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Found 5 results

  1. Fidelizer 8.0

    I cannot see a new thread for Fidelizer 8.0, so I thought I’d start one to let others know what it’s like They have done an awesome job on Fidelizer 8.0. There is certainly a big improvement from my system. It’s sharper, cleaner and seems to have more dynamics The stop start and decay seems far more apparent than earlier versions too. I know Keetakawee has been working hard to add the new features and in my system certainly benefits from the latest version I have selected Audiophile and Purist from the menu options on the launch page, it also tells you what program it’s going to launch now which is a nice touch. The advanced section has some new features too which I have also selected the third options on each drop down menu as well and keeping all the check box options ticked The results are a brilliant and worth the small price for the upgrade if you already own the previous version. If you’ve never installed Fidelizer on your PC, then this program will transform your PC from a basic music player to one that has rhythm and soul together with that little something that cannot be quantified. It’s adds an extra dimension like the very best interconnect deliver to high end hi-fi systems Well done Keetakawee windowsX
  2. i am tryng to test amarra with the object of install over it tidal app, and going to optimize with AO and fidelize , using windows 10 enterprise . is necesary to buy a licence to amarra for tidal to test it before purchase ?my intention is to set amarra app as shell and get the best sound possible from bothoptimizators. as a new be any comments should be very appreciated- wilfredo
  3. What Do You Think About The Fidelizer Nimitra Computer Audio Server and Nikola PSU? If you haven't enough information to say anything about it, check it here http://www.fidelizer-audio.com/nimitra-computer-audio-server/ I have been thinking about it for some time, but I want to check about it with you fellow Computer Audiophile's? So please share your knowledge or if you have any, experience of it! L&R String
  4. Fidelizer features explanation

    I read Fidelizer comments in forums and found most people believing it's just shutting down services with some process tweaks that could be done with batch file. I'd like to make proper explanation here to tell you what Fidelizer does beyond that in details. This is what Fidelizer does writen in my website. -Optimize audio thread, I/O priorities, clock rate in resource scheduler -Optimize network utilization for low latency streaming media -Optimize process thread priorities and system clock resolution -Optimize processor core assignment for multi-core CPU -Launch audiophile player with Fidelizer optimizations -Stop most system services leaving only audio-related ones Read more at Fidelizer - Instantly computer audiophile workstationWindows X's Live While this may not be clear enough, I'd like to rephrase again. Fidelizer's core optimizations does 3 things you should consider that no other software does or advertised those features. a) MMCSS optimizations - You may see a few of MMCSS optimizations online but Fidelizer doesn't do it like others you see. The first thing is it doesn't permanently change MMCSS optimizations. The second is my MMCSS optimizations is done from hard work and long research of digitial audio in 'highend systems'. I did what it was best for real highend systems with audition from respected digital highend shops here. It also does balancing between system/audio/network and let you configure for best music listening experience for streaming media as well. b) Kernel timer resolution optimization - This was introduced way back in a few places. I think it's firstly introduced in digital audio by Peter from XXHighend. I personal discovered this from DPC Latency checker software. I used to have stuttering audio for low latency playback but after running DPC Latency checker, it stopped stuttering. So I look further and found this software changed timer resolution from 15.6ms to 1ms fixing this stuttering issue. Fidelizer also does this and will set it to lowest possible (0.5ms). c) Audio thread priority optimization - This is the only and unique feature where I'm confident that no one else have done that before and you can never do it yourself from system tweaks or batch script. It will optimize audio thread priority to high priority improving audio performance significantly 'by native API'. It's NT6 API feature that allows Windows to adjust audio thread priority directly and Fidelizer does that 'FOR FREE'. This are the solely reason why you should consider trying Fidelizer and don't just treat this as some services/process tweaks software. And I'd like to add that not all software does the same optimizations, Fidelizer/XXHighend/AudiophileOptimizer/some batch scripts won't assign the same core affinity and lowering/increasing process priority all the same too. Even if you already does all that thinking it's your optimal optimization, Fidelizer can still further improve it with its core optimizations as I mentioned above. Core optimizations made Fidelizer original and there's no alternatives right now. I hope you'll enjoy good music with Fidelizer and happy new year 2015. Cheers, Windows X
  5. As you’re aware that there’ll be upgraded version of Fidelizer in upcoming release. However, it doesn’t decrease the quality of works I put into original Fidelizer one bit. Version 6.0 comes with big changelog fixing various issues found thorough the year. It also have some changes and improvements to be more stable and reliable. If you enjoy good sound from Fidelizer and want more for the better, consider Fidelizer upgrade program to advance your computer audio journey to the next step. Changes in version 6.0 -Added Fidelizer upgrade program for buying advanced version of Fidelizer -Changed ‘Professional’ optimization level name to ‘Workstation (General Purpose)’ -Changed default optimization level to ‘Workstation (General Purpose)’ for stable default configuration -Changed some core optimizations to supported values according to Microsoft documents -Fixed multi-core optimizations not working properly for audio playback part -Fixed Fidelized audiophile player playback stability and compatibility -Fixed JRemote and few others apps not working in Windows 8.1 using Extremist optimization level -Fixed some Network Streaming optimizations that worked on unchecked one instead -Fixed uPNP not working using Extremist optimization level with keeping network services -Fixed some errors in parsing system configuration -Revised core optimizations improving compatibility with all optimization levels and network streaming Info and Download: Fidelizer 6.0