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Found 6 results

  1. hi may i ask you 2 questions? 1) what program do you use to encode music? i use mostly flac or mp3 , recenty i tried opus and it's amazing i'm a new apple user , and i haven't a great encoder and ripper , mostly i use an old windows laptop (eac or foobar + lame v3 (it's brand new release ) or flac 2)and may i ask you about what dvd burner could i buy? i 'm looking for accurate audio rip and without copy protection in the firmware , in short able to rip every cd in my nation , I can have only 1 copy of my original cd or dvd or blue raw i buy cd mostly and some time vinyl about the dvd ,it could be even internal device used for desktop , i have used in the past an old plextor (for desktop ) "now dear" with an adaptor seeing i had a laptop thanks best regards
  2. whatever—sɔsıp

    Are you still spinning discs too, whether vinyl itself or various 12cm varieties ? A Thread then to share discs—ɹǝʌǝʇɐɥʍ, whenever released, we'd like to Comment upon Well, I recently bought all 10 SACD Soundtracks of Wong Kar Wai's films : He's celebrating 25 years... Generally, the most accessible, English-wise, are tracks in My Strawberry Nights : Incidentally, Anniversary set also available individually in vinyl
  3. A Desert Island Video Concert.

    I'll start with this both sonically and visually stunning classic : Talking Heads 'Stop Making Sense' (1984) [video=youtube;HFS2oz-i3Ik] (I'm pretty sure there are many audiophiles here who are videophiles too)
  4. Hi all, I realize that this is not in relation to CD's or strictly audio but I think this may be the best place to find help. My husband owns 800 DVDs. For a long time he's wanted to find a way to rip them into some sort of hard drive to have easy accessibility to it from his devices. I am sure this question must have been posted previously in regards to DVDs. What I am looking for is the following: - Fastest external hardware to rip DVDs and Blu Ray. If it can handle multiple disks, even better. - Fastest way to convert these files to playback for media manager. - Recommended media manager (external hard drive + system) We currently have an iTV, would we be able to use that connected to a hard drive? Total novice and I would love to figure this out for my husband so I can give it to him as a Christmas gift. Thank you in advance.
  5. Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section. I have a great home cinema system which I use for watching movies and listening to 5.1 albums (Blu-ray and DVD). Seeing as this set up is located in the living room of my home I only really get to listen to my 5.1 albums now and then, I'm usually relegated to a bedroom upstairs where I have another BD player and some headphones (Sony wireless). The problem I have is that the BD player doesn't allow me to change the EQ settings, so everything sounds as though it has too much bass through the headphones (which aren't the problem, I checked). Basically, some of my DVDs/BDs contain high-res stereo which is why I'm using a BD player and not just a CD player. Can anyone help me find a BD player which has EQ control and left/right (the red and white) output sockets? It doesn't need to be 5.1 capable and I'm not interested in its picture output quality, only the audio.
  6. Hi, am looking for a optical drive to transfer all songs from my music CDs into my Mac, may I ask for recommendation and advise from any audiophile brother here? I'm using iMac and iTunes to store music data, the built-in drive sometime doesn't work and CD jammed inside sometime, so I bought a LaCie slim DVD+/-RW to replace the built-in because it seems that the LaCie is specially made for Mac, but it doesn't work after a while, so I want to get another one that can transfer music data into my Mac perfectly. - Does anyone know any really good CD/DVD-Rom Drive in the market? - I found one from a Japanese brand called "Buffalo", is this good? or actually the core of it is same as LaCie? Buffalo Inc. Thanks for helping