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Found 1 result

  1. hello, Newbie on this forum, but I'd like to think I am not-so-newbie in computer audio. Until now perhaps. After much trial&error, I still can't get streaming 176.4/24 and 192/24 files to work. Streaming up to 96/24 works perfectly on my home LAN. My set up is as follows: Synology DS213+ NAS, connected to the LAN with 1Gb Ethernet connection iMac - connects via 100Mb Ethernet Moon MiND180 renderer - connects via 100Mb Ethernet to the LAN Netgear GS108 switch with 8x 10Mb/100Mb/1Gb ports Router - Fritzbox7360, connects also to the Netgear switch I downloaded 176.4/24 (FLAC) version of Michael Jackson's album Thriller from HD tracks. when playing a 176.4/24 track that is stored on my iMac with Enqueue on my iMac, the track plays without any problems on my iMac - to me this proves the 176.4/24 file does not have any errors when playing the same track, but streaming the track from my NAS to Enqueue on my iMac, the file plays but with intermittent problems. When streaming that same file to the MiND180, I hear no sound at all (in the MiND app, the track progress indicator runs as like the file is playing). During playing the CPU-load of my NAS is never more than 5% - to me this proves that the NAS is capable of 176.4/24, but that the problem is somewhere in the cabling, the switch or the router and/or the MiND180 when playing the file in the same way as under 2/, but disconnecting the router, the problem stays the same - this proves to me that the router is not the issue (in fact during streaming the traffic never passes the router, it goes directly from NAS via switch to iMac/MiND180) when playing the file in the same way as under 2, but replacing the LAN cables, the problem stays the same. To me this proves the cabling is not the issue. Combining 1-4 together leads me to conclude that therefore the switch must be the issue. The switch is unmanaged (plug&pray), which means I have no means to look into the switch, but based on the above I would conclude that the switch core has not sufficient power to switch the 176.4/24 stream from the port to where the NAS connects, to the port that connects to the iMac (or MiND). It is like the input buffer overflows and thus when outputting the date to the iMAC or MiND180, that some of the data is lost. Note - the MiND is not the most stable renderer available, but it plays 96/24 without issues, and I've seen one playing 192/24 files so I do not think the MiND is an issue . Questions: 1/ can anyone pick a hole in my reasoning and did I miss something? 2/ any experience with similar issues? 3/ what switch are you using, and does streaming 176.4/24 and 192/24 files work without any problems with that switch? (if all else fails I will buy a switch that is proven to work with 192/24 streaming) Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks Ilja