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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Curious if there is any workaround.. I worked for few months with the VST, but then it started to crash. I am working with JRiver, in the other zone without Dirac things look stable. I then switched to JRiver 64-bit. Half a day with Dirac VST 64-bit went smooth, however later on JRiver crashes again For statistics, I have another setup with another DAC and another driver (if that's matter) - same there.. I insist on working with the VST due to clip protection mechanism in JRiver. And we're talking about 730 USD piece of software!!
  2. I normally use DougScripts Re-Embed Artwork 2.3 in iTunes During an internet outage, the script crashed every time I tried to use it. Then when I found a connection elsewhere, it worked fine again. Is there a way to get hold of DougScripts that actually work if one is not connected to the internet? Is the script sending my data somewhere?
  3. Hi folks, Like many of you, I keep switching from one music player application to another, in pursuit of the best sound/experience combination. Lately I've come back to the JRMC+JRemote combination, which (at this point in time, for me) seems to be the best one currently. Yes, HQPlayer possibly sounds the best, and maybe I haven't spent enough time fiddling with it, but its spartan user interface (and complex options) makes it too difficult to use (again, for me), and even more so over an iPad Parallels Access remote connection (I especially hate that the iPad keyboard comes up every time I do anything simple, like change tracks) even for simple use, let alone playlist setups. I love the Audirvana sound and its native Mac interface, but (and maybe I'm doing it wrong) I've never been able to figure out how to reliably set up playlists that survive library changes, and even at its best, trying to control Audirvana via the iPad (even with the great Parallels Access automatic full-screen function) is way too fiddly. And the Amarra interface is so ugly (reminds me of a 90's era WinAmp skin) I just can't bear to use it (yup perhaps I care too much about the aesthetics...). So, until Audirvana gets its iPad remote app (hopefully soon...), I'm (at least this week!) back to JRMC+JRemote. JRemote really is fantastic - I've tried the Linn Kinsky and other remote apps, but only JRemote feels like a non-beta, mature app. Also, the latest version of JRMC now has a great "Pono" (heh!) skin which gives it close to a true Mac native Yosemite app appearance (thank god!). So, so far, so good. Decent SQ from the Mac player. Decent iPad remote experience. However, the one viper in this acoustic Garden of Paradise that crops up again and again, is the tendency of JRMC to crash. Repeatedly. Whenever I try to change tracks too quickly. Essentially, if I start playing a track, and then, within 2-3 seconds I try playing another track, JRMC crashes to the desktop, with the usual OS X Crash Report window showing up. If not the first time, then the 2nd or 3rd time I do the rapid track change thingy. Yes, 100% reproducible. So, why not just avoid this silly behaviour, you say... Well, unfortunately for me my missus and house guests do sometimes use the system too, and it's not practicable to conduct pre-use training for everyone! Enter Lingon, by a (I think) Swedish developer called Peter Borg. https://www.peterborgapps.com/lingon/ With Lingon X 2.0 (there is also a crippled version, Lingon 3.0 on the Mac App Store, which I haven't tried due to bad reviews) I've been able to (extremely easily and quickly) get JRMC to automatically restart every time it crashes. JRemote is also pretty good in that it pretty much automatically re-establishes a connection with JRMC whenever this happens (although one sometimes needs to hit the refresh icon to fix some playlist errors). Kudos, to this Peter Borg fellow, for Lingon, and for keeping it really cheap ($5 to $10). However, the frequent JRMC crashes really bug me, notwithstanding the above band-aid fix. Is this "crash on rapid track changes" problem unique to my system, or does anyone else experience it? If so, I was curious if anybody had a suggestion as to how I can fix it? Many thanks in advance! Art
  4. System Requirements for HD Playback

    Sound wise I've got my system pretty much how I want it, I think it'll suit me perfectly when I bring my Rogers speakers over. I used to run XP (with ASIO4all) but it crashed quite often and occasionally had drop-outs when playing HD music. Recently I did a fresh re-install with Vista running in WASPI exclusive mode. I gave it a re-format and only installed essential programs and as a result it crashes slightly less but it does suffer drop-outs more, sometimes in silence and sometimes with a buzzing noise. Nowhere have I ever seen system requirements for playing 24/96 music, this Toshiba is only 1.6 Ghz dual core with 2.5 GB of RAM but I always thought it would be sufficient for just playing music. Sometimes it seems to get quite hot, but I'm not sure this is my problem. Since changing to Vista I haven't been able to select more than 250ms of buffer and I suspect this might be the reason. I like this laptop and am on the verge of buying 2 more MB of RAM hoping that this will allow me to buffer for 500ms (as I had in XP)... am I barking up the right tree here or should I just get a faster laptop? What speed processor do I need to play 24/96 music easily? I've plugged my everyday laptop (much faster) into my audio system and it is more stable but really sounds inferior... (I'm assuming it's all the other programs and accessories running in the background). I'm reluctant to change the laptop as It sounds beautiful as it is, I just want more stability. Is there any software that sounds as good but is less demanding?