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Found 2 results

  1. First, the exciting announcement: I just upgraded from vintage Canton Karat 920 DC bookshelf's (bought new in 1996) to Canton CT-800's (just acquired via craigslist for $250). These are small 3-way floor standers with a 10" woofer. On to the question. I've been told in this forum that anyone who passes audio signal through a subwoofer's crossover - whether line-level OR speaker-level - and then on to their main speakers is feeding a degraded signal to their main speakers - even when using quality cables. Is there any reason one shouldn't connect their speaker cable directly to the main speakers FIRST and then on to the subwoofer? I understand the speakers and amplifier wouldn't benefit from the crossover in this configuration, but that seems a better compromise over the ghastly degradation of sound quality so many write about. If that is okay, is it also okay to do this to just one channel, or would doing so create an imbalance between the left and right main speakers???? (this is yet another reason I hate having to use a sub) Much obliged. Gary
  2. Your speaker setup?

    Please choose what best describes your current main system. Please note that it is a multi choice poll. You can thus choose a combination like: X Passive main speakers (X-over after amps) X Active sub (X-over before amps) X Multible subs X Analogue EQ / Room correction X Digital EQ / Room correction / DSP