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Found 2 results

  1. First, the exciting announcement: I just upgraded from vintage Canton Karat 920 DC bookshelf's (bought new in 1996) to Canton CT-800's (just acquired via craigslist for $250). These are small 3-way floor standers with a 10" woofer. On to the question. I've been told in this forum that anyone who passes audio signal through a subwoofer's crossover - whether line-level OR speaker-level - and then on to their main speakers is feeding a degraded signal to their main speakers - even when using quality cables. Is there any reason one shouldn't connect their speaker cable directly to the main speakers FIRST and then on to the subwoofer? I understand the speakers and amplifier wouldn't benefit from the crossover in this configuration, but that seems a better compromise over the ghastly degradation of sound quality so many write about. If that is okay, is it also okay to do this to just one channel, or would doing so create an imbalance between the left and right main speakers???? (this is yet another reason I hate having to use a sub) Much obliged. Gary
  2. ​Theory is about to be replaced by reality with this freakishly affordable and easily upgradeable rig. I want to thank the following generous contributors (in order of appearance) for helping me find a path to my first computer audiophile system: NOMBEDES PAUL RAULERSON DAVID “BLUESMAN” MAYHEM13 ROBBBY ELOISE “AUDIO_ELF” THESTEWMAN SHERWOOD SPDIF-USB JACKFISH HELP FROM A DIFFERENT THREAD: ANDREW BACON “AMPSARUS” RUTHERFORDDESIGN.COM NORTHRIDGE, CA BILL “WKHANNA” BOTTLEROCKET SNOWMONKEY Thanks folks! Behold the glory! $536.00 (with cable upgrades): Asus Netbook/Shiit Modi DAC/Denon DRA-1025r Receiver/Sat Speakers w/o filtering (VelodyneF1200 sub woofer and Canton Karat 920 DC) Details 1A. Existing Asus Netbook (entire library will be stored & played from here) 1B. JRMCto be purchased and installed 1C. Harddrive tobe upgradedto1TBWDBlue 1TB 2.5" 5400RPM SataII 8MB Cache WD10JPVT to: 2. AudioQuest Forest USB A to USB B 0.75m Digital Audio Cable to: 3. Schiit Modi USB DAC to: 4. AudioQuest Evergreen 3.28' RCA to RCA to: 5. Existing Denon DRA1025r receiver (class-A) to: 6. RCA "Y" adapters SI82YF- Stinger 2-channel 8000 Series to: 7. 20' RCA to RCA BlueJeans LC-1 Dbl-Shielded Low Capacitance and other end of “Y” goes to: 4. AudioQuest Evergreen 3.28' RCA to RCA goes BACK into Denon's “Main In”, then to: 8. AudioQuest X-2 14 AWG 50' spool speaker cable to: 9. Existing Canton Karat 920 DC bookshelf speakers (stand-mounted)