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Found 6 results

  1. I have a CAPSv3 Carbon (purchased from Small Green Computer). I was looking at the specs for the v4 Pipeline, the HDPlex Linear Power Supply power supply in particular. I was wondering if I could use this to run my Carbon along with my Synology NAS, replacing two power bricks (those that came with the Carbon and the Synology) for better sound. The issue is this: the Carbon motherboard can take 9-19v, with 12v suggested. I would use the 12v output from the HDPlex Power Supply to run the Synology, per its specs, the 9v for the SOtM card, and the 19v for the Carbon motherboard. Is there any harm in doing this? The Carbon does not run for long periods -- usually I power it up one evening a week, or less. But I don't want to shorten its life or anything by running it at the top of its allowable power input. Thanks for advice on this!
  2. Tweaks for CAPSv3 Carbon?

    I own a Carbon, standard configuration, purchased several months ago from Small Green Computer. I've been using it to rip vinyl. Playback has been through my NAS/MinimServer/ethernet setup to PS Audio DirectStream (previously, PSA PerfectWave DAC MkII) with a Network Bridge. In the last few days I've experimented with playing music from the Carbon via foobar/USB. There's this big debate about whether computer/USB or NAS/ethernet/streamer is the better setup, so decided to try for myself. Music is enjoyable through the USB, but the ethernet setup is still noticeably better: more details, more natural instrumental timbre. I will try Fidelizer in the next day or two and have ordered a better USB cable to replace the one I bought at the office supply store. Are there any other relatively simple upgrades folks would suggest? I have looked at the Red Wine power supply, which costs the same as what I paid for the computer so I'm not eager to go there--but I might if people have heard a really major improvement. Not sure where the limit is to my curiosity . . .
  3. Hi, I have searched around CA and did not find anything on this subject since the DN2800MT was "discontinued". My apologies if it's been covered already. What I'm looking for is a good mobo to be used with a Wesena e4 v3 case and Pico PS (assuming this possible). Firewire and eSata is a huge plus.
  4. I am trying to put together a CAPS Carbon music server and notice that some have used 64-bit Windows 8 Pro instead of the recommended 32-bit version even though, strictly speaking, the Intel DN2800MT motherboard does not support any 64-bit OS. Just wondering, has anyone encountered any problem with the 64-bit Win8 OS?
  5. This past week I built a Carbon. Thus far I have had no problems playing any files except SACD. Is this a design flaw with the Carbon or simply something I need to change or alter in my Win 8 or MC 18 config? Does anyone have a suggestion that may help my situation? Resource Monitoring on my Carbon NT2800MT running Win 8 32 bit for a variety of files trends as follows: 44.1 kHz at 16 bit => CPU & Max Frequency averaged 15% and 65% respectively 192 kHz at 24 bit => CPU & Max Frequency averaged 17% and 70% respectively 352khz (SACD)* => CPU & Max Frequency averaged 60%-70% & 98% respectively *Note: My Weiss DAC is limited to 192 Khz input. Given that Media Center application must via programming reduce the resolution of the bitstream of the file prior to feeding my DAC. Also note that the 60-70% CPU utilization for the SACD playback is mostly a result of MC18 (40-45%) and System Interrupts (15-20%)
  6. I am building a Carbon server. Would I be better off using the eSata slot with a FireWire Express Card OR using A PCI Express FireWire card to drive my DAC?