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Found 10 results

  1. What's up with the blue dot found at the beginning of the Thread Title? After I read a thread, I notice that the blue dot is still there. I thought it denoted new, unread threads and that it would disappear after I read them. Is this not the case?
  2. New CA looks great!

    I like the new layout, Chris! Feels pretty snappy on my iPad as well. Thread navigation seems much easier too. Nce one!
  3. Article: Welcome to Computer Audiophile 3.0

    You can view the page at http://cavb.computeraudiophile.com/content/451-Welcome-to-Computer-Audiophile-3-0
  4. Hello fellow CA members! This thread is to announce an employment opportunity with one of the leaders in home theater speakers and subwoofers, Definitive Technology, in our Customer Service and Technical Support group. We will be hiring one full time hourly employee to assist with day to day Customer Service and Technical support operations in our Owings Mills MD headquarters (near Baltimore). Description of work: Answer incoming calls and emails in a professional and friendly manner Resolve customer and dealer concerns efficiently and as quickly as possible. Provide a holistic continuity of service and support for end users and dealers/installers, through all stages of product ownership, including pre sale, set up, troubleshooting and repair. Process domestic orders accurately and quickly. Requirements: Experience with consumer electronics, especially with stereo, home theater and or powered subwoofer set up is a must. You also must be able to eloquently express yourself orally and in writing, dealing with both positive and negative situations. You must be able to diffuse difficult and emotional consumer situations. Finally you will have to handle pressure in a calm and respectful manner while managing competing demands. Compensation: We offer competitive pay and plenty of golden handcuffs, including medical/dental/vision/life, tuition reimbursement, annual raises and bonuses, a 401k with match*, and an UBER generous accommodations program across the entire corporate platform. To apply please send your resumes to adam.abramson@definitivetech.com Please note out of respect for this venue I have already contacted the forum administrator. Chris has graciously given us the OK to post this thread. If you have any questions you are welcome to email them to me directly or simply post them here and I will try to keep my eye on the thread. Sincerely, Adam Abramson Definitive Technology Sr Customer Service Tech
  5. [Possible] Forum Issues

    Wow, this new format is really cool, but so different from the comfortable old familiar format. I'm just bebopping around, and figured I would start a thread to list possible issues. Possible, because I am not sure if it is a feature, a bug, user error, or simple unfamiliarity with the way it works. In any case, this was the most interesting (and scary!) advertisement I have ever seen on CA. No way I could bring myself to click on it! -Paul And on Macs at least, the attached image above is a wee bit tiny!
  6. how to search in ca

    Hi Chris, hi to all users, I just tried to do a search on how to quit usbmuxd process. So I searched for "usbmuxd" and the search returned only one page. I am very sure, that there was a thread about quitting this process or at least a couple of posts on that subject. I find the search function not very useful and it hinders me from using ca as the great knowledge database it is. Are there any hints on using search? If not and it is a matter of the search functionality - Chris please improve the search function. Thanks Claudius
  7. A lot to get used to...

    Personally, I miss the handy little recent posts sidebar with the "recents" ID'd by author and highlighted in red.
  8. A suggestion for CA

    This is a great forum, but can be very confusing for newcomers. Even just a cursory read of the threads will have a newbie encounter those claiming to hear things that in theory should not be heard and which most do not hear. Computer audio is obviously going to become more and more popular. There are going to be more and more people like me coming here who are music lovers and for whom computers and gear are just necessary evils. So it would be very helpful if the FAQ or some other associated upfront section could include links to properly conducted DBT on issues like cables, Hi Res v redbook, FLAC v WAV,etc. That way, a newcomer could avoid becoming hopelessly confused over all the subjective stuff in the threads and make a decision based on accepted scientific principles. The more time I spend here, the more obvious it becomes that many people underestimate the power of the mind to deceive itself. Expecting ones ear alone to tell the truth just doesn't work. Quite often even the most rational will see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. I work in the medical industry (nurse) and have daily encounters with the placebo effect. It is extremely powerful and many pseudo medical industries are built around it. I hope this is taken for what it is, i.e, constructive criticism from an outsider looking in. As I said, this is a great forum but I think it would gain a lot of credibility by dealing with these issues upfront and in a very visible way. Newcomers would feel much more comfortable and less bogged down. They could still chose to enter into some of the more fringe/controversial debates if they wished, but would have the mainstream scientific stance to fall back on. As it stands now, the fringe has more of a voice than it deserves on the forum and credibility is the loser.
  9. Let me smile a bit

    Finally ... Now where's that list !
  10. I noticed that the citations by means of <cite> ... </cite> now look as normal text. This makes things totally unreadable, obviously. But ... these HTML tags are not in the text anymore, so, quite hard to solve (not actually) by means of some reparsing. Regards, Peter