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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum, I hope this topic is in the good section... I would like to control an external volume attenuator via my MPD clients volume control function. This analog attenuator is placed after the DAC and is controlled by 4-bit input lines (for 16 positions). I need : - to manage volume value in MPD (to hold the current value and to change it with MPD client command) - to keep digital flow sent to USB DAC at max level (0dB) - to outside the volume value from MPD to 4 discrete output lines of RaspPI3 How can I do that ? Jacques
  2. Hi All, Though I am a long time audiophile I am only just getting into digital audio and have a bit to learn. Wanted to get feedback on what is available for devices or software that can stream digital content and be controlled from my smartphone (iPhone). What I would like is local storage on the device (hard disk / flash drive) and an app on my smartphone that allows me to browse the content on the device and select and stream it to a dac. The device can be a computer (mac or PC) or a standalone device. Want support for all bit rates (at least up to 192K/24bit). Its OK if the dac is built in but prefer separate since dac quality is improving every year. Suggestions? Thanks!!!
  3. Just discovered this forum (don't really know how I've managed to not find it untill now...). Was surprised to see that there doesn't seem to be a single thread about pianobar, it's an open-source Pandora radio client that removes the ads and is easy to setup with a proxy so you can access Pandora from anywhere in the world. Since I started using pianobar/Pandora I very rarely start up MPD to listen to my FLACs anymore, despite being lower quality audio (192kbit MP3 with a Pandora One account) it's just so handy for a lazy person like me not having to think about exactly what album you want to listen to and search through all the music on the harddrive. Perfect for discovering new music and background listening. Well, too many good things to say about pianobar, just try it out if you haven't already! Since I'm using a headless server I wanted to be able to control pianobar remotely and decided to write an Android app for that purpose, it's free and ad-free, has support for most of the important pianobar functions and supports pianobar running on Linux, Mac (install with Macports or HomeBrew) and theoretically, but barely tested, Windows (pianobar built under Cygwin). See Pianobar (Pandora Radio) Remote Control for Android for setup instructions if you are interested in that.