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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I am wondering what the best music server software is and the best digital room correction software to go with it is, please. I have a work system that I plan to upgrade over time. It has a decent buisness PC and a Xindac DAC5 feeding Linn 11L active speakers. The problem is that the upper base can blurr together. I will upgrade in time. I expect to get a Hugo DAC, then amp(s) at least the cost as the DAC, and, say Neat Iotas, then... etc. I love the Naim sound, but if the DAC V1 isn't the greatest, then I wait longer to get my first black box. I am computer literate and have written a Word Macro once, used to know how to update my website and wrote something once in keystroke emulation software that I can not know the name of. So, I'm not a technophobe, but I wont be programming in source code anytime soon. I know that dB is a log scale that doubles every three dB, but I forget the rule of thumb to add two sources together to get total loudness. I don't want the be all and end all, but I can be a bit obsessional about stuff. A mainstream, powerful solution would be fine. I figure I should chose the software to work together. JRiver and Acourate? If so, that's great. It's a pitty HiFi books and magazines give NO guidance about this. I will really appreciate any help!
  2. Greetings folks, I am ready to step into the world of DRC and this is my first foray into anything that require measurements. I am looking at either of a Behringer ecm8000 or the umik-1 usb and plan to follow the steps described here: Creating a DRC Room Correction Filter for your Squeezebox. Basic steps involve measuring L speaker with mic with R line-out from amp into R channel input of soundcard/mixer for the reference channel, then swapping L and R mic/card. I looked up the behringer 302usb and 502usb and it looks to be the most convenient. But I dont know how to use it. I've never used any kind of recording gear before and wondering where to plug the mic and rca-out of amp on it. The mixer has a dedicated mic input socket and separate L+R input pairs. So do I plug in the mic into the mic socket and the rca-out from amp into the R-in of one inputs? Or do I plug the mic into the L input and the rca-out of amp into the R input? Also do you have any recommendations for any other mixer/soundcard hardware that is external and will work with linux without drivers (or has linux drivers for ubuntu)? The whole investment is going to be a one time usage only (or every time I move house once in a few years). Once I am done with it after a week of fiddling with generating FIR files it will stowed away, so I need something cheap that will not auto-sample and allow L+R inputs separately for measurements. If I buy the umik-1 or any usb based mic, I dont know how I will input the other reference channel from Amp, unless there is a cheap external usb box that will work with one usb on mic and another on the usb soundcard. (I hope arecord or Audacity will work with two usb inputs for recording)? Thanks for all your advise. G0bble