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Found 5 results

  1. Strange problems with HQ Player

    Dear Audiophiles, I've been using fb2000 for long time, just try HQPlayer for few days. I have a strange problem when playing DSD64 file. - When play on HQPlayer version 2.8.0, uncheck DirectSDM, filter = poly-sinc-short-mp, modulator= DSD5, rate = 5644800 , mode = SDM (DSD), the sound is very good - On the latest version 3.19.1 (same PC) also uncheck DirectSDM, filter = poly-sinc-short-mp, modulator= DSD5, rate = Auto , mode = SDM (DSD), the sound is so terrible. My GPU is nVidia GTX 1060 3GB. Do you know what the problem is and how to solve it?
  2. I have 2 studio monitors and a streamer, all with smps, and very power consumption, like under 30 watt each. Smps devices pollute the power system so one needs power socket / Filter with individual filtering for each socket. I am interested in surge and spike protection to prevent the smps from running hot (we have a lot of Voltage variation here). The filtering / protection must be very sensible cause smps devices need instant current and usually sound less dynamic with filters. Any advice? Would like to stay below 700 stones... (European devices preferred, I have schuko plugs)
  3. Having just seen a couple of post recently about USB regenerators/filters, I was wondering (and hopeful) that I could use one of these such products (see link & attached pics below for examples) for an ADC audio interface. Now the interface in question is a Propellerheads Balance, which is designed primary for recording instruments such as electric guitar or Mic input via XLR. Now, my use case is slightly different but no less valid. I have a DJ mixer to which I connect a Technics SL1210 turntable and use this setup for digitising my vinyl collection at 24bit/96khz. There is a lot of noise in this setup which I am hoping to be able to reduce. This is not my end game set up; I intend to buy an audiophile turntable and phono stage (more research required before I'll commit my cash), but in the mean time, I would like some help reducing the noise I'm experiencing. I am using Propellerheads Reason as the DAW for recording and editing the audio, and it has a rather useful level meter. When all kit is connected but no audio playing, the meter is showing the noise floor is at around -60db, which is far too high. I think that most of this noise is coming from the analogue input via XLR from the mixer/phono stage; but I'm not sure how much of this is due to unpurified/unfiltered power supply going to mixer/phono stage and the turntable. Sellers of USB regenerators/filters would say that noise from host computer will infect any attached USB audio devices, but is this the case for ADC devices? Actually, the Propellerhead Balance is a DAC and ADC, but the usage scenario I'm focusing on is the ADC function. So can these type of USB purifiers/regenerators/filter devices help to reduce noise in this situation? (please see this link for device examples [ps, not the audio interface]: A Collection of USB Audio Enhancement Products | AudioStream ) Thanks.
  4. I got yday my new (amazon refurbished) DacMagic Plus and realized soon the LED "Linear" (upper one) started and did not stop flickering. After 1h of running it is dead. Pressing the button "Phase/Filter" shortly does switch between "Minimum" and "Steep" and nil but the 1st filter seems it does not exist anymore ....... what can I do (besides bringing back and ordering a different brand name)? .... Is anywhere kind of a reset button? Thanks
  5. This review is for the TotalDac D1cable/filter. TotalDac is a French company that specializes indigital to analog converters. Their products have been reviewed byAudiostream and other main stream sites. I stumbled upon the D1while purchasing a Chord EX. The sales representative told me aboutthe D1 and highly recommended it, even though he did not carry theline. I was a bit shocked that he made a recommendation outside ofhis product line. It appears that there are still people out therethat value the audiophile experience over the almighty buck. Let me preface by saying that I was inhigh end audio and video sales for 6 or 7 years while working throughcollege and have had the lucky experience of playing with some reallynice equipment in the stores and customer homes. I am new to thecomputer scene. Over the past 6 months I have been shocked by thequality and convenience afforded by the computer as a source. I have had three DACs in my system inthe past 6 months. I have used three USB cables including the D1. Mycomparison cable is an Audioquest Carbon. There is a substantialdifference in price between the two cables but this is what I have onhand for comparison. The carbon is .75m and the D1 is three meters.The three meter length allows easy access to my laptop whilelistening. Vincent from Totaldac assured me the length was fine asthe filter portion is placed near the end of the cable. I assume thatthe filter technology plays a large part in the performance of thecable. I have had the D1 in my system foralmost a week, running a signal 24 hours a day. I could hear asubstantial difference between the AQ and the D1 right out of thebox. I do not have my audiophile dictionary or thesaurus handy soplease take my descriptions with a grain of salt. The performance of this cable isstartling. Please keep in mind this is coming from a guy that boughtinto the simple 1s and 0s idea of a USB cable. The purchase was ahard pill to swallow as the cable sells for 330 to 390 eurosdepending on length. I only paid 800 dollars for my DAC so this was aleap of faith based on other reviews and advice as mentioned above. Iam going to list the main improvements I hear with the D1, in orderof my perceived significance: detail at all levels including instrument texture coherence three dimensional presentation liquid and smooth delivery enveloping sound in all planes huge bass scale and control When listening I find I am literally“sucked” into the music. Clearly this is based on the quality ofrecording and sound engineering. This cable will expose all aspectsof the recording. Performers occupy distinct areas in the stage andthe presentation is LARGE. Ambiance and air is amazing. I attributethis to the ability of the cable to pass along the detail of therecording. The music extends in front of, outside of, over and wellbeyond the plane of my speakers. As I mentioned I feel like I amenveloped by the sound vs a flatter presentation. I am not a big fanof forward presentations. Even though the presentation is somewhatforward it is well balanced by a deep rear soundstage. In summary, even though the cable isexpensive the increase in performance is on par with a componentupgrade. I can truly say I have seen improvement in all areas withthe D1. The cable may improve over the next week but I am happywhere I am, listening right now. I have a loaner scheduled from theCable Co. for the Lightspeed. We will see if audiophile nervosatakes hold. Listening system: Rotel RDD-1580 Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum Spendor Sp ½ SVS SB 1000 subwoofers Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables andinterconnect Totaldac D1 usb cable/filter