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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, please bear with me because I will describe my system first before go to my question. I plan to try Dirac as my DRC. I use win 8 and JRiver 19 as a player outputting 2.0 channels since my DAC ionly accept 2. 0 channels input and outputting 2. 0 as well. My set up is pretty simple. Laptop - USB - 2ch DAC - unbalanced RCA - integrated amplifier (with LR outputs) - the mains speakers has passive XO and connected by speaker wires from speaker terminals in the integrated. However for my stereo subwoofers the chain is a little different : preamp LR output - Behringer DCX2496 (active crossover with stereo subwoofers output) - powered subwoofers. Again the Behringer would be used srictly as an active XO for strereo subwoofers only. It won't have any connection to my mains at all. I want to run my mains "full range" without HPF and let their natural drop off naturally. My concern is the Behringer's latency. I don't know the exact number yet but expect to get reply from Behringer soon. But that's kind of not the main point. My point is if the latency too high that I have to move the subs closer to my sitting area, I can't do that without involving a divorce lawyerr LOL. Here is the main question, assuming the Behringer's latency is 5ms and I cross the LPF at 120Hz/24db, would I be able to apply 5ms delay for frequency above 120Hz (hopefully I could set the slope to 24db also) using Dirac to compensate the delay caused by Behringer? Or perhaps JRiver could do that as well? Assuming eiter Dirac or JRiver could do group delay but not be able to set the slope below 120Hz) Am I correct to say hat means all my speakers are time alligned,? What will happen on the over lap freq around 120Hz? My mains are small ported monitors which roll off around 100Hz with 24db slope. So there is a considerably huge 20Hz gap between 100-120Hz and some freq bellow and above those points (the over lap freq down slope). So I imagine if my subs are delayed because the latency from the Behringer while my mains are not delayed I don't think I would get good sound. Am I correct to expect that the sound near the XO LPF point would be bad? Would anyone kindly explain in layman terms how the sound will be affected. Such as the sound near that freq would has "echo" or maybe they would out of phase and produce cancelation or that group delay would create deep null/peak in my freq response, etc? And again could DIRAC solves my problem? Note: I apologize for my writing errors and wrong technical terms. Feel free to correct me. My native language is Indonesian and I'm very new in home audio / HT hobby also don't have EE knowledge at all. Cheers, Thomas Narukama