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  1. RSVP for a DSD Listening Party with Jared Sacks from Channel Classics and NativeDSD Music on October 20th in New York City. https://mailchi.mp/channel/dsd-session-nyc-oct-2018
  2. Merko

    Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    I just received this new unit, ordered via Amazon.com yesterday. So far, I have been listening to DSD64 files (DSF's) purchased online - plus those ripped via PS3 from my SACD collection. Headphone listening only thusfar - with my Schiit Valhalla/Senn 650 combo and my Grado RS-1/Grado RA-1 amp. Very good sound; better than my Schiit Loki, for sure. I haven't placed it in my big system as yet since my wired network is in a different spot, and still have a lot of files to move over. Speaking of which - the Sony "HAP Music Transfer" application leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion. You can only sync a folder - rather than select subfolders (i.e.: albums) to transfer. And since there is a 100 subfolder limit on each sync - and I have over 300 albums each in it's own folder, it has turned into as bit of a pain. Any other HAP-Z1ES owners out there with suggestions, tweaks or other relevant comments? Would love to compare notes. Thanks. Merko
  3. My good friend and fellow audiophile Gerald k and I have made a compilation of music files which we feel are perfect for testing new equipment. We wanted to use music that we not only enjoy listening to but which also has the abillity to reveal flaws in the signal chain. I listen mostly on Headphones (Sennheiser/ Audeze/ Audio Technica) while Gerald listen only on speakers (Tad, Kharma/Linn/Naim). We have spend many an evening and several bottles of Cotes de Rhone wines arguing and eventually agreeing on this list of audio equipment test music. This is what we came up with, please feel free to comment or post alternatives, if possible with a link as to where to purchase the music that you feel is ideal for this purpose. We also looked for reviews that we felt agreed with what we hear in the recordings. Sound stage and definition 1. Carmen Gomes inc; '' I'm on fire'' from Thousand Shades of Blue Sound Liaison Music Shop Placement is perfect on this young audiophile classic as well as the near perfect natural recording of the voice, but the real test for audio equipment when listening to this recording is it's ability to separate the kickdrum from the upright bass. The two instruments are playing the same pattern. On less than optimum equipment it might be difficult to separate the two, but with good setup you clearly hear the upright at 10.00 and the kick dead center with a nice decay that one generally do not hear on commercial recordings. There are lots of speakers and headphones with ''extended lows'' but low with definition is a whole different ballgame. Hifi; 2 Alban berg Quartet; Bartok String Quartet no.1 in a minor 1th movement. (LP,EMI) in the beginning of this movement the 4 instruments all play mainly in the same middle and upper register. Despite all that mid and high information the music should not sound harsh. This recording has the same perfect sound stage as the Carmen Gomes recording. We believe that this kind of sound stage with such a sense of depth and realistic placement is only attainable when you are recording the musicians in one room at the same time. Amazone Intelligible representation 3. Frank Sinatra; ''What's New'' from Only the Lonely. Frank is maybe a bit too prominent represented but one should still be able to notice all the different lines played by the various instruments in this incredible Nelson Riddle arrangement. 4. Me'Shell Ndegéocello; ''Levictus:Faggot'' from Peace beyond Passion. Here we have the opposite, the voice is a bit too soft in this optimum funk piece yet you should still be able to hear every word. easily optainable http://www.amazon.com Depth and Space When talking about depth and space we had to include a couple of Reference Recordings tracks. This label has allways done justice to it's name and consistently produced recordings of very high quality. 5. The Concord Chamber Music Society;''Danza del Soul'' from Brubeck and Gandolfi works. 6. Doug Macleod '' the Night of the Devils Road'' from There's a Time here you have two completely different pieces of music, one by The Concord Chamber Music Society and one by blues legend Doug Macleod accompanied only by guitar and kick drum. But the depth and the space of these two recordings is simply outstanding. Enjoy the music.com; Audiophilia; Reference Recordings Complete Audiophile Classical Music Orchestra and Jazz HDCD Catalog 7. Andre Heuvelman; ''Oblivion'' from After Silence 8. Joni Mitchell; ''Comes Love'' from Both Sides Now Andre Heuvelman's rendition of Astor Piazzolla's master piece have a great sense of depth. Every instrument sounds rich and full with a gorgeus natural decay. On lesser equipment the sound of each instrument can become a bit of a blur while on good equipment the sound of each instrument should be clearly defined with a clear sense of the room this recording have been recorded in. Same goes for Joni's wonderfull standards collection, it is a big hall you are listening to. Sound Stage on the Sound Liaison recordings; Sound Liaison Music Shop Both Sides Now won a Separation 9. Miles Davis; ''Stella by Starlight'' from the Complete 1964 Concert 10. John Scofield; ''Just Don't Wan't to be Lonely'' from Uberjam Deux we use these recordings to check for spill between left and right channel. The Miles recording was done on a 3 track tape machine and therefore there is this very wide sound stage and separation between the instruments; piano complete left, horns and bass dead center, drums completely right. drummer Tony Williams sometimes does not play at all and on those moments all one should hear on the right channel of the piano is a faint echo. All Music; John Scofiel's cover of the old Main Ingredient hit has a complete left right separation. The organ is audible on the left channel only and the rhythm guitar is on the right. The separation is so extreme that if you were to disconnect the right channel you would not hear any rhythm guitar at all, just like on the early Beatles stereo LP's. Jazztimes; Imaging 11. Trevor Pinnock; Mahler symphony no. 4 this delicate chamber orchestra arrangement of the great Mahler Symphony is a real beauty. the all music review said; Linn Records - Mahler: Symphonie No. 4 12. Iona Brown and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra;''the Spring'' from Grieg two Elegiac Melodies. the Grammaphone review puts it well; http://http://www.naimlabel.com/recording-grieg--tippett--beethoven.aspx Batik; '' The Bird'' from the Old Man and the Sea just about perfect imaging, left to right evenly laid out for your eyes and ears to see, piano, bass, drums, guitar and again a one room recording. Unbelieveable why sofew companies do this when it can yield so very satisfactory results. http://http://www.soundliaison.com/ Audio Stream; John Scofield;'' Never Turn Back'' from Piety Street the drum intro has a small imperfection, there is a soft ringing sound on the left channel probably coused by a sympathic resonance in the drum set or in the room. The moment the organ enters it kind of cover up the problem, although if you really listen for it you can hear it through out the track. Wonderful old fashioned sound stage. All Music;
  4. I must say I find this download very impressive. This really sounds as if being there. The label has a very good track record. Their previous releases has all been 96 pcm, and very very good indeed but this DXD takes it all up a notch. If this is exemplary for DXD recordings then that is what I will be searching for. DXD recommendations please! Sound Liaison; Carmen Gomes sings the Blues.
  5. Sound Liaison has released a handy sampler to test your DAC's preference. http://www.soundliaison.com/all-categories/6-compare-formats Test your DAC! Format Comparison sampler Which format is best for your DAC? Every DAC has it's own character, some sounds better using PCM files and some sounds better using DSD files...... Some people find the convenience of FLAC files more important. Here on this page is a list containing 2 minutes of a song in 11 different formats. The song is called 'A Fool For You' and is performed by Carmen Gomes Inc. It’s taken from the album 'Carmen Sings The Blues'. http://www.soundliaison.com/studio-showcase-series/276-carmen-gomes-sings-the-blues All the different formats have the same source file, DXD 352kHz (Studio Master). We used the AUL ConverteR 48x44 for the conversion to DSD and Wavelab for the conversion to the other PCM formats and FLAC. When you compare different sample rates always start with the lowest resolution. During listening don't focus too much, hearing is as individual as taste but hearing is also something which can be acquired, like the taste of good wine. You can choose from the following formats: 1. DXD 352kHz 2. PCM 192kHz 3. PCM 176kHz 4. PCM 96kHz 5. PCM 44kHz 6. DSD 256 7. DSD 128 8. DSD 64 9 . FLAC 352kHz 10. FLAC 192kHz 11. FLAC 96kHz
  6. I am a little confused by the positioning of the new M12 Source Controller from Bricasti. I do not own a Bricasti, but was about to pull the trigger on one to replace my current DAC when I learned of the new M12 – which left me a little confused and believing that Bricasti’s best DAC is now not actually their DAC, but rather their new “source controller.” The new M12 would seem to be far superior for D-to-A conversion for DSD files and also features some new tech in the form of a network adapter to use the device as a streamer (something I presume will ultimately trickle down to the M1 – hopefully with support for the same range of file resolutions offered in their USB interface). I saw a video with Bricasti’s president (Brian) saying they created the M12 to meet a need in the market, specifically, the person who enjoys both analog and digital and wants a minimum number of discrete components. Hence, with the M12, no separate pre-amp needed. Certainly understandable, I imagine there is a real need for this in the marketplace. HOWEVER, in my view this leaves behind the person who chooses to operate a multi-component system as the M12 would not appear to be a reasonable choice to use strictly as a DAC. In my case, I have a sophisticated high-end tube preamp which I want to continue to use as my source and volume control. It appears there is no “line level/unity” out on the M12 which would be suitable for connecting to an input source on my pre-amp. This doesn’t really make sense to me from a product positioning perspective. A company offering a stand-alone DAC should reserve their best DAC technology for that unit and offer similar or lesser capabilities in their all-in-one integrated products. After all, is not the buyer for separates likely to be the most demanding of functionality? Buyers for integrated units are willing to trade a little bit of capability for convenience. I am interested in thoughts or opinions. Am I missing something? Are there others thinking about using the M12 with a pre-amp? Or pre-amp users who don’t care about the missing higher quality DSD and Ethernet connectivity?
  7. I have just read a positive review in July number of Italian magazine AudioReview about this new little DAC from Project http://www.box-designs.com/main.php?prod=preboxs2digital&cat=s2-line&lang=en A very reasonable entry level price for experimenting with MQA, but apparently not at all entry level performance. Main specs from Pro-Ject infosheet: • Dual mono construction • High end ESS Sabre ESS9038 dual DAC • Proprietary clock circuity design • Organic polymer capacitors and thin film miniMELF resistors • MQA hardware decoding • DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 & DSD512 (DSD over PCM) • Up to 24bit/192kHz for optical & coax inputs • 7 selectable digital filter characteristics • 1 proprietary optimum transient digital filter • Headphone output on the front (6.3mm) • Synchronization of all internal oscillators • Jitter as low as 100 Femtoseconds! • Gold plated four layer PCB • Full alu/metal sandwich casing in silver or black SRP: € 349,00
  8. This was my post in the SACD Ripping thread (via Oppo/Pioneer). I didn't want to derail that thread so I created this one about the value of SACD. Thanks Do you love SACD / DSD sound? I do and always have. Why is there so much negativity about it on the other sites? Whenever it is mentioned, people say it's just remastering, or DSD is fundamentally flawed, or it's a placebo affect. To me it's night and day with transparency, bass clarity, speed, far better defined images, lack-of-fatigue in the highs, no digital shrillness, analog-like-advantages, and on and on. But there is real, almost hostile pushback, and I just don't understand it. Yep, PCM processing has come a long way, and I love what my Chord DAVE does with PCM (and it also does a fine job with native DSD, thankfully), but there is nothing like DSD to these ears. I sure hope the format stays alive in some capacity. This new method of turning SACDs into files is a Godsend, and I would hope it revives DSD to some degree. Hope springs eternal you know. But it won't happen if there is all this criticism of it. I just don't get how the audiophile community could be so critical of something that just sounds so great. I guess there is no accounting for taste, but do others in this thread hear what I have always heard from DSD? Thanks for any comments. Here is the other thread about SACD ripping with Oppo/Pioneer.
  9. Two new ways to save money on music downloads: NativeDSD's "Buy A Record Label" program and Blue Coast Prime. https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/blue-coast-prime/
  10. Oppo has announced a few more details on their upcoming UDP-205 disc player.... Lossless High-resolution Audio Audio format support has been expanded to multi-channel DSD64/128, as well as 192kHz/24-bit PCM used in high-resolution lossless formats such AIFF, ALAC, APE, FLAC and WAV. (DSD64 is played back in native mode or converted to PCM, DSD128 converted to PCM.) http://oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-205/
  11. I was wondering about DACs that are especially good with DSD. Does anyone happen to use a separate DAC just for DSD files for performance reasons? Thanks.
  12. I am looking for DSD download sites available in Europe, that have a arge offering in different music categories (rock, blues, classical, ...) The most well-known - Acoustic Sounds (superhirez.com) - does not allow me to purchase digital downloads : See following error message : We currently cannot allow customers outside of the United States to purchase Digital Products. Please remove all Digital Products from your cart to continue. Please review the form below and make sure to complete any items in red. Thanks!
  13. I've collected a number of SACD ISOs I've been converting them using the sacd_extract.exe in Windows to DSF. I'm wondering if this is the best way to convert since some of the SACD ISOs may be in DSD128 or higher? Is there a conversion tool that supports outputting the higher resolutions, or will they all be converted to plain DSD? I'm not trying to upsample DSD, just preserve the original resolution. I've heard a couple of DSD512s that have sounded better than any recordings I have heard so far, except for the few times I've been able to hear master tape or copies of master tapes.
  14. What is a good approach to listening to DSD files (.dsf mainly) with a Chord DAVE? Edited: (my error in setting things up).
  15. When I do tools/options/Bitstreaming and choose DSD, when I play a .dsf file, Jriver refuses to play it and brings up this error box: Playback could not be started using the format 352.8 kHz 64bit 2ch. This format would work: 176.4 kHz 64 bit 2ch Would you like to have your DSP Studio > Output Format settings changes automatically? The only way to prevent this from happening and play tracks is to go back to the Bitstreaming choices and un-check the DSD box, which Jriver(version 23) helpfully suggests is recommended. So now, if the Bitstreaming DSD choice is selected, no dsf file will play; they will only play when it is not chosen. My DAC supports native DSD playback. So when a dsf file plays, it says it is playing at 176.4 kHz. Is this PCM? What would cause these messages? Thank you. [ Edit: I took this problem over to the JRiver forum, so I won't bother anyone here. Thanks for reading and the help. ]
  16. Hey CA, As of today I pulled the trigger on this new USB -> IIS/AES/Coax interface from Matrix (literally as in the past week or less, purchased from Shenzen Audio): MATRIX X-SPDIF 2 32Bit/768kHz DSD512 Hifi Audio USB Interface From their (Matrix) website, this is under pre-release / first batch status as of this month. I couldn't help grabbing one to try after reading the spec sheet and the native power topology - meaning the default method of supplying DC is external. Searched around on here and could only find impressions of the V1 (matrix x-spdif), so I'd thought I'd start an impressions, thoughts, etc thread on the latest rev.
  17. Seems everyone has very specific, even finely tuned preferences as to how they enjoy their music listening setups. Now with digital we have so many more options! I found it somewhat overwhelming in the beginning, and still find parts of the system confusing and confounding! I wonder if others are as curious as I with regards to how YOU listen to YOUR Digital setup. Preferred format: DSD, FLAC, ALAC, .Mp3... Player/Renderer of choice? Which Server software/hardware? Asset, JRiver, Foobar, Kazoo, etc. Storage on NAS, dedicated hardware.....or? Do you like/use a streaming service? Which one(s)? How do you organize/sort your way to play tunes? By Folder, Album, Artist, Jukebox, ..etc Biggest issue/problem currently, or in the past... Thanks for sharing! If this has already been done, well, I couldn't find any threads... looking forward to reading about you all! BigBadger
  18. I am curious about DSD, but all I have found are recordings of obscure artists, that quite frankly I have never heard of. I suppose if you are interested in exquisite music from new artists then DSD might be of interest, or if you only like Classical, Opera or Acoustic Jug Bands, then it might be worthwhile to invest in a streaming service, and additional hardware. Tidal advertised it's Premium service as "CD Quality" for $19.99 a month. I am curious if DSD is really a viable option if you just want to be able to hear music that you know about, or is it the exclusive domain of very high-quality recordings of artists you have never heard of?
  19. I just got the hyped T+A DAC8 DSD (second hand). My first impressions are not as good as I expected.So far I used it for a few hours with PCM only (redbook & hires). It is connected to source using USB and I use the BEZ2 + Wide settings.The sound seems to be very forward, with mids being too dominant, bass being too heavy and tweeters sound without sparkle. It is as though the sound comes from behind a screen. It sounds dull/muffled and not exciting and even causing some listening fatigue.It does seem to have a big soundstage and dynamics but it does not have the finesse and sparkle I expected from hi-end DAC. This DAC is compared to very well known and respectable DACs in the market so I was expecting a much more refined result.As comparsion, my old cheap DAC, EE Minimax plus (with dexa), sounds much more refined and definely not as dull.I wonder if anyone else has the same impressions and if this is related to burn-in time or anything else I should be aware of.
  20. KVD

    SACD Ripping News

    Hi everybody, Maybe I am not posting this into the correct forum... but here it is : Anyone who knows how to do this can copy / paste this text where it belongs so that everyone hears about this news. I can rip any SACD stereo or multichannel on my recent Primare BD32 MKII, (with the latest firmware) so this one can be listed with the Oppo's and Pioneers among others. It makes ISO files (bit to bit copy of my SACD, as well as DSF files (as tracks) It works fine with the USB stick with the AutoScript folder (with 3 files in it) and together with ISO2DSD and it rips a 1 hour SACD in less then 15 minutes (over cabled IP network) I am a lucky guy ! Thx all of you. Koen.
  21. 20% Off Sale on the new Audiophile Speaker Set-up album. DSD Exclusive, Not on SACD release from 2xhd Mastering. https://2xhd.nativedsd.com/albums/2XHDFT1095-audiophile-speaker-setup https://2xhd.nativedsd.com/albums/1302
  22. Hi everybody, I am completely new here (from Belgium, btw) and I have a question on how to rip SACD on an Oppo BDP-103EU. In picture attached you will find the numbers " 8550 " (which I suppose is the MediaTek MT8550 chipset) Although this is the setup (soft-and firmware version) of an Oppo BDP-103EU unit, I am not sure whether this unit indeed can rip SACD because 8550 is not 8580 (as is needed) nor 8560 chip. Can you eventually send me a picture of an Oppo 103 setup page with soft- and firmware details of which you are sure they will work for ripping SACD together with the ISO2DSD software ? Is there any limitation on the firmware upgrade ? Or how can one see that the Oppo actually has this MediaTek MT8580 chip (SOC) on board ? Thank you very much for your reply. You can do this here or preferably by PM to koen.michels(at)telenet.be Kindest regards. Koen. Note : I have not yet bought an Oppo 103 or 105 - Awaiting absolute certainty !
  23. The London Symphony Orchestra has an early release of their new album "An Imaginary Orchestral Journey" which features the music of Haydn conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. Listened to it here in DSD Surround Sound. A winner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=43&v=wr5E_29nwhI https://lsolive.nativedsd.com/albums/LSO0808-haydn-an-imaginary-orchestral-journey https://www.facebook.com/NativeDsdMusic/photos/a.765908406800903.1073741828.497854580272955/1639721639419571/?type=3
  24. Hi everybody, I am completely new here (from Belgium, btw) and I have a question on how to rip SACD on an Oppo BDP-103EU. In picture attached you will find the numbers " 8550 " (which I suppose is the MediaTek MT8550 chipset) Although this is the setup (soft-and firmware version) of an Oppo BDP-103EU unit, I am not sure whether this unit indeed can rip SACD because 8550 is not 8580 (as is needed) nor 8560 chip. Can you eventually send me a picture of an Oppo 103 setup page with soft- and firmware details of which you are sure they will work for ripping SACD together with the ISO2DSD software ? Is there any limitation on the firmware upgrade ? Or how can one see that the Oppo actually has this MediaTek MT8580 chip (SOC) on board ? Thank you very much for your reply. You can do this here or preferably by PM to koen.michels(at)telenet.be Kindest regards. Koen. Note : I have not yet bought an Oppo 103 or 105 - Awaiting absolute certainty !
  25. vmartell22

    MPD, JRiver and DSD

    Hello Have a question regarding playback of DSD files on non-DSD DACs thru conversion with MPD and/or JRiver. I actually found by accident that MPD did the conversion. Once in a while, I use JRiver - reading on JRiver's support for the same conversion, JRiver indicates that it applies a filter to DSD to PCM conversion on non-DSD equipment to eliminate low frequency content that could be harmful. Started looking for indication that the same was true of MPD's conversion; however, have not been able to find any indication that MPD applies a filter of that kind - anybody knows if that is the case? if it is true that DSD conversion can produce frequency content that may damage equipment (as per JRiver) guessing is would be irresponsible for MPD not to do so. I might be stoopid, because my searches did not turn up the info so I ma daring to ask. I assume, the damage might occur at high volume, but wanted to double check just in case. Thnx! v