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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I looked at this thread, but didn't find the answers I needed: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f10-music-servers/esata-vs-nas-15824/ Here's my problem: I have a CAPS Zuma server with 16gb of RAM, etc. I have an awful lot of music -- about 7tb of AIFF files, over 3 tb of DSD files, and another 2-3 tb or more of other hi-rez including PCM. I'll run JRiver. I can either connect multiple 6tb Western Digital ESATA drives powered by Tripplite Linear Power Supplies (not the stock AC/DC switching power supply) and with one drive with AIFF, another with DSD, etc, I can connect one at a time to the Zuma and swap them out as needed, depending on what I'm listening to... OR: I can run an 1812 Synology NAS with about 20tb or so. It will hold everything. If I go with NAS (in another room), I'm using the following as a hard wire solution: Internet over built-in coax wiring: Actiontec Verizon Coaxial Network Adapter Amazon.com: Actiontec Verizon Coaxial Network Adapter (ECB2200V): Computers & Accessories which seems to work well enough since it "Provides up to 175 Mbps networking speed." But that isn't the same as direct CAT wiring... (can't be done in my house) It seems to me that the big minus of the direct local ESATA drive is having to switch drives for certain tracks. The big minus of the NAS is that it might be slow, especially with the Actiontec internet over coax approach. I'm not knowledgeable about this so I need some help. Will there be any real difference in sound quality? I know that it will take days to copy the music files onto the NAS, but once on, will the speeds on a NAS be OK for playback listening? I'd love to have more knowledge about this before I spend over $2,400 or so for NAS plus drives plus UPS). Thanks.