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Found 10 results

  1. Musicbrainz Picard Tagger DSF support

    Hello, I have written a plugin to add support for the DSF audio format to the Musicbrainz Picard Tagger (which is my favorite). The plugin seems to work on the few files I've tested. If you would like to beta test then please download here: https://dsf2flac.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/extras/picard%20dsf%20file%20support/picard%20plugin%20-%20dsf%20file%20support.zip All the best, Jack.
  2. I could not find discussion regarding this topic in the archives, so I apologize if it's been discussed before! I have a DSF 5.1 album (DSD) and I want to convert it to DSF Stereo, I was hoping this could be done using dbPoweramp's conversion software, but it is not an option (I could convert it to 2 channel FLAC with dbPoweramp, but not 2 channel DSF). Anyone know what conversion software will allow me to do this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. EasyTag has added support for dsf files. This is part of the development branch and so far it has been pretty stable. Linux users, please have a crack at this: EasyTag home page - https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/EasyTAG EasyTag (with dsf support) git page - https://git.gnome.org/browse/easytag/log/?h=wip/dsf-support'>https://git.gnome.org/browse/easytag/log/?h=wip/dsf-support EasyTag git page - https://git.gnome.org/browse/easytag/ This if for users who can compile their own version and have some experience with git and make tools. Found a bug? File a new bug in Bugzilla (you will need to register for an account if you do not have one) or send an email describing the bug to the mailing list.
  4. Is there a software that can convert dff to dsf (including dsd256 fs) without any pcm operation?
  5. I use ISO2DSD to convert ISO files to DSF, but the DFF files I have sitting around obstinately refuse to be tagged or converted. What free software exists that can convert them to DSF?
  6. Hi, AudioMate is a desktop audio tool which is capable of SACD-ISO extraction, DSD/PCM transcoding and lossless encoding, etc. Unlike standard program, AudioMate is integrated on desktop as a windows extension. It's easy to use, just right click on a audio file and select popup menu item, then all things can be done. The latest version is AudioMate V9.0R1 (sacd_extract 0.3.7 embedded). My project page is here: AudioMate - AudioMate - Thanks.
  7. I've posted the message below in the JRMC Interact forum but thought I'd also solicit the wisdom of this group. I hope this problem is due to user error and someone can sort me out: A friend has tagged some test classical multichannel dsf files in JRMC 19 Windows, including two custom-defined tag fields. If I import an album of those files from an NTSF-formatted portable HD (I have the Paragon NTFS driver installed on my Mac) into JRMC 19 Mac (without copying the files onto the internal HFS+ hard drive), so that JRMC is reading them from the portable HD, I see the custom fields but there's no data in them. I also do not see the cover art thumbnail, which is present when the file set is viewed on his Windows machine. If I copy the files to my HFS+ internal drive, I get similar results but in addition I don't see the custom fields/columns at all on JRMC Mac. If I then copy the files back to the portable drive and my friend imports them into his Windows JRMC (after first deleting any old copies), his custom fields and the cover art field are empty. So with no operation performed on the files other than copying the file to the Mac internal drive and back to the NTFS portable drive, tag data seems to be lost. At first I thought the problem might be incompatibility between the Mac/Win versions of JRMC, and that may still be true as in paragraph one above, but paragraph two makes me wonder whether there might also be some problem caused by the hard drives' file formats as well. My goal is to be able to extract (on my Mac) stereo dsf files from the iso files for these albums (I've done that successfully and they play gloriously when pulled from directly attached storage by my Oppo 105) and then apply my friend's expert tagging by the "re-ripping" or (as I call it) the "file swapping" method (tag pasting isn't working for me, and would be too tedious to do individual tracks for a large number of albums anyway) so that eventually I can play them from a Mac server via JRMC and have decent search/navigation across the large album collection. All the operations (extracting stereo dff from iso, converting to dsf via AudioGate, copying tags via "file swapping" and updating tags from/to the library) seem to work pretty much as expected on the Mac except for this problem with some metadata apparently not being accurately preserved. I should say that my friend's tagging in a few fields overwrites values (ID3?) that may have come with the original iso. So for instance, rather than the "Classical" value for "genre,' he has "vocal," "choral," "orchestral," "chamber," etc. When I read his files from the portable hard drive, these values are retained, and only the custom tag fields are empty. If anyone has any experience round-tripping tagged DSD files from Windows to Mac or any troubleshooting hints to resolve this issue, I'd be grateful. I'm quite new to JRMC and computer audio in general, so I may have missed something obvious. But these days I expect proprietary application files or de facto-standard-format files to transmit across platforms without problems, so I trust there's a fix or fixes. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. Batch convert DSF files

    While I know that Audiogate will batch convert DSF files, I'm particularly interested in having the converted files appear in the same directories that the DSF files appear. Does anyone know of a software package which will do that? DbPoweramp doesn't appear to handle DSF files. Thanks, Joel
  9. clicks at start of audio converted from DSD

    Hello, I'm working on a DSD to PCM conversion tool and I've just been looking into the click that you often get at the start and end of the converted tracks. I've written up a short entry on the topic here: https://code.google.com/p/dsf2flac/wiki/ClicksAtStartAndEnd which some may find interesting. All the best, Jack.
  10. DSF to FLAC conversion

    Hello, If anyone is interested I have just uploaded some code I've been working on for dsf to flac conversion. You can get the source at https://code.google.com/p/dsf2flac/ Although there are other conversion tools out ther (Audiogate and Saracon for example), I wanted to have something where I could play with filters, dither etc and see exactly what is going on. It is early days but it seems to work quite well, runs at around 14x on my laptop (core2duo P8600@2.4GHz). I've only tested on 1bit stereo DSD64 files on linux X86_64 and there are no binaries yet but thought it might be interesting for the enthusiast. Cheers, Jack.