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Found 5 results

  1. This is my first post here. Would appreciate some advice on selecting a network audio player setup. I have an extensive classical music collection which I ripped to my PC and have spent a lot of time tagging to organise it as I wish. I use foobar2000 to play it on my PC (Windows 7) and that’s just fine. Everything is FLAC and I use lots of tags (composer, composition, movement, catalog, year (of composition), genre). I also use album artist for the performer(s) and duplicate the composer into the artist tag. I like to be able to browse by composer, or by genre, then sometimes also by performer as I have multiple recordings by different performers for many works. Now I want to be able to play this on my hifi system which is a mid range Denon system that’s a few years old now. Currently I don’t have any kind of network music player or software or whatever. So I guess I need some kind of network music player. I dont mind copying the files to a NAS or other dedicated music server on my network if I need to. I basically want to be able to browse my collection in a more sensible way than just by ‘album’ [which can sometimes be meaningless for classical] or ‘album artist’. So I need to be able to intelligently browse the collection and select stuff to play, use/setup playlists etc. Will I need to get a tablet/ipad or similar to act as the ‘remote control’ to browse my networked library and which then feeds the stuff to the player? I’m a total novice when it comes to this sort of thing. In terms of fidelity of music I am not looking for the ultimate in audiophile quality sound. Just reasonable quality without breaking the bank. The ease of browsing the library and selecting music is what matters to me most. If someone could suggest the kind of equipment/setup I should be looking at, without spending a great deal of money, that would be great. Would something like a Denon DNP-F109 do? This would match my existing hifi and apparently plays FLAC files. But its unobvious to me what kind of interface it gives for browsing your music collection. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. I had my first foray into hi-fi territory when I recently bought a Denon M39 with Dali Zensor 1 speakers. It sounds great - relative to what I was used to. But I know that before too long I'm going to outgrow it (its happening already …. ) and I'll want to swap the micro-system for some separates. Now I mostly play music out of my laptop. This is being piped via an airport express into the Denon with iTunes/Audirvana being the player and using mostly ALAC, FLAC, MP3 and AAC files. I don't really need a CD player and I can't see myself really wanting to use that format again on a regular basis. I'm looking to swap my Micro for a good integrated amplifier - either with an inbuilt DAC or a separate amplifier and DAC. 1)The amp should be integrated and should be decent enough that I don't feel like an upgrade for a few years. 2) Its should pair well with the speakers. 3) Also since the primary source is computer audio, I think the DAC is important. The idea of an internal DAC appeals to me, but I'll be happy to sacrifice it if I can get a decent DAC with amp with same or better value and options as I can see a completely integrated package reduces my options. Second hand is fine. 4) I'm looking at a budget of £400 - 500 max 5) Must accept ALAC and FLAC source I was looking at the …. Cambridge Audio 651A - apparently has a decent onboard DAC but some bad reviews ?? Rega Brio - R - Great Reviews on What Hifi but worried about cruddy cosmetics ( although chrome finish looks quite decent) and lack on inputs esp. optical in NAD 356BEE - but I guess optional dac would push the price up a bit? Rotel RA11 - sounds great! but specifications don't mention support for FLAC or ALAC?? I'm also open to separate DAC and amp solutions as I understand that approach has its advantages
  3. Hello, I own a Denon 3312 and I am enjoying it very much. I use Zone 1 primarily as my TV room (5.1) and Zone 2 as my 2 channel audio listening through my Boston Acoustics towers (American made before they went offshore!). I have the Denon networked with Ethernet connected between Denon and Router. It works very well controlling music wirelessly on my Ipad or Iphone using an app called DeRemote. Sometimes I use Airplay compatible music Apps like Songza, Slacker, etc. My music collection is on my Asus laptop using JRiver as my Music Server. Most of my files on my computer are wave or flac burned from my original CD's (many of which I've sold since). No complaints about audio dropout as it is working great from that respect I would just like to maybe improve the sound quality a bit. I don't know if JRiver is doing anything with the sound as I don't control my music from JRiver and I use the DLNA and select music from my Ipad or phone. My laptop is not connected directly to my Denon or router so the files are being transmitted wirelessly off the laptop to the Denon. I am assuming they are going through the soundcard on the Asus and must be compressed to send to the Denon Wirelessly? and then through the DAC in the Denon and then sound is output analogue? I have the Denon set to Restorer High Quality. My questions are as follows: Would having my laptop connected via Ethernet cable to the router make any difference in sound quality vs. wirelessly? If I had an external DAC (USB) of reasonable quality attached to my Laptop and Denon is there an option to bypass the Internal DAC of the Denon when playing in Zone 2? If I connected RCA from the DAC to the Denon what would happen to this analogue signal? Would it bypass the Denon DAC as the signal is already analogue or is this not how it works? Would any of this make a difference in audio quality from my current setup? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. I read about jitter, noise etc from laptop soundcards and how good some of these external DACs are but how much would I have to spend to notice a sound difference from the one in the Denon 3312? I am willing to spend some money on equipment I just don't want it to be a waste of money. External DAC? Good soundcard in Laptop? Music Server with storage? Thanks for your help in advance, Sorry if any of my questions or statements don't make perfect sense. Mark
  4. ​Theory is about to be replaced by reality with this freakishly affordable and easily upgradeable rig. I want to thank the following generous contributors (in order of appearance) for helping me find a path to my first computer audiophile system: NOMBEDES PAUL RAULERSON DAVID “BLUESMAN” MAYHEM13 ROBBBY ELOISE “AUDIO_ELF” THESTEWMAN SHERWOOD SPDIF-USB JACKFISH HELP FROM A DIFFERENT THREAD: ANDREW BACON “AMPSARUS” RUTHERFORDDESIGN.COM NORTHRIDGE, CA BILL “WKHANNA” BOTTLEROCKET SNOWMONKEY Thanks folks! Behold the glory! $536.00 (with cable upgrades): Asus Netbook/Shiit Modi DAC/Denon DRA-1025r Receiver/Sat Speakers w/o filtering (VelodyneF1200 sub woofer and Canton Karat 920 DC) Details 1A. Existing Asus Netbook (entire library will be stored & played from here) 1B. JRMCto be purchased and installed 1C. Harddrive tobe upgradedto1TBWDBlue 1TB 2.5" 5400RPM SataII 8MB Cache WD10JPVT to: 2. AudioQuest Forest USB A to USB B 0.75m Digital Audio Cable to: 3. Schiit Modi USB DAC to: 4. AudioQuest Evergreen 3.28' RCA to RCA to: 5. Existing Denon DRA1025r receiver (class-A) to: 6. RCA "Y" adapters SI82YF- Stinger 2-channel 8000 Series to: 7. 20' RCA to RCA BlueJeans LC-1 Dbl-Shielded Low Capacitance and other end of “Y” goes to: 4. AudioQuest Evergreen 3.28' RCA to RCA goes BACK into Denon's “Main In”, then to: 8. AudioQuest X-2 14 AWG 50' spool speaker cable to: 9. Existing Canton Karat 920 DC bookshelf speakers (stand-mounted)
  5. 徐中銳

    The HEOS (HS2) *ingredient*

    Reading Andrew Everard's : « Much more HEOS And there are plans to expand and extend the HEOS technology beyond the existing wireless multiroom speaker line-up : the new HS2 models are now on sale, offering hi-resolution capability up to 192kHz/24bit, due to be extended in the future to handle DSD ; the company has shown a prototype AV unit (below) with multichannel amplification plus the choice of using HEOS speakers to give wireless surround ; and HEOS integration is extending some Marantz models as well as the upper reaches of the Denon receiver range. That last element is part of what D+M’s Terry O’Connell describes as turning HEOS from being purely a standalone brand into an ‘ingredient’ for other models in the range. Internal discussions are still being held as to how many more Denon and Marantz products will become HEOS-capable beyond the current clutch of AV receivers across the two brands, and how the ‘ingredient’ will be described—one favoured solution under consideration being ‘Powered by HEOS’. However, expect to see more HEOS-capable products appearing, from receivers and amplifiers to systems and maybe even headphones—as the company moves to extend the wireless interoperability of its two brands. One of the Denon models with HEOS onboard will be the... » DENON AND MARANTZ POISED TO LAUNCH A HUGE RANGE OF NEW PRODUCTS