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Found 1,101 results

  1. LessLoss DAC2004MkII

    This is a fantastic DAC. It never got the exposure it deserved, but everyone I know of who has heard it has been duly impressed. Part of the reason for its lack of exposure was the fact that it was built by a firm in Lithuania who caters to a niche market of audiophiles. No compromises we made with regard to sound quality, however, they had to omit some of the features we're accustomed to in order to achieve this. One of the, admittedly limiting, aspects of the 2004 is it only has one input; a 75 Ohm SPDIF RCA jack. If you only have one digital source (or don't mind switching cables) and want the best conversion possible, I can honestly think of no better sounding option. It's a hybrid power supply that uses batteries for the analog stage, and rectified A/C for digital circuitry. It does have several configuration options available including operation as a NOS DAC, and word clock output with several different frequencies possible. It supports 16 and 24 bit PCM up to 192kHz using dual differential Burr Brown pcm 1704 converter chips. These are resistor ladder dacs; without a doubt one of the best sounding ever produced, in fact, the DAC2004 was an outgrowth of an experiment seeking the best sounding chip on the market. Here is a link to a lot more info. http://www.lessloss.com/dac-2004-mkii-p-194.html This one is in great shape and performs flawlessly. There is not any cosmetic damage to the unit. I replaced the stock feet with Herbies Tenderfeet, and will include both. I also lined the inside cover with Stillpoints ERS , and replaced all 4 fuses with HiFi Tuning Silver Stars (all included). I purchased the DAC from Louis at LessLoss in 2014. I have the package it came in, but this is not "original factory packaging". *There is no USB input on the DAC2004, so if you intend to use it with a computer, you'll need to convert to SPDIF. I've been using it with a Bel Canto REFLink USB > SPDIF converter. The duo sounds incredible together! If you are purchasing the DAC, I am willing to sell the REFLink for an extra $750. I do have all the factory packaging for it. Price: LessLoss DAC2004MkII asking $1750; DAC2004MkII & Bel Canto REFLink 24/192 asking $2500 *Payment via. PayPal (buyer to pay fee) *Buyer pays shipping
  2. Audio Note DAC 0.1x for sale. I'm the original owner, purchased new less than a year ago. If you don't know Audio Note, they make some of the most engaging (and mlst expensive) audio equipment in the world. Their entry level DAC, the 0.1x is no exception. This no frills NOS DAC has USB and coax SPDIF inputs. It does does away with modern trends and keeps it simple with a Philips TDA1543 chipset, keeping it to 16/44 processing. No oversaming, no filtering, and is the most musical piece of digital equipment I have ever owned. Audio Note's approach allows you to forget everything you've ever known about digital and get lost in your collection. The body, timbre, sounstage, and simply musical nature of this DAC is not only unheard of at this price, but a very rare occurence in digital. Tis DAC is £1200 new, asking £875. Mint Condition in original box, will ship within UK or collection available from London. Audio Note's own description below. "The first and only digital to analogue converter in the Audio Note (UK) range to offer both coaxial 75 Ohm SPDif and also USB input, selectable via a fascia mounted button. Internally, it is pure Audio Note, featuring a Philips TDA1543 DAC chip, our 1x oversampling Direct from Disc technology and no digital filters. The analogue valve output stage utilizes a 6111WA miniature dual triode, Beyschlag precision resistors and our own Audio Note (UK) Tin Foil capacitors. Available with brushed aluminium or classic black acrylic facia."
  3. I have a pair of these mono amps in excellent condition for sale. They retailed for $3990. These amps have garnered excellent feedback from many high fi magazines such as Positive Feedback. Asking $1600 plus shipping. I have excellent feedback on Audiogon under savjam. Thanks for your interest.
  4. Asking $1,995 / 2.5M, 9mm spades on both ends. Clear really needs no introduction. They easily beat out every cable I've owned previously (Audience AU24, Transparent Music Link Ultra, Kaplan GS, and Cardas Golden Reference). I'm selling because my new arrangement calls for longer runs. I bought these as demo cables from my local dealer about 2 years ago. They are in very good shape. PayPal please add 3%, Buyer pay shipping
  5. Asking $275 / made by the late, great Lee Weiland; a true pioneer of computer audio. Lee's top level CynoSure was probably the best USB cable ever made. The Axis shares some of it's most important features: separate shielding for signal and power circuits, vibration damping, high purity conductors. This is a heavy USB cable. Although it's quite flexible, it doesn't like to twist. Retail was $750. There are no cosmetic blemishes whatsoever.
  6. The previous configuration for my computer based system called for long runs of SPDIF cable between the converter and DAC. Cables are between 45' and 50', all in very good to excellent condition with no kinks, cuts, or abrasions. I never had issues with pops, clicks, stuttering, or drop outs due to length. As they are all shielded, RFI was not a problem. Reflections are basically non existent at 50'. You could use one of these to make several shorter digital cables; ex. (14) 1m cables. 1)$500 / Neotech NEVD solid silver center conductor, Teflon dielectric, quad shield 75 Ohm coax. Connectors: Furutech CF-BNC on source end and WBT NexGen 0152Ag on receive (DAC) end This cable currently sells for $19.51/ft (SoniCraft) 2)$350 / DH Labs D-75 coax Connectors: Analysis Plus 75 Ohm BNC, and DH Labs Ultimate RCA D-75 has been replaced with the D750 which sells for $25/ft. (PCX) 3)$250 / DH Labs D-110 AES/EBU cable silver plated, Teflon insulation, 100% shield Connectors: Vampire Wire XLR's 4)$75 / Blue Jeans Cable HDMI This is a large diameter, fully shielded Belden cable designed especially for long runs. It was made before the revisions to the HDMI protocol (4K video). Payment will have to be via. PayPal unless you're close to Newark, DE. Please add 3%. Buyer pays shipping.
  7. Custom build Audiophile Linear Power Supply for your CAS gears, PC-ATX, Hi-Fi gears...etc. All PSUs build with audio-grade custom made O-Type transformer(7N OFC copper or OCC silver-plated copper), ultra low noise regulator, Hi-grade parts Current rating with your choice from 1A to 12A Max Over 70 PSUs shipped all over the world already, and got many good reviews! If you feel interested in it, please feel free PM or e-mail to diyla1209@yahoo.com.hk for details and price quotation, thanks! Best regards, Kenneth Lau from Hong Kong Kenneth's DIY Workshop Attached some photos of my handcrafted LPS
  8. SOLD

    For sale is a close to new Auralic Aries Mini. One of the best sounding and most user friendly Music Streamers I have seen/heard. It looks MINT and sounds GREAT! I could not find a scratch anywhere! I have the original box with everything it came with from the factory. It will ship double boxed. Asking $339.99 Take advantage of 0% interest and no payments for 6 months with PayPal Credit, or my interest free Lay Away plans. Don't forget to take a look at my other ads with great Audio Deals! Shipping inside the USA is done by USPS or FedEx at the speed of your choosing. International Shipping is available and done by USPS Priority or Priority Express. Please calculate the shipping with a weight of 3 lbs and the box measuring 8x8x8 I accept Paypal and Credit Cards (please add 3% for the Paypal/Credit Card fees), you can wire directly into my Wells Fargo account (which is free from other Wells Fargo accounts) or send me a USPS Money order. When I ship International I am not responsible for any loss/damage during shipping and any Customs duties/fees/charges/taxes.
  9. SOLD For sale: Curious Cables 200mm link Purchased in March of this year for $120. Sounds awesome. Perfect condition - comes with the box as new. $75 or best offer
  10. SOtM dX-USB HD USB to SPDIF converter with optional SOtM sCLK 2224 Super Clock (this option costs $500 extra, but greatly improves the preformance). 3 months old, 10/10 condition. $499 US retail: $499 + $499 (sCLK 2224 Super Clock) Price for EU residents (with VAT) - €549 dX-USB HD is a high performance DDC that can upgrade the sound from PC. dX-USB HD converts the maximum 24bit/192Khz signal to high quality AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical output through USB connection. It is designed by USB audio class 2.0 asynchronous interface. Key Features: -24/192 USB interface -Asynchronous clock mode -Bit-transparent operation -USB power operation -External power operation -AES/EBU,Coaxial,Optical output -sCLK-2224 option installed (+$500) Comes in original box and packaging, PSU, all manuals. All enquires welcome and will be answered in full. NO TRADES. Price is FIRM. PayPal pls add 4.9% Shipping: EU: €35 US: $50
  11. For Sale. New Waversa SmartHub. $650 Firm. This was intended for my secondary system. Still have a unit in my primary system with excellent benefit. Buyer will pay shipping and any additional fees. Price is nonnegotiable. Email for questions or pictures. "The Waversa Smart Hub has four internal Lithium-Polymer batteries where the Ethernet and USB hubs are isolated from both the external power supply and each other. This eliminates the need for an external linear power supply. The battery bank has two designated batteries for each hub and is monitored continuously, automatically switching to the newly charged battery and recharging the depleted battery. The manufacturer predicts a Lithium battery lifespan greater than 2 years; therefore, there is no need to turn off the Smart Hub when not in use. Like all Waversa products the Smart Hub is easily serviced by the end user, allowing battery replacement when appropriate. If both batteries are discharged, the hub automatically seamlessly switches to the external DC input and recharge both banks simultaneously. Also, if the DC power supply is disconnected, the battery packs discharge sequentially. To further decrease cross contamination, the Smarthub is designed with three independent CPU’s. Ultra low power micro controller processes the signal while external DC input is disconnected. Micro controller for front panel is completely isolated preventing contamination by extraneous noise produced from LED display. Also the LED’s used to display data movement in generic Ethernet switches is eliminated altogether. Finally, ARM AP is the fifth Ethernet port and is internal. This controls the user interface, allows automatic IP assignment by the router and firmware updates. The USB hub is placed between the server and the DAC while the Ethernet is placed between the NAS/Network and the Server/Renderer. The incoming signal current is isolated, while the data is translated to codes and generate new packets of data sent to different ports where each port has filters to eliminate noise. Total of 16 filters are in place to accommodate the 4 Ethernet ports. By removing this extraneous electrical noise the sharp edge often noted in high frequency audio signal no longer is present giving the overall impression associated with a vinyl system. All digital signals, be it over LAN, USB or I2S, has rising edge and falling edge and is based on master clock. If master clock is not accurate then rising and falling edge is not a constant distance and this variation, also known as jitter, causes high frequency noise. If clock is accurate enough and supply power is clean then hub regenerated digital signal does not contains wide spread noise. Waversa uses its own proprietary MEMS clock that is over spec for the Ethernet and USB communication. This is the same clock used in the DAC3, thus creating an ideal pairing of components, creating a certain synergy that has been unanimously commended by those who auditioned them."
  12. I have a first generation (v1.3) Sonore MicroRendu for sale. Works perfectly and includes the 2.5 OS Card which is not yet installed.Asking Price: 300 Euros plus shipping (from Germany)
  13. Flawless working & looking condition. Ships to CONUS, best offer.
  14. As happens every now and then, I bumped into a big bulk sale of cables and after taking what I wanted for myself, this is what is left: Tributaries Alpha, RCA to RCA pair of interconnects, 4m, $75 Tributaries Optical, Optical cable, $10 Transparent Reference 75 Ohm Digital Link, RCA to RCA SPDIF cable, 3m, $600 Transparent Reference 100 Ohm Digital Link, XLR to XLR AES/EBU digital cable, 1m, $700 Transparent Reference 100 Ohm Digital Link, XLR to XLR AES/EBU digital cable, 3m, $1000 Transparent The Link 100, RCA to RCA pair of interconnects, 2m, $75 Transparent The Link 100, RCA to RCA pair of interconnects, 3m, $90 (2 pairs available) Transparent MusicLink Plus, RCA to RCA pair of interconnects, 15ft, $250 (3 pairs available, they look used (with some writing and marks), but not abused) Transparent MusicLink Super, RCA to RCA pair of interconnects, 2m, $175 (2 pairs available) Transparent MusicLink Super, XLR to XLR pair of interconnects, 5ft, $350 Transparent Reference XL, XLR to XLR pair of interconnects, 7ft, $1250 Transparent Reference XL SS, XLR to XLR pair of interconnects, 50", $1250 Transparent Reference XL SS, XLR to XLR pair of interconnects, 3m, $1999 Transparent Opus MM, XLR to XLR pair of interconnects, in original box, 1m, $3600 Transparent Opus MM, XLR to XLR pair of interconnects, in original box, 10ft, $5000 Transparent High Performance, Optical cable, 2m, $35 (2 available) Transparent High Performance, S-Video cable, 2m, $15 Transparent Premium, S-Video cable, 1m, $50 Transparent Premium, S-Video cable, 2m, $60 Transparent Reference, Component Video RCA to BNC (3 cable, RGB), 2m, $50 Transparent Reference, Component Video BNC to BNC (5 cable, RGB + audio), 2m, $50 Transparent Performance, HDMI cable, 15ft, $100 Transparent High Performance, HDMI cable, 3m, $175 Transparent Premium, HDMI cable, 15ft, $400 Transparent High Performance, Power Cable with 15 amp IEC connector, 2m, $150 Transparent PowerLink MM, Power Cable with 20 amp IEC connector, 2m, $495 Transparent PowerLink MM, Power Cable with 20 amp IEC connector, in original box, 2m, $495 Transparent PowerLink MM2, Power Cable with 20 amp IEC connector, 2m, $750 Transparent PowerIsolator MM, Power Conditioner, no original box, comes with generic 20 amp power cable, perfect condition, $599 Transparent PowerIsolator MM, Power Conditioner, no original box, comes with generic 20 amp power cable, some minor marks, $599 Transparent PowerIsolator MM2, Power Conditioner, no original box, comes with generic 20 amp power cable, perfect condition, $699 All cables are in very good used condition, except for the MusicLink Plus, they look very used. The cables came from a whole home installation and were originally bought from an authorized dealer. Shipping depends on location and weight, if under 1 lb shipping is +-$3, over 1lb is $5 or more. I accept PayPal and Credit cards (please add 3% to the total to cover the fees) Money Orders, Cashiers Checks and Wells Fargo transfers are welcome too (no fees for that)
  15. Like New. Asking £1400 (GBP) for both including shipping within UK. Both are in mint condition and in original packaging. Not looking to split sell. The sMS-200Ultra is fully kitted with 12v upgrade (considered to sound better than 9v), BNC clock output, and includes a D-Link Switch with BNC input for clock sync with the sMS-200Ultra. The new sPS-500 works beautifully with the sMS-200Ultra, and is considered an even better supply than the UpTone UltraCap LPS-1. Received new in late July, retail for both is £1984 (sMS-200Ultra - 1200, sPS-500 - 550, Clock Upgrade - 234). Including a free iFi power supply for the switch and IsoTek EVO3 for the sPS-500.
  16. I am selling my magnificent Aurender N10. It was purchased in December 2015. The sound quality and interface are both excellent. I have original boxes and packing. I am selling to finance another addiction, I mean hobby. I haven't sold anything on this forum, but you can check my feedback on Headfi. Thanks for looking. Ken
  17. FOR SALE Wyred 4 Sound Recovery REV C This was purchased from Elite Audio on 29th March 2017 and costs £190 + shipping in the UK. WILL SHIP TO THE UK ONLY Price is £140 and this includes the PayPal fee, Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery
  18. Like new DAC / Streamer. First owner from a pet and smoke free environment. Serious buyers only. Pickup welcome in Toronto. Shipping anywhere in North America for the asking price. Buyer pays paypal fees. The unit is in rare silver finish and comes with the MiND streaming board with the latest firmware updates. Please check out the link for more info. Many reviews are available online. Non serious and tire kickers will be politely ignored. Not looking for trades. Thanks for looking. Original box, papers, remote. $3400 USD
  19. Hello. I'm selling a NAD C510 Direct Digital DAC. It's a wonderful sounding piece of equipment. I simply upgraded to a new DAC with DSD capabilities. The DAC is in perfect shape and I've only had it for a few months. Also comes with remote. Retail price is $1299. Selling it for $750 plus shipping costs. Ships to U.S. only. Thanks, Spencer
  20. Purchased new in April, 2016 Remainder of transferable 3 year warranty Includes box, instructions, and all accessories Free shipping within Continental US.
  21. Used but in perfect condition. Purchase was made on 05/26/2016. £100 through paypal, buyers pay the 3% paypal fee. Free shipping in the UK. Can also do the shipping in the EU, shipping quote may vary. Leave a message if you are interested. Thanks.
  22. Asking $115, including CONUS shipping and PayPal. (Retail is $189.) Dual-headed USB cable in excellent condition. (9/10 on A'gon scale.) Original owner. Purchased from authorized dealer. Original box and all accessories included.
  23. 2 Pairs of Nordost Valhalla Interconnects XLR, 1.5m Asking price of US$ 2500 per pair 1 Pair of speaker cables 2.5m biwire Asking price US$ 6700 Reviews: SoundStage! Equipment Review - Nordost Valhalla Interconnects and Speaker Cables (4/2004) Nordost Valhalla interconnect & speaker cable Valhalla loudspeaker cable | Stereophile.com Nordost Valhalla Interconnect and Speaker Cable by Bob Neill
  24. Used but in excellent condition. Looks like new (no tears and wears) with original package. MSRP: 359,38 EUR I'm offering £250 through paypal, buyer pays the 3% paypal fees. PM me if you are interest, Reasonable better offer is acceptable. Shipping: UK: free Europe: €20 Thank you for your interest.
  25. I am selling my Auralic Aries (upgraded version with dual Femto clocks and low noise linear power supply). I am the original owner ($1599 retail) but decided to use a different server for Roon. The unit has received light use in a dust-free environment and works great. Asking $899 via PayPal with free shipping in the U.S. Thanks!