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Found 2 results

  1. It's a royal pain to rip and decode/uncompress/convert DTS-HD on a Mac, especially with BD+ discs. Right now, my solution is: 1. MakeMKV to backup the disc. 2. MakeMKV to make an MKV of the desired program from the backup, converting DTS-HD to FLAC. 3. MKVtools to extract the FLAC stream from the MKV file. 4. DVD Audio Extractor to extract a FLAC file plus cue from the desired program using the backup. 5. Replace DVDAE FLAC file with MKVtools FLAC file, renaming if necessary. For what it's worth, the stable version of Cog—0.07 (r635), the only computer software I use for playing FLAC (shoot me)—does not like to play the substitute FLAC file using the cue sheet. It will play linearly from the top of the first track to the end of the list just fine, but will crash if attempting to skip within the track or to select another track in the list. So, this adds another layer of complexity: 6. XLD to convert the FLAC/cue into some other format. XLD reads the FLAC/cue just fine and works as expected. Even "converting" to a single file plus cue with no other changes produces a cue sheet that Cog can read more correctly (though not perfectly). This whole process is four steps longer and two pieces of software deeper than it needs to be, or really should be. To all outward appearances, MakeMKV is now using libdcadec to decode DTS-HD streams. Even before that, it would use dtsdecoder.dll to do it. So, both of these methods are currently available and have been for a while, now. If Computer Application Studio (the developer of DVD Audio Extractor) were to include libdcadec and/or the ability to reference dtsdecoder.dll in DVDAE, the process would be much simpler: 1. MakeMKV to backup the disc. 2. DVD Audio Extractor to extract the desired DTS-HD audio from the backup and convert to desired format. So, let's put pressure on CAS to add support for decoding DTS-HD. If GuinpinSoft can include it in MakeMKV, surely CAS can in DVD Audio Extractor.
  2. Do you use DVDAE? DVDAE does not currently support ripping DTS above 48kHz despite the fact that many/most new high res disks pack the audio in DTS. http://www.dvdae.com/support/faqs - click bottom question. Please help me flag the need! You can register your Ticket here (once you have logged in): DVD Audio Extractor Thanks and may the sound be with you DigiPete My Ticket: Dear CASI really enjoy using your product, but my main reason for the purchase was to extract high definition surround music from Blurays. My intial extraction tests using MakeMKV for stripping went fine.I now understand that you do not currently extract DTS above 48kHz. That is quite unfortunate, as most of new sorround releases are comming on Blurays and most are DTS, fx. from 2L - the Nordic Sound. Could you please soon add this feature, we are a whole community that really needs it? Playing surround music from a computer and buffered in memory brings the music to a whole new level. I would really like to continue recommending DVDAE to the community Thanks in advance Peter Ring DigiPete on computeraudiophile.com