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Found 7 results

  1. Delete download

    How do I delete a download once it has been uploaded to the cloud (I use iTunes Match) in iTunes 12.7 on MacOS High Sierra? Just to be clear. I just acquired Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP and I only want it to be stored in iTunes Match and not on my Mac. There used to be a button called "Remove download", but it has disappeared. Thanks for your help
  2. Capture movies from Netflix

    Hey guys, I was wondering if s.o knows a way to capture movies from Netfliy on my laptop? Do they provide such a service? Well i guess not, but is there another way to do this? I'm travelling a lot and i would love to watch series or movies on my way but i really don't want to buy everything. I'm happy for every advice!
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a hi res download available of John Hiatt's Bring The Family? I'm a great fan, have most of his releases (vinyl and/or CD), but missed the 2004 dvd-a of Bring The Family. I expected that, given the increased interest in hi res and the availability of this hi res mix, the album would turn up as a download, but I didn't find it (yet). Hiatt gave a great show in Utrecht (the Netherlands) last weekend, and it definitely sparked my interest. I really really really need to find this one ;-) Of course any tip is welcome concerning Hiatt's music in hi res! To prevent any time-wasting: I know of, and have already: Master Of Disaster (sacd), Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns (dvd-a) and Terms Of My Surrender (24/44 download) ... Keeping my fingers crossed ...! Marc
  4. Naxos has launched an HD streaming and download service using the Orastream compression app. Naxos already has streaming as naxosmusiclibrary.com and downloads as classicsonline.com which cover all releases under the Naxos label as well as many independent labels. So far the music on the HD service is limited. My system does not allow me to properly judge the sound, though it does seem very good. A few dropouts which might be teething troubles. Does anyone have an experience with this service?
  5. Nelson Wright is an outstanding singer/songwriter and is offering his latest album, Orphans & Relics, in high-res at 96-24. Full disclosure: I know Nelson, and while I have no involvement at all in the album itself I may have played a small part in convincing him to offer a high-res version. I'm happy to say it came out quite well. I've listened to both the regular CD and high-res versions on my system. The high-res version sounds great and is clearly superior. More air between players/instruments, deep three-dimensional soundstage, free-flowing, natural even liquid sound. The 96-24 version deserves the audiophile label. Orphans & Relics is Americana, with subgenre styles ranging from folk to jazz to blues. I don't think there's a weak track on the album. Decide for yourself. You can preview the album and buy the high-res version here (and as far as I know, the high-res version is only here): Nelson Wright - Music Downloads If you like it, support him. I wish all independent musicians would offer new music in high-res versions as good as this.
  6. Artist | HDtracks - The World's Greatest-Sounding Music Downloads I was under the impression that some of these recordings (especially those released on SACD) were 24/96 original recordings. Can anyone tell me if I am dreaming this up? I would certainly jump for some later Rattle/BPO recordings (i.e. his Bruckner 9th, which I do believe to be 24/96) were the studio master downloads available.
  7. Found at HDTracks Title: Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition / A Night on Bald Mountain Artist: London Symphony Orchestra | Malcolm Sargent Genre: Classical / Orchestral Label: Everest Release Date: 2006 This one any good? Is there a better performance / recording?