Download GLM 1.50 and releasenotes Download latest XQuartz Please post experiences, good as well as bad.
  5. Hi there, I'm getting a flashing red light on my gennys when I connect the AES/EBU ports between my Bryston BUC-1 and my 8240a speakers. Genelec says the steady flashing red light is a sign of bad audio. Bryston says they are "researching" the problem. Anyone encountered this type of red light error before and have some suggestions? I'm thinking of returning the BUC-1. Thanks!
  6. Just offered at the Genelec Community: Genelec Community Forum • View topic - Pair of Genelec 8260A's with matching stands You will need to register, but it's the best information resource about Genelecs I'm posting it here for your convenience, because it's a great offer, the first discounted 8260's I've ever seen and I have all the 8260's I need.