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Found 3 results

  1. If you are having trouble with Tidal MQA dropouts on the BlueSound Node 2, try unplugging your optical input cable. Like some other Bluesound Node 2 users on this forum, I experience occasional dropouts with my Node 2 when playing MQA on Tidal. After confirming your network is robust enough for hi-res streaming, BlueSound tech support suggests restarting the router and Node 2, and if that doesn’t work, changing your DNS to Google ( The problem got much worse for me after the last software update: MQA files would drop out every few seconds, the player was sluggish, and the apps were returning error messages - and in the case of the desktop app, always quitting. I was ready to return the Node 2 when I found a temporary solution. I use my Node 2 as the DAC for my entire system. My HD tuner, Apple TV, and Oppo Blu-Ray player are routed through an HDMI switcher, and from the switcher an optical cable goes into the Node 2. I unplugged this cable from the Node 2 and the sluggishness was instantly gone: a “Tune In” search for the string “Modern Classical” which previously took 17 seconds and caused the desktop application to crash was now instantly returning results. MQAs are playing without dropouts. Of course, plugging in the optical cable every time my family wants to use the other sources is not a lasting option, but it’s a hack I can live with until Bluesound hopefully solves this problem with a software update.
  2. Mike48

    PC disk vs NAS

    Hi, I am looking for info & advice. I'm streaming hi-res audio across a home network (Ethernet) from my i7 Windows PC. The PC runs MinimServer, and at the receiving end, I have a Simaudio MiND. Every few days, I have what be latency problems . . . clicks (dropouts) through my Auralic Vega DAC. Am I likely to get better results by moving to a Synology NAS box? It seems to me that the problem COULD be the PC's being busy downloading email, updates, and so on. So that's the question, can moving to a NAS eliminate this as a potential source of the problem?
  3. Hi folks, having many reliability problems with cable modem service, and I'm pretty sure it's a coax wiring problem. I've spent *weeks* on this infernal mess and eliminated everything but the internal house coax. We *must* have reliable broadband, my wife is in an online accelerated Master's program. Digital TV cable working fine, no dropouts on HD channels, etc., but internet cuts out, even tried switching TV and cable lines and eliminating cable box. Literally everything else including outdoor cable to company's distro box has been replaced with same results; great speed tests when connection works, electricals look great on the Cable tech's measuring gear, then modem disconnects hours later at no particular time of day. Not a cooling or power delivery issue. THREE modems now... two Mot SB 6120 and a Mot 6141, all exhibiting similar behavior. Router and other coax wires replaced, similar behavior. We use one cable modem at a time (duh) and one router (Linksys WRT54GL) at a time--router tests and behavior always nominal. We are about to replace the RG6 cable, so I'm looking for suggestions on: 1) Connectors: does anybody bother to use (75-Ohm characteristic Z version) BNCs or other high-quality connector types on their wall outlets? I think F connectors are the spawn of Satan, sorry for the profanity. If there is a BNC kit that crimps easily to the Coax, I'll use it. Don't want to solder, very hard for my disabled body to bend low for that delicate work. 2) Wire: Anybody use over-specced wire? I have a very conscientious electrician who uses radius-protectors for coax where it is stapled to walls, but I don't want to mess with my bloody coax ever again. 3) Anybody use a powered coax distribution splitter? I have a single passive splitter in the system, thinking of insertion losses. All thoughts welcome, thank you.