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Found 5 results

  1. Peak Limiting but No Compression: How Much? Ok, I'm willing to sit at the table and discuss this loudness thing fairly. What if, in the name of lending a master a little more 'beef' for those listening on pocket devices or in noisy environments, peak limiting plus makeup gain, and peak only, at the mastering stage, and no dynamic range comp, were used to achieve the same result? 2dB of peak limiting, 4dB? 6? 8? I guess it would depend on the songs, and or genre, style of music, right? And this is in addition to any compression used at the mixing stage, or in session - just enough to even levels during laydown.
  2. Not the format. Discuss - with these websites in mind: http://no-more-loudness-war.blogspot.com/2014/10/welcome-to-safe-haven-to-discuss-issues.html https://www.audiostream.com/content/high-resolution-downloads-nevermind and https://www.facebook.com/2016SaveOurMusicNoRemasters/
  3. The first 2 Uriah Heep albums issued by HDtracks have DR - 4. Most tracks DR is 3 - 4. I'm not UH fan so I won't despair. Out of curiousity - do you know any albums with DR lower than that.? And on the other hand what are the highest DR albums you know.?
  4. Just downloaded Tchaikovsky Symphonies at 24/96 with Yevgeny Mravinsky conducting the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra via Qobuz. I had an 320 MP3 of an older CD and expected better sound from the new files. After 2 seconds it was clear that this remastering suffered from increased compression. The quiet parts have been lifted substantially destroying the tension Mravinsky builds. The whole thing sounds blown up and out of proportion. The MP3 has a DR-value of 11, the 24/96 file DR9. Stay away from the 24/96 version and make sure you find the old CD-transfer. Much better music.
  5. Dynamic Range Day 2014

    If you haven't tripped over this yet...this guy has a mission, and we all stand to benefit if it all works out, when the Loudness War is over. Worth at least a look, and a bit of support: Dynamic Range Day It's targeted at the music recording and production side of the world, which is of course where the war is after all, but as Audiophiles, we are the "victims". Figured a bit of C/A support just might help. March 28, 2014 is Dynamic Range Day.