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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to reform the way I listen to music today and migrate to a Roon platform. What's holding me back is that I don't understand if I can have endpoints that can implement FIR crossovers and output over a multi-channel DAC, the way I do it today with JRIVER convolving filters created with Audiolense. So let's say my bedroom system consist of a pair of 2-way active speakers, where each of the 4 drivers is driven by its own Class D amp, which amps in turn are fed by a multi-channel DAC (like the miniDSP U-DAC8) connected to a NUC running Win 10 and JRIVER for convolver duties. Today, this is a DLNA endpoint (through JRIVER) but it is my understanding that this doesn't work with Roon, where Roon needs to own the queue and the endpoints are stupid. So how could I achieve this with Roon? Convolve at Core/Server level rather than at endpoint? I know Roon can convolve but can it convolve multiple filters and streams for different rooms/endpoints in parallel? Can Roon even convolve a stereo signal into a multi-channel signal or is it limited to stereo output only (i.e. room correction but no crossovers)? Do I need to involve HQplayer somehow? Ideally, I would like to use RPi 3/DietPi/Roon Bridge endpoints but I doubt they would have the CPU power to convolve say six channels of 131k tap FIR filters. Even if the Roon Server could convolve, is RPi 3/DietPi/Roon Bridge compatible with any multi-channel USB DACs? What about Signalyst's NAA instead of Roon Bridge, does that change anything? Or could I just install Roon Bridge on a Windows 10 NUC and use JRIVER WDM output to a multi-channel DAC? If that's the only way, I'll go with that, but it's just not a very elegant solution....
  2. First of all I can inform that I am new to this forum. I have been stock in the headless linux world for some years and have not tried Jriver ect. Today i use a Linux based Convolver PC running Brutefir in stereo setup with 6 channels. I use RME 9632 with AO4S giving 6 analog channels that i connect to a 6 channel preamp. So stereo Spdif in gives 2 times 3 channel analog stereo out of the headless linux PC, for my two 3 way speakers. I use Acourate software to generate the XO fir filters. I would like to try to use the HDMI out of my PC (eventually a new one if required). Thereby i can use the D/A converters in my preamp and remove the D/A sound card from the PC which gives some noise in the signal. My question is: How do I convolve and use HDMI out? Has anyone a setup to be inspired by? I am willing to replace PC, operating system ect. to make it work so i can try it out. The alternative upgrade is to continue in the pro world with new internal(AES) and external gear. But it is pricy compaired to a PC/software upgrade. Brg Erika
  3. The heading raises a question Ive been trying to get my head around today. Ive been using Laconvolver in Au lab with room correction filters from Audiolense, but theres been a hickup or two, so I tried out ir1a by mellowmuse which is a protools plugin that do the same. Basically to get stable use. However, the weird thing is thats I think they sound different with the same filter. True, db level matching is hard to do with two plugins, but to me ir1a sounds more spacious, with better soundstage and more ambience.. LaConvolver sounds harsh in comparison. To me this is strange. Anyone have any experience to share? ole