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Found 1 result

  1. LH Labs Geek Source

    Source: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/geek-wave-it-s-not-a-next-gen-ipod-it-s-a-no-compromise-portable-music-player/ This Beauty is Also a Beast Geek Wave's soulmate: Geek Source. Coming soon. We've developed a bit of a notoriety (or maybe we're just notorious) in the industry for pushing the envelope on product design and product features. Well, we're at it again. We'd like you to meet Geek Source, the "soul mate" your Geek Wave & Geek Pulse are destined to be paired with. As its name suggests, Geek Source is THE BEST music source in your home stereo. Geek Source is the most powerful and high-end music server available for under $1000 (for now... MSRP is anticipated to be $1299). Not only does it pair perfectly with Geek Wave, but it was also specifically designed with Geek Pulse in mind. Talk about a two-fer! We've utilized technology from Light Harmonic's Da Vinci Source, a project that we began working on in 2012 and unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, pairing it with our world-renowned Da Vinci DAC. The results were stellar. Just like Geek Pulse's relationship with Da Vinci DAC, Geek Source's core design is directly derived from our soon to be released ultra high end music server: Da Vinci Source (MSRP $12,999). Same concept, same core technology, same development team, dramatically different price. After wrapping up the Geek Pulse campaign, we realized the vast majority of audio enthusiasts were looking for a replacement for their computer-based music servers, usually a multi-media PC or Mac Mini. From this often overlooked necessity, Geek Source has been intelligently designed to be the last music server you'll ever need. Geek Source Is A Feature Freak Geek Source features a whopping 2TB (4TB optional) of internal hard drive storage space. That's enough space to store 5000+ Hi-Rez tracks or 50,000+ CD quality tracks! Built in Double Phase Re-Clock Jitter Elimination circuit for all output digital circuits. Every digital output is precisely timed making it the perfect fit for any system that has a dedicated DAC. Many of us have trouble playing FLAC or DSD files with iTunes. Fret no more. Geek Source is a high resolution music playing specialist. Looking to play FLAC, DSD, DSD2, DXD and 384K? Geek Source handles it all. Dedicated USB audio class 2.0 output with a noise free power supply. This isn't your Grandpa's PC or MAC music server. Geek Source is a super high speed playback machine. Less noise, more music. Geek Source has an external power supply, keeping the bad noise at bay while letting the good noise (your tasty tunes) in. How Geek Source Works With Geek Pulse Connect the USB cable from Geek Source to Geek Pulse and you're ready to rock. Best sounding combination under $3,000, no question about it. How Geek Source Works With Geek Wave Geek Source syncs with Geek Wave as a music storage source, backing up your music files onto Geek Source's hard drive. This is where it gets interesting, Geek Source features the ability to have analog playback while Geek Wave is synced to it, through your home stereo. Mind. Blown. Due to cost restraints, there is a minimum order quantity of 200 required for Geek Source to be produced. If we don't meet this MOQ, we'll refund your contribution.