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Found 1 result

  1. Time to thin the herd. Bottlehead Crack with Speedball upgrade: with stock tubes and Chinese adapters (listed below): $400 USA 120V. Functions perfectly, no issues at all. For mid to high impedance cans, this is the best bang for the buck amp you will find- period. This amp is untouchable for the price. Awesome with T1's or other Beyers, HD600/650 etc. It has an "antiqued" black finish, which I think looks pretty cool. For those new to this amp and nervous, if anything goes wrong, Bottlehead has a very good fixed rate repair service should anything go wrong- you just mail it to them and they will repair for $125. Repair Service | Bottlehead Tubes for the Crack: These are pics of just some of the tubes I have. The tubes I have are: Tung Sol 5998 ($100), Sylvania 6SN7 VT-231 ($50), Sylvania 6SN7 "Bad Boy" (the real one) ($50), RCA 6SN7 grey glass ($50), (2) RCA 12AU7 "Clear Tops" (labeled "Conn" for Conn organs) ($30 for both), plus the stock rectifier and driver tubes that came with the Crack (free with the Crack). The 5998 is one of the "ultimate" rectifier tubes with the Crack. Seriously good. All of the tubes listed were purchased by me from Ebay and Head Fi, only from trusted sellers. All were listed as testing at NOS levels. Some of the tubes only have a couple hours, while the most frequently used ones have around 200 hours on them at the most. So, all tubes have almost all of the useable life left. I don't have any tube tester to verify, but again, all the seller's were senior or trusted sellers on Head Fi and Ebay. Right now, I would prefer not to sell the tubes individually, rather, I would like to sell them as a package with the Crack. Again, I didn't take pics of all of the above tubes, just a few of them. Adapters: These are cheap, Chinese 6SN7 to 12AU7 adapters, that will allow you to use 6SN7 tubes with the Crack. I personally think the 6SN7's are superior to 12AU7's, but that's just my take. Many agree with me. Note, that when using these adapters, you sometimes get a bit of intermittent fuzz sound coming through the headphones, and when that happens you can usually get the fuzz sound to go away by nudging or wiggling the base of the adapter a bit. This issue is very random. As I said, these are cheap Chinese adapters that cost about $20 each so don't expect quality- I am throwing these in for free with the Crack. I would buy better ones if I were you, but the nudge fix worked sufficiently for me. To be very clear, the fuzz sound is a result of these cheap-o adapters. It is not the amp or tubes. I have tested all tubes on my other headphone amp, with no issues. Using the crack with the 12AU7- there is no fuzz sound at all, ever. Beyerdynamic T1's: $700 The Beyers are in great shape and come with the original shipping box, retail display box and case. These were professionally modified by BTG Audio with Audeze style xlr plugs and a top of the line Neutrik balanced plug, using the stock cable, and then a balanced to single-ended adapter also made from the stock cable. That way, you can run these T1's truly balanced, or use the balanced to single-ended adapter for single-ended headphone amps. It also allows you to try different after-market cables with T1's without having to rewire them. Pads: This is a picture of the extra set of Beyerdynamic T1 pads (these are free with the T1's), and the second set are Audeze black leather LCD replacement pads. I bought the Audeze pads new directly from Audeze last month for $80, plus shipping. I bought them to try with my T1's (they fit) to create a different sound signature. Less than one hour of head time on the Audeze pads. The Audeze pads are $60 Mapleshade Subwoofer Stand with Mapleshade brass radiused footers: Retail: $305, sale price: $175 Some surface indentations from sliding my subwoofer on and off the stand, these cannot be seen with the sub on the stand. Super high quality, Amish made product for Mapleshade. This is the 15" x 18" size, 2" thick, with brass radius footers. Clear finish, maple. 18 x 15 Finished Maple Platform For Subwoofers-shop.mapleshadestore.com ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Terms: For now, USA only. Payment by Paypal only, I will eat the Paypal fees. I will not do Paypal "gift" payments. Paypal protects both of us that way. Shipping: Crack $20, T1's $20, Audeze pads $10, Mapleshade stand $25. -Crack comes with Stock tubes, Chinese adapters -T1's come with extra set of pads Package pricing: Crack with all tubes: $600, plus $20 shipping, I eat the Paypal fees. Crack with all tubes and T1's: $1,250, plust $20 shipping, I eat the Paypal fees. Throw in $50 and I will include the Audeze pads as well. Cheers