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Found 4 results

  1. I wasn't sure if this should be posted in the DAC subforum, or here in Software. Obviously, I started with the latter. Here goes . . I'm very new to CA, having just downloaded Audirvana Plus last night. I also purchased a few hi-res files from HDTracks. My current system is a work in progress, and consists of: Late-2013 iMac i7 --> Rega DAC (via USB) --> Linear Technology Incline speakers (via Rega's analog output) My first "audition" with a few FLACs that I had was eye-opening. I decided to purchase a couple of hi-res 192K music albums and see what they sound like. When I loaded a particular song into Audirvana's Playlist, I was expecting my Rega DAC to "recognize" that the song was at a higher resolution. However, the indicator light on the Rega's front panel remained at 44.1-48K. (I was expecting it to change to 192K). There is no selector on the Rega where one can manually change toggle the resolution. I then opened Audirvana's manual, along with the Preferences. In Preferences, I found that my Preferred Audio Device was "USB Audio DAC", and under Active Audio Device -> USB Audio DAC, only 44.1 and 48 where lit green, with the other higher res bit rates grayed-out. Surprisingly, when I toggled the Preferred Audio Device to "Built-In Output", then everything from 44.1 to 96 turned green! Sooo . . how do I "tell" the software that my hardware DAC is capable of a 192K resolution?
  2. I need a dac upgrade ws4 mk11 dac mytek bel canto ulink meridian explorer audiophilleo linn akurate dac jk dac sabre and cucinia berkley Alpha m2 tech evo 3 box ps audio mk 2 antelope rubidium master clock Before you post please read my info. As you can see I am newbie today I have been avoiding computer dacs for sometime as I have always found it inferior to Vinyl and most top flight cd/transport set ups I purchased one of the first m2 tech usb dacs which was not too impressed although seemed ok. I then recently tried again and purchased an Epiphany Audio dac which i must say i am very impressed it renders decent mp3's over networks and streaming very well. Not bad for the money So now I am thinking what will I get if I spend 3 to 20 times that amount on my I have heard the Linn Akurate and ps Audio (without bridge) which I was impressed but leaned toward the easy to follow linn, although the linn was part of an all linn set up which think comes close to the dcs scarlatti/debussy which i dont think is worth the money in terms of pound for sound, I have not heard any of the others listed but I have been searching the net for the best part of a year now and the above seem to be best value for sound but how much better than the cheaper dacs listed can they be. My main goal is realism, dynamics and wide soundstage in that order. If it does not sound real i dont see the point in talking about timing, detail, macro etc There is a sea of usb dacs out there and it is getting bigger I would prefer if the dac could accept various inputs other than usb but ultimately sound quality is paramount regardless of options.
  3. I have both of them. But i do not know what connect with my Mac Pro. Someone can help me? Which has best sound? Thank in avance. Joaquin
  4. Bel Canto USB Converters

    Sorry if this is a duplicate, but there's a bunch of new converters over at Bel Canto Designs. The mLink is $375. The uLink is $675. The REFLink is $1,495. From Wicked Digital: