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Found 3 results

  1. We are trying to configure Tidal on a MicroRendu using the Linn Kazoo application. We followed the documentation found on this forum to configure Tidal on the on the MicroRendu using the BubbleUPnp server. We can now see Tidal in the Linn Kazoo app (using an IPad), but when we try to add a track Kazoo reports that it cannot add the track to the DS. How can we resolve this issue? Below is the link we used to configure Tidal: https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/27851-sonicorbiter-tidalqobuz-setup-with-openhome/
  2. micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    Hello and good morning from California. I've been using MicroRendu with Roon for the past year with no issues, but have decided that Roon is not worth the cost (especially due to the horrible Tidal search integration), and am now trying to set it up with BubbleUPNP, which is giving me a lot of grief. DISCLAIMERS: * I am an IT professional with extensive experience in networking, and computer software and hardware. ** I read through all the manuals (RTFM) and all articles/blog posts I could find on the web before posting here. I managed to install and setup BubbleUPNP successfully on the MicroRendu itself, and configure an OpenHome. I am able to use Linn Kazoo to playback Tidal from my Android tablet to the MicroRendu, sometimes... However, the MicroRendu keeps disappearing from the list of media renderers of the BubbleUPNP web menu, and of course I can't play anything when it's not there. Rebooting the BubbleUPNP service and/or the MicroRendu sometimes helps, and it appears again for a while, only to disappear again an hour or two later. When it is gone, it won't come back unless I reboot, sometimes I need to reboot more than once to make it come back. I have other media renderers on my network, including a few ChromeCasts, and a PS Audio Bridge 2, none of which suffer from this phenomenon and seem to be always available as a BubbleUPNP renderer. I tried to setup BubbleUPNP on other devices on the network (after uninstalling from the MicroRendu of course), and the same thing happens. The Rendu will appear on the list, and be gone after some time. Any advice would be highly appreciated, Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! Ami
  3. Hi all, Brand new member here but I have been a "budget audiophile" for 20+ years. Starting in 2004 I began ripping my CD's to FLAC and since 2005 I have been wirelessly streaming music to my Cambridge integrated amp/speakers and separate headphone setup. My platform up until two weeks ago has been a pair of Squeezebox Classics and Logitech Media Server running on a Windows 7 computer. Two weeks ago one of my Squeezebox players died. I considered getting another one from the used market but decided that maybe it was time to move on. So, I am into the trial period of JRiver (which I like so far). I also picked up a WDTV Play on sale just to try it out and it works OK when feeding a signal through optical to my DAC and headphone amp. My other Squeezebox is still connected to the Cambridge amp. I am using BubbleUpnp to control things and it works fine with the WDTV but not so well with the remaining Squeezebox. The setup works fine with Jriver's Gizmo Android app but there is apparently some BubbleUpnp conflict that I haven't been able to correct. I'd like to stay with BubbleUpnp as the controller because it has the ability to stream Spotify from my rooted Nexus tablet. So, I guess I'm looking for a budget friendly replacement for my remaining Squeezebox that could possibly stream gapless (the WDTV doesn't). Here are my questions that I'm hoping to get some feedback/input on: 1. Is there a way to correct the apparent incompatibility problem with BubbleUpnp and Squeezebox/LMS? If so that would allow me to keep what I have, at least for now. 2. If there isn't a fix, is there another UPnP android app that can get me access to Spotify that I'm not aware of? 3. What are some possible streaming boxes, other than WDTV that can handle FLAC (gapless a plus) and have optical out to a DAC. I'm willing to pay more than the $50 I did for the WDTV but I'd like to keep it under $300 if possible. I don't need any DAC capabilities, just an optical out. I'm not opposed to DIY if it's not too involved. I know my budget is pretty tight but I thought I'd pose the question anyway. Thanks in advance for the help!