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Found 2 results

  1. Never thought about the fact that may be obvious to some. Cats must love planar speakers. An excerpt from Stereophile's review of the new Maggies 2.5/R. And the advice from J. Gordon Holt. "Domestic cats love to climb up fabric stretched tightly over wood (as at the bases of these) and, given the opportunity, will have these speakers in shreds in no time. Magnepan recommends spray-on cat repellent; I have to tell them that some cats don't seem to mind its odor as much as most people do (footnote 1)." "Footnote 1: A good solution is to push carpet tacks (not thumb tacks, they aren't sharp enough) through a large sheet of cardboard at 1" intervals, covering the cardboard's entire surface. Place the sheet directly in front of the cat's favored scratching place and leave it there for a week. Then you can remove it. If there are more than one such place, use as many sheets as needed. Don't think of this as cruelty to the animal; it's a learning experience, like a kitten's first encounter with a wasp. And it's a lot kinder (and cheaper) than declawing. Don't throw the training mat(s) away when you've made your point, though. Some cats have poor memories, and may need an occasional reinforcement.—J. Gordon Holt" I like the last sentence. Declawing..? No..don't do that! It's cruel! The review : Magnepan MG2.5/R loudspeaker | Stereophile.com
  2. Can our pets tell us anything?

    I seem to get reactions to music from my dog when played through my Magnepans that I don't get when played through my Sonus Fabers. For instance, through my Magnepan MMG's On "Good Morning" from The Beatles he barks at the end of the song with the dogs on the recording but he doesn't do that when played through my Sonus Faber Concerto Domus'. The dog also howls at many recordings with muted trumpets but doesn't howl much at unmuted trumpets. The cat is just apathetic about the whole thing!