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Found 4 results

  1. First Watt

    No, not Nelson Pass (!) But I thought this was an interesting article... https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/power-amplifiers-the-importance-of-the-first-watt
  2. Hi all Just wanted to ask if there are any PS Audio DirectStream DAC owners out there that have paired it directly with a Benchmark AHB2 power amp? I'm thinking of trying out this combination and I'm trying to arrange a demo for January but in the mean time I'm interested in hearing anyone else's thoughts, that's tried this combination specifically. Thanks in advance :-)
  3. I'm currently looking at the Benchmark ADC, Tascam DA-3000 and the PS Audio Analog Phono Converter. I know the Ayre is out there but it's very pricey at around $3K. If anyone could could share their experiences with any of the products I listed above that would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks! Arleigh
  4. Hello guys! I was really in love with my DAC1 lately but it's time to upgrade but don't know where to. Is there any of those who loved the first version and upgraded to something new from high-end line up? I love almost everything in DAC1, especially it's PRAT and signature, it's crystal clear and dead quiet. But there is one thing that forced me to sell it — there is a lack of resolution. It totally failed while I've bought my vinyl rig. Some guys told me that higher version PRE or HDR would sound better. Is that so? The owner of DAC2 told me that it sound completelly different. Other sources I've owned/listened and didn't liked are: Lavry DA10 Ps Audio DLIII VALAB NOS DAC McIntosh MCD201, MCD500 Antelope PS. I'm not into analog like sound and whatever it is. I need a quiet and crystal clear sound full of PRAT, that's what I call an egaging DAC. My rig: McIntosh MA2275 Klipsch RF-7II Technics 1210 MKII + Ortofon 2M Black