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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Wanted to start a new thread discussing the BACCH3D tech that has been making the rounds at audio shows since 2015, now that there's a relatively affordable version (BACCH4Mac, reviewed in Audiostream recently). This is for new owners of BACCH 3D dsp software and hardware to discuss impressions and solutions. For those who are not familiar, BACCH-SP is an algorithm for crosstalk cancellation that is tonally transparent, developed by Prof. Edgar Chouieri at Princeton. Many, many audio reviewers have listened to the system at shows, with a in depth review by Michael Lavorgna of Audiostream. All agree that this is a huge step forward in soundstaging and improving the realism of audio playback. I'll not go into detail about the technology as there are plenty of impressions and reviews out there. I recently purchased the BACCH4Mac package which runs on your own Mac, and comes with the RME Babyface Pro DAC (primarily as a interface for measurements - you do NOT have to use it as a DAC once your measurements are made), as well as the Binaural microphones. I was unsuccessful at getting to run on a Hackintosh system despite spending about 4 full days of my vacation troubleshooting. The hope was to get my CAPS/HQPlayer server which has a PPA clock and a SOTM USB card, but unfortunately the BACCH software did not like the Hackintosh system. I have a Mac mini on the way which will arrive tomorrow! More to come, but for those of you who have or are debating buying into the BACCH system please add your impressions. @firedog @Yucca06 @thequietman Yeang
  2. The Bacch-SP 3D Sound Experience | Stereophile.com From the BACCH website: A couple of months ago, I had an amazing experience at the local distributors for the Bacch system in Hong Kong, and then, when I went back again last week, was again gobsmacked by it. However, given that I'm really nowhere near an expert, I'm wondering if anyone else here has tried this recently, as I'd really like to validate what I experienced! I've noticed that there was an earlier thread on this a few years ago, started by Snilsen, but nothing else since then. For those of you that haven't heard of this before, the BACCH system was created by a "rocket scientist" at Princeton University, and essentially removes loudspeaker crosstalk so completely that you hear exactly what a binaural microphone at the position of your head would have heard during the original recording session. I was fairly skeptical of this prior to my visit to the distributor, but within 30 seconds of trying it out, realized that BACCH is truly something quite special. We ran through most of the Chesky demonstration disc, and a few of the highlights were: 1. For musical (especially band) pieces, you really can identify exactly where the different instruments are in the soundstage - everything is so clearly delineated that it was more than a little spooky. Perhaps the best way to describe this would be that without the BACCH processing a band sounded like they were standing in a line on a stage between and slightly to each side of the speakers. With the BACCH turned on, suddenly it seemed like some of the musicians were (seriously) right up next to you, and some were further away than the speakers, and some were off to my immediate left or right. Utterly amazing. 2. The soundstage is so wide and "3D-like" that even though a two-speaker system is used, I could "hear" instruments coming from behind me! 3. With the Chesky distance tests, whenever he says the phrase "... right up beside you!", I could really hear his voice right up against my ears! Very very creepy... Like having headphones on instead of speakers, but without the in-head sound and an incredibly deep and wide soundstage. The problems I noted though, were: 1. The price - in Hong Kong they are selling it for more than HKD300,000 - that's about USD50,000! 2. I think one would need a very treated room to use it effectively. The room the distributor had was almost perfectly dead (full absorption). 3. I think it really only works when you are in the pre-set-up listening position, i.e., this is a one-listener system. 4. It does require a bit of set-up, albeit a very quick one - they stuck little in-ear microphones in my ears, and took readings for about 5 minutes, after which we were off to the races! 5. I also think it requires true binaural recordings to work properly. Again, I'm really not experienced enough to be able to say for certain, but I thought it was fantastic. I'd really like to hear the opinions of others who've also heard it themselves! By the way, if any of you are based in Hong Kong, I highly encourage you to go check it out. The chap running the distribution company is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. He runs this part of his business more like a hobby - he actually spent more than an hour just showing me the system even though I told him up front I wasn't likely to buy one (at least in the near-future!). Art